You deserve that crazy kind of love, the love that warms you up and cools you down in an instant. That crazy kind of love that burns your lips and lights up your soul. That unspoiled and pure kind of love. Love that doesn’t know resentment; love that doesn’t know hate. That kind of love that stands through rough times and no matter what happens, it still remains in one piece. It still guards you from the hurricanes of life.

You deserve to be loved the way you are. To be loved for your flaws and respected for your past. You deserve to have someone who will see your scars and be proud of your survival. You deserve someone who will kiss away the pain and chase away the demons of your past. Someone who will choose you and only you every day for the rest of your lives. And when your legs no longer work, he will still carry you in his arms. He will still be your solid ground.

You deserve to be spoiled with loyalty. You deserve someone who will understand that being faithful is so much more than just not sleeping around. That being faithful means making your woman feel loved. That it means you will always and forever keep her heart in one piece and guard it from everyone else, including yourself. It means that you will make her feel like she is the only woman alive and not once make her wonder if maybe she’s not good enough for you.

You deserve to be adored for who you are. To have someone who will see the fire in your eyes and worship it like it’s a gift from the heavens. Someone who will understand how amazing you are. Someone who will love your fierceness and gentle heart. Someone who will look at you and truly see you. See your dreams and the passion behind them. See your pain and the strength under it. See you and everything that makes you truly incredible.

You deserve to dance the rest of your life to the tune of your love. To dance the rest of your life through its challenges. To move together forever to the tune of your hearts beating in sync. To dance in the morning while facing another day ahead. You deserve someone who will put on Frank Sinatra and dance with you while the whole world around you is falling apart, but it won’t matter, because the two of you are the center of your own universe. The love you share is the force that keeps you together; the force that keeps you safe in the middle of the hurricane twirling around you.

You deserve to have someone to wipe away your tears and hold you when life tears you apart. Someone who will chase away the pain and pull you closer when you start drifting away. Someone who will save you from the castle of your own mind surrounded with monsters of the past. Someone whose love will be so strong that it will make you wonder how could you ever think that you’re not enough. You deserve someone who will be honored to make you their priority. Someone who will look at you and know, in that exact moment, that you’re everything they ever dreamed of.

You deserve that movie kind of love. Love that brings you flowers and makes you soup when you’re sick. Love that sees you as the most beautiful woman alive while you’re drooling in your sleep. Love that sees your n**ed soul and adores you for it. Love that makes you laugh when you want to cry. Love that gives you silence when you needed and blasting music when you ask for it. Love that fills your days with happiness from the first moment to the last. Love that fills your nights with passion and fire from the first kiss to the last. Love that will never fade, never wash away. Love that inspires songs and movies. Love that inspires you.


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