Each sign of the astrosphere has their own constellation of unique and positive qualities. Equally, when it comes to romance, each sign also has their points of attraction. However, sometimes we can experience too much of a good thing. In other words, positive qualities can become problematic when taken to an extreme. And when any one of these signs is in the early stages of dating – the wrong person – you may find that this triggers a profusion of issues and odd habits. As a result, the less favorable qualities of your sign may start to emerge and take form as annoying dating habits.

Everyone knows success in dating is depending on keeping your annoying habits in check.  The best course of action for doing this is knowing the inherent weaknesses of your sign.  And also not taking any of these emotions at face-value. Noticing that indulging in these annoying habits isn’t just out of sheer consequence.  It’s actually quite the opposite.

Bad habits are actually an important emotional reaction you should be paying VERY close attention to. Start to think of these reactions as an internal alarm that nature has equipped you with, used to instantly warn you when you’re getting too close to someone that might not be the best cosmic match for you.  Read more to find out what you sign’s annoying habits are so that you can avoid the ultimate dating nightmare –  wasting your precious time on the wrong person.

15 Impulsive Aries can often let themselves get carried away in deep emotion and jealousy

Aries, always looking for an opportunity for fun and adventure.  Comfort zone, what comfort zone?  Aries has no boundaries.  It’s difficult for most people to keep up with the effervescent energy of an Aries.  They are intoxicating to be around and make great partners with the right match. Like most positive qualities, this trait can also have a dark side, and Aries can be known to let their emotions get the best of them.  In the context of dating, they may get carried away by their emotional impulses, which will result in jealous outburst and fights over the most trivial things.  But like any good ram, they will surely get distracted by the next shiny thing that passes their periphery and forgets about it faster than it came alone.

14 Overindulgent and vain Taurus can pass up a catch because they are not their ‘type’

These bulls are known to be peaceful and enjoyers of the finest and most luxurious things in life.  They are pure hedonists and have a love for good wine, food, and people.  Basically, they just wanna be all about that life. This is a great quality to have and to strive for in this world, but when taken to an extreme degree, we find our fellow Taurus people can get in trouble.  That said, we know that superficial Taureans can often focus too hard on the details – as they are so thoughtful and methodological – and pass up a really great guy on a superficial detail that doesn’t fit into their “type”.  Taurus people should always try to keep this inherent trait of their Astro sign in mind when dating.

13 Independent and restless Gemini can feel stifled by routine and security and run from a good guy because of it

Geminis are represented by a symbol of twins – they are always in a pair –  meaning that they absolutely love to be alone.  They are light, easy-going and effervescent characters that can be the life of the party when in the right place.  Awesome communicators and curious by nature, life will be a non-stop adventure of fun and discovery with a Gemini by your side. However, all these great qualities can push Gemini away from people that they perceive to threaten their independence.  Bonafide Geminis will be quick to dash at the slightest sign of routine and security. That’s just what they do.  Geminis keep this in mind when dating; security doesn’t need to be boring.  And if your dating a Gemini, always – I mean always, give them space they so crave.

12 Sensitive and moody Cancers can get easily carried away and overanalyze and read too deeply into things

To have a Cancer in your life is to have a solid and dependable rock to rely on.  Cancers have big hearts and love to be needed. They grasp onto the things that they love, and they never want to let go. This makes them incredibly attractive and wonderful people to date. There is a dark side to the crab-sign, though. This desire to be needed can rear its ugly head and morph into overanalyzing and clingyness if the object of their desire is perceived as not returning their affection. When they are triggered in such a way, it can bring out the moody and brooding side of a Cancerian.   If you’re a Cancer, be mindful of you’re nature.  If you’re dating a Cancer, always be sure to give them the reassurance they need.

11 Loyal Leos find themselves guilty of emotional outburst and irrational jealousy when dating the wrong match

Regal, relaxed and in charge the Lion is king, and Leos embody many admirable qualities such as honesty, loyalty, and openness.  They are also lovers of love – to love and to be loved is a big motivator for Leo people.  They also have an unwavering need to be in the spotlight and can find themselves feeling insecure if they are not given the opportunity to shine. In dating, this can often manifest as fits of arrogance and jealous outrage.  Generally speaking, although the love fiercely – which is one of their greatest qualities – when buttons are pushed Leos can fly easily into emotional outbursts. If you are with a Leo be sure to give them the attention they need and desire to stay satisfied in a relationship.  Make that cat purr!

10 If they are not dating the right person, practical and dedicated Virgos will tip into boring and rigid routine

Virgos are the strong but silent force of the astrosphere. They are kind, patient and love to laugh.  Virgos are a truly dependable, and as a result, are a great friend to keep by your side. In addition, they are not bossy or outspoken, therefore are a great match for a peaceful and harmonious long-term partnership. However, these great qualities can stretch to a fault.  Virgos can be know to become locked into a dull and lifeless routine if they are not dating the right person.  We all know that comfort is a silent passion killer. So if you are a Virgo, be sure to stay stimulated and active as to not let your best qualities tip over into problematic. Being reliable and dependable doesn’t always have to mean rigid and dull.

9 Always seeking harmony, the balanced Libra can get easily overwhelmed by emotion and become totally indecisiveness as a result

Just like their symbol the balance represents, Libras seek harmony and peace in everything that they do. They are quite the energy to be around, never demanding and loud, simply striving to make the best out of every situation. The only time they will be unhappy is when they perceive that they have been treated unfairly.  That said, in dating their most positive characteristics can turn sour when matched with the wrong person.  See, Libras are always seeking peace and balance, so if something – or someone- threatens as to throw off that balance, this will strike an internal chord and our peaceful Libra will be catapulted into a mental spiral of indecisiveness, which can drive them – and the other person, crazy. All of a sudden, your zen and balanced Libra won’t be so much fun to be around anymore.

8 When stung by romance, sassy Scorpio can become overbearing with people, seeing threats where there actually aren’t any

Have you ever dated a Scorpio? I haven’t, but I hear that once you date one, you’ll never want to go back. That’s because Scorpios embody some of the most admirable qualities in a potential romantic partner. Scorpios and extremely disciplined and can exercise great self-control, making them some of the most loyal partners our of the gastroscope.  They can, however, unleash their stinging powers when coming face to face with a perceived slight. Emphasis on the word “perceived”. Scorpios love figuring out what makes people tick, which sometimes can translate into reading WAY too deeply into meaningless things that should really be taken at face value.  The result, Scorpios may get easily flung into a fit of overbearing jealousy or emotion when they – wrongly – perceive their affection being threatened.

7 Flirtatious Sagittarius will get a sudden urge to be flaky if and when routine and familiarity sets in too quickly

The symbol of Sagittarius is a Centaur, Half-man, and half-horse. The duality of natures is always at play in this sign, making the Sagittarius person a bubbling and lively energy to be around.  Lovers of spontaneity and adventure, the Sagittarius person will never say ‘no’ to trying something new.  This makes them incredible lovers and partners in crime for the long-haul.  The thing is, this constant itch for adventure is rarely soothed and needs constant attention. In the dating context, our Centaur friends will often find themselves running for the hills if and when things get too routine.  If you are dating one, make sure to provide them with the novelty and excitement they crave, or else they may run from you before you know it.

6 Capricious Capricorns can often be triggered and become pessimistic and cold in an instant

Capricorns symbolized by the mountain goat are the logicians of the astrosphere. Achievement is everything to these natural born leaders that take life very seriously, and tend to be wary of those who do not.  In romance, Capricorns will guard theirs hears closely and well.  Their nature also makes it so that they can become easily triggered and emotional if they are not in the right kind of relationship.  They may seem emotionless on the surface, but below, the machine is always running on overdrive. In dating, this sometimes compelling Capricorns to keep to themselves and become distant and cold.  All you Capricorns out there, keep this in mind, as you can be pulling away from someone who is actually good for you in the long-term.

5 Logical Aquarius can become guarded and detached if they are not in the right relationship

With the right person, Aquariuses will be generous with their time and resources. They have a deep concern for the well-being of others, which makes them an incredible and energizing person to have by your side, especially in romance. A genuine connection is of utmost importance to this sign. But in dating the wrong person, their more sour traits can rear their ugly heads.  Meaning, that the wrong person will prompt them to slam their guard up and become quickly detached.  Do keep this in mind when you’re within the first few dates with someone new. If you suddenly feel these unfavorable emotions come up, dear Capricorn, it may be the universes way of telling you that you’re with this may not be the right person for you. Always pay close attention to your attitude and emotional reactions.

4 Romantic Pisces may often let their emotions get the best of them and become clingy and self-destructive

The symbol for Pisces is a fish.  But don’t be fooled by its superficial comical nature – fish live in the sea, a dark and mysterious place. Pieces are empathetic dreamers with vibrant and dynamic inner lives.  Few people will get close to romantic Pisces that they will see this side of their character.  That said because Pisces feel so deeply and intensely for others they may become pathological worriers.  Always mulling over the “what ifs” in dating.  Overthinking is the name of the game.  And we all know that a bad case of the “what ifs” can send you into a downward self-hating spiral of frustration.  The important dating lesson for all the caring Pisces out there is to stay in the present.  That is the only place that should matter in romance anyways.

3 BONUS: Fire signs can be passionate and hot but can quickly burn out, these signs need the right kind of fuel to stay alive

Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. These signs possess personality traits that represent exactly what fire symbolizes. Impatient, spontaneous and passionate, fire signs are incredibly exciting partners to have in romance. Everybody can benefit from having at least one fire sign friend in their lives. They also make unforgettable lovers because fire signs are truly an overflowing well of addictive energy.  However, all that bubbling energy can become overwhelming sometimes, especially to the calmer and more grounded signs.  In dating, fire signs should learn how to how to harness their non-stop energy levels. As they can easily frighten off some of the more stable and harmonious signs of the astrosphere.

2 BONUS: Water signs are ultra -sensitive and emotional types with a strong need for security and safety in romance

Waters signs comprise of Cancer, Scorpios, and Pieces.  Water can be seen as representing the constant flux of emotions that rule the inner lives of these signs. Water signs are incredibly empathetic, giving, and nurturing people.  Nothing quite like the experience of being loved by a water sign.  It’s truly unconditional.  Basing their decisions on emotion rather than logic and reason, water signs can easily get whisked away on an impulse when dating someone new.  Their annoying dating habit is that they can become ultra-sensitive and emotional when their needs for safety are perceived as not being met.  Which in extream situations can lead them to become clingy and overbearing.  So for all the water signs out there, make sure to keep yourself in check, so as not to smother a new potential romantic interest.

1 BONUS: Air signs are unpredictable and a breath of fresh air, the tireless need for adventure can be exhausting to some, though

The element of air is attached to the signs Geminin, Libra, and Aquarius. Air signs are the great thinkers of the world, wonderful at abstract reasoning and creative thinking. Always curious, they love to tackle high-level complex and idea and break them down.  They are the true idealist.  In the dating realm, this means they can sometimes let their shiny-eyed optimism carry them away.  That can be a curse and a blessing at times.  For example, they may not read into red-flag until it’s a little too late.  If you’re part of the signs that make up the element of air, be sure to always give yourself a good dose of reality when dating.  It’s important to keep that airy energy in check to avoid getting hurt down the line.


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