Normally we talk about the personality of the zodiac signs as well as their likes and dislikes. Well now we must talk about a very special topic and it is the physical activity or ideal exercises for each one of them.

If you want to know what is the perfect exercise for you according to your zodiac sign then we will talk about it. Exercises for your sign

ARIES: to present such an impulsive personality to be so energetic and anxious, it is usually recommended for him sports that are as actionable as those body-to-body activities. Martial arts are one of the best sports that can be practiced by the natives of Aries and is that with it you can demonstrate its strength, its vitality and it is also ideal to channel your energy.

TAURUS:the natives of this sign usually enjoy the natural environment and although they are somewhat sedentary they like to take bicycle rides. Therefore cycling is ideal as a sport. It is also convenient for them to take walks in the country or in the open air, and they may like aerobics or dance classes, especially women.

GEMINI: this sign likes sports but it is recommended to do quiet exercises. For example, tai chi or yoga. Swimming is recommended if you want to improve your lung capacity. In addition, they may be interested in sports such as tennis or other more mental such as chess.

CANCER:for this sign the most recommended sports are in the water. A simple example is swimming but if you want to strengthen your thighs as well as your glutes you can practice aqua gym. Other activities that are recommended are yoga although you can also enjoy a lot with football.

LEO: tend to like many different sports but often laziness overcomes them. Due to their propensity to suffer heart problems they are advised to help them strengthen their heart. Tennis is an ideal option to socialize and also to reduce tensions. Swimming is also one of his favorite sports and in some cases boxing.

VIRGO: they are not the most energetic, much less the most athletic of the zodiac but they like to take care of their health and that is why they practice sports for that purpose. Cycling is a perfect alternative to strengthen your muscles and also allows them to be in an outdoor or natural environment. Normally when doing sports, they seek to achieve very broad goals.

LIBRA: for this sign gymnastics as well as various outdoor activities are recommended. Some recommendations are volleyball and tennis.

SCORPIO:The temperament and personality of this sign makes his favorite sports are those in which he can compete and let out his violent side. The problem of this sign is in the back and therefore in the spine, that is why it is advised that besides thinking about competing, it is advisable to carry out activities such as yoga or swimming.

SAGITTARIUS: tend to have weakness in their respiratory system so they are recommended cycling and athletics. With these activities, the capacity of the lungs can be strengthened while the lower part of the body is well worked. In general, Sagittarius likes any type of sport

CAPRICORN:This sign usually suffers a lot of stress and therefore sports are recommended in which you can relax. These sports are for example the walks, the outings to walk as well as the swimming or the diving. In general, it is advisable to perform soft sports that do not aggravate their frequent dorsal pain.

AQUARIUS: for this sign the most recommended exercises are those that improve the circulation of blood in your legs. These include dancing, swimming, as well as the use of a bicycle but a stationary one. They usually like to exercise alone.

PISCES:This sign is very popular with gymnastics and other activities such as Tai Chi or yoga. Look for harmony and relaxation as well as fun. That is why dance or group classes are usually his favorites. Now that you have known the exercises for your sign do not stop choosing one of your liking and practice it.


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