When you look back and realize that she was the woman for you, but you let her go, then you are aware of what you have lost. Or maybe you are still too blind to see what effect your walking will have on your life.

Maybe you knew that she was the right woman for you when you first left her. But maybe the timing was not good. Maybe you just did not have a regular life. Maybe you just were not ready to give her the love she deserves and that’s why you let her go.

Or maybe you were just stupid to see that it was the best thing that ever happened to you, so you just took it for granted. Or you may have left her and started a new life because you just did not know what a great woman you have by your side. But as time passed, you came to the realization that it was definitely unique.

You took her for granted and did not really appreciate her as much as she deserved. Slowly but surely you pushed her away from you until she disappeared completely from your life. Whatever the case, you know that you made a big mistake that you will not get over until the end of your life.

She was the perfect woman for you and you have missed the perfect opportunity to find happiness in love with her. You were just too naive to see the purity of your love. You just did not understand what kind of woman she could have been for you, and you never really realized what you needed to do to keep her in your life.

You had the most incredible woman you could ever get. She was so devoted to you and your relationship. She loved you more than she could ever love another person. She loved you with all her mind, heart and soul. She loved you without conditions or restrictions.

She loved you without hesitation. She gave you everything she had to give, but you just decided to throw everything away. And the moment you did that, you broke her heart. You smashed it into millions of pieces.

You made her feel that her love was not enough, even as she gave you practically everything she had. You made her feel that she will never find love again, because although what you had was pure, you still managed to throw everything away.

She hoped so much that your relationship might work, but you were never ready to reciprocate those efforts for her. She thought you were the right person for her. She thought you were the right man for her. She just wanted to believe that she would stay by your side for the rest of her life. But it broke her heart when she realized that you did not want the same thing.


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