I know you are convinced that you are completely broken. And to be honest, who wouldn’t think this way after everything you’ve been through?

There were some wrong men in your life who did a lot of harm to you. Your heart has been shattered in a million pieces more than once, even if that was the last thing you deserved.

You’ve been betrayed, disappointed and left hanging more times than you can count.

You’ve been used, taken advantage of and played with. Your emotions have been ridiculed and you were never appreciated enough.

You were cheated and manipulated into thinking that you weren’t enough. You were abused in more than one way and, through the years, all of your dreams and hopes have been crushed.

The man you’ve loved more than yourself didn’t love you back the way he should have. Instead, he used every possible opportunity to make you believe that you weren’t meant to be loved and he gave his best to destroy your self-image.

And after a while, you started to believe him. You’ve started believing all those insults as true and you really started thinking that you were good for nothing and that nobody would ever want you, the way you are.

After a while, you started telling yourself that you deserved all of the awful treatment you were getting. That you deserved all of these bad things that have been happening to you and that you had all of this pain coming.

This man killed the confident woman you were before him and he turned you into an insecure little girl. And not only that, he also killed all of your hope for a better tomorrow. He made you think that you weren’t capable of achieving anything and that you should be grateful for him putting up with you.

For years, this manipulative narcissist tried to convince you that you were to blame for everything you were going through and that you are too damaged for love. And naturally, you’ve started thinking this way about yourself, as well even after he walked away from your life for good.

Well, let me tell you one thing, even though I am sure you won’t believe a word I say. All of this is bullshit and it can’t be further from the truth. Because we all deserve love and you are in no way an exception. The love you deserve will come to you, when you least expect it, even though you don’t think that way now.  

I know you think you are completely broken now but you are not. You will rise from the ashes of your broken heart and when you do, you’ll be stronger than ever because you’ll see that you’ve survived the things you never thought you would.

And when that happens, you’ll understand that you had to go through all of this pain just to learn a lesson. You’ll realize that everything happened for a reason and that this heartbreak was just meant to show you who you really are and everything you can accomplish. You’ll understand that sometimes you need to be a little bit broken just so you can put yourself back together.

And when you do, a man who is destined to be yours will walk in your life. When this man comes, he’ll love all of you, including the broken ones.

When he comes, he’ll see you for who you really are. He won’t run away because of your emotional baggage and he’ll appreciate everything you’ve been through.

Once this man comes, he’ll see that you are worthy and he will love you not despite your imperfections but because of them. He’ll love your scarred heart more than anything and he’ll do everything in his power to help you heal.

When this man comes into your life, you’ll understand that everything you’ve been through prepared you for his arrival. You’ll realize that is the only one right for you and just like that, you’ll understand why it never worked out with all those other guys before him.

For the first time ever, you’ll be grateful for everything that happened to you. You’ll understand that you can never be too damaged for love.


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