We all have a type when it comes to guys. More importantly, we all have a type that’s (hopefully) totally different from our friends. Some people might dig a guy who loves sports and is a real man’s man. Other girls might like a quiet guy who loves to read or write. Still, others might like a guy who’s got a nerdy side. All of those things are okay and normal. However, sometimes, we might have a type that really isn’t all that great. It might be pretty benign taken by itself, but when added to the guy as a whole, it’s trouble. This can make us pick out guys that are honestly horrible for us and leave us with a lot of heartaches.

Some of us are attracted to very specific body parts or types that drive us crazy, and we’ll forgive any guy’s messiness because of it. Others are drawn to toxic personality types that they don’t mesh with at all but are still inexplicably attracted to. Still, others are just drawn to their natural opposite or someone who reminds them of themselves. Regardless, it’s all pretty much a recipe for disaster in relationships because you keep seeking out the wrong guys. Here are the guys you are secretly, shamefully falling for despite the fact that you know you shouldn’t, according to your zodiac sign. Make sure to check out your moon sign and stick around until the end to see a more advanced reading based on your sign’s element!

16 Fire Signs – Emotional Train Wrecks

Fire signs are loud, intense personalities even at their most introverted, so in a lot of situations, it’s up to you to be the life of the party. You’re the type of person who wants to be everything for everyone, even if you kind of burn yourself out, which is why you might find yourself taking on a project instead of a person in a relationship. This leads you to date guys that might be a lot more emotional than you. This isn’t a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination: in fact, it might be a good thing to have a little more emotion in your life. However, things can get messy in your life if that dude turns out to be an emotional train wreck who causes nothing but drama.

15 Earth Signs – Flighty, Flaky Guys

As an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), you are a person who is deeply pragmatic and practical. While that’s definitely not a bad thing to be in a relationship, especially a committed one, it does mean that you are often the solid ground the other person retreats to when they get too high off the ground. This is often why guys who are a bit flightier and dreamier tend to attract you: you admire their spirit and heart and part of you wants to be free, like them. The problems come up when the guy isn’t just a dreamer, but he’s flaky and unreliable, which is the biggest turn off for an Earth sign. You want a guy who knows how to dream, but also knows when to take action.

14 Air Signs – Cold Realists

As an Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), you’re a person with big ideas. You’re probably an idealist at heart who believes that the world can be a great place. However, you’re kind of attracted to your natural opposite: guys who see the world without the rose colored glasses you do. These guys can just be pragmatists, or they can be straight up cold pessimists. At their best, they know how to bring you back to Earth if you go too high up in the clouds, but at their worst, these are the guys who can not only crush your dreams but make you totally numb to making new ones because they keep crushing them. Realists are great and you need at least one in your life, but you don’t need anyone crushing your dreams and self-esteem.

13 Water Signs – Stubborn Guys

As a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), you are a person who goes with the flow, much like the element you represent. The three water signs are totally different from each other, but the thing that they all have in common is that they take their relationships very seriously. You might end up dating someone who takes everything seriously as a result: you want someone who is going to be as committed as you are. However, there’s a difference between commitment and stubbornness. While stubbornness can be a great trait to have, it can also be kind of a buzzkill if they’re never willing to compromise, which is often why your relationships with these guys go belly up no matter how much you like them.

12 Aries – Homebodies

11 Taurus – Ripped Guys

10 Gemini – Know-It-Alls

As a Gemini girl, you’re the type who loves a good conversation. You’re going to go out of your way to get to know people and learn from them because that’s just how you like to connect with the world. That’s why you often find yourself gravitating towards guys who think they know it all. You hate this part of yourself, though: you see how annoying those guys can be and you can’t help but roll your eyes whenever your guy starts going on and on about something he thinks he knows a ton about but really doesn’t. However, you can’t help but get the butterflies around him because of his confidence, even if it’s not very well placed. As much as you might like his swagger and “confidence,” though, his schtick is going to wear thin.

9 Cancer – Guys Who Don’t Care About Relationships

As a Cancer girl, your family connections mean a lot to you. More importantly, your family connections inform your relationships because you want someone you fall in love with to fit in well with your established circle. Ironically, you end up choosing guys who are honestly really blase about relationships. If you’re looking to settle down and start your life with someone special, they’re looking for someone to have a casual relationship with, but because they like you, they’ll string you along and make you think this is something it isn’t. This often leaves you heartbroken and wondering where things went wrong. It’s not you, to be honest, it’s them. They’re the ones playing games and playing hard to get and generally making life harder for everyone. When someone tells you who they are, believe them.

8 Leo – Starving Artists Who Never Work

As a Leo, you’ve got a flair for drama and love being a person’s muse. This often leaves you gravitating towards guys who are artistic in some way. After all, they have you as a muse, and how much better will their work be now that they have a great muse? That being said, you often end up picking up the starving artist guys who don’t have a day job because they’re so busy with their art. This often leaves you frustrated because while you like being someone’s muse and the light in their lives, you’re not really a fan of eating McDonald’s every day because you can’t go on real dates. Then when you break up, you want something different but end up dating the same type of guy. It’s a really vicious cycle that takes a lot of self awareness to break.

7 Virgo – Awesome Hair

As a Virgo, you’re a girl who feels most at home when she’s working in service of a goal. You don’t really have a specific type of guy personality wise: many of the Virgos in my life have dated guys that have run the gamut personality wise. However, in all of my years of having best friends that are Virgos, I have noticed one thing in common: all of their exes and the guys they talk to have amazing hair. I’m talking about these guys can be hair models. Also, the time they’ve spent dealing with a guy’s messed up actions corresponds to how objectively cool their hair is. It sounds crazy, but this is true in my life, so maybe I’ve stumbled upon a universal truth here.

6 Libra – Amateur Philosophers

As a Libra, you’re outgoing, but also deeply introspective, and you find yourself looking to guys who have the same deep thoughts. Unfortunately, a lot of the guys who tend to see themselves as amateur philosophers are often insufferable in their own ways. Because you, as a Libra, are open-minded and aware of beauty on both a physical and emotional level, you’re often very easily led astray by guys who have that kind of awareness. The problem with that is that these guys know that they’re pretty and intelligent, which makes them kind of overconfident and annoying, or worse, it makes them think that they’re smarter than you. Needless to say, you might need a better screening process for these guys to avoid getting into this mess again..

5 Scorpio – Low Key Crazy Eyes

4 Sagittarius – Guys Who Live On Their Friends’ Couches

3 Capricorn – Slack-Offs

I fully believe that when a supreme overlord conquers the Earth and makes us their slaves, that overlord will be a Capricorn on a mission. As a Capricorn, you’re a person with a lot of ambition. However, you’re also a person who likes people who are opposite them. Sometimes this means that you date an equally ambitious and hard-working person with different goals from you, but other times it means that you end up dating someone who doesn’t really have ambitions at all. I’m not talking about a guy who doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up, I’m talking about a guy that doesn’t care. Luckily for you, when you see that you’ve fallen into this pattern, you take steps to fix it, so if you haven’t, hopefully, this is your wakeup call.

2 Aquarius – Brooding, Depressed Guys

As an Aquarius girl myself, I know we come in many different flavors. However, we all have a few things in common: we’re smart, free-thinking, and innovative, and when we open up to someone we find special, we know how to smile. This is why we often find ourselves attracting guys who are a bit brooding and even depressed, and we end up attracted to those kinds of guys ourselves. We see them as intense and interesting and we want to spend more time with them. Unfortunately, the worst of these guys can drain us emotionally and even treat us badly, leading us to leave them or for them to dump us when they’re done draining us. That leaves us looking for our next brooding soul to be the light in that guy’s life, and the cycle continues. It takes a lot to break that cycle, but from a girl who’s been there, it’s worth it.

1 Pisces – Bad Boys


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