When a woman goes on a date with someone for the first time (or for the first time she has let him out of the friendzone) she tends to focus clearly on all the things about him that she is most attracted to.

Be it his money, his killer smile, his enthralling bright eyes or the smell of his detergent; she notices everything and takes furious mental notes.

It’s the little things that can be game changers; little traits or quirks that he possesses and the way they evolve over time. She may not have noticed annoying behavior patterns in the beginning because she was too busy falling for the way he laughs at her jokes, the way he tilts his head while listening, the way he holds her hand…

But after awhile, some of the small things she once loved start to drive her insane.

That laugh starts to sound like a witch’s cackle; head tilts are for watching the game playing on a screen behind her and his hands… they’re just so darn clammy.

This is where horoscopes come into play; the stars can predict what little details will bother you about a partner so you can avoid wasting time on them.

Keep scrolling to learn more about each sign, and why it may be a bad idea to fall in love with them.

24-Aries (March 21 – April 19)

  Aries is the first sign of the twelve in the tree and as such is always energetic and turbulent.

Those born under the Aries sign like to be first in everything. School. Social gatherings. Events at work. They are constantly looking for activities that involve dynamics, speed, and competition; this is a result of being ruled by fiery Mars.

Aries loves to take action in certain areas; it’s in their nature to take initiative and they will go to lengths to make sure there is always something energetic for them to do.

23-Falling In Love With An Aries

There are perks to loving an Aries. If you’re a girl who wants a knight and shining armor, then she has to look no farther than Aries; his vitality will have him going above and beyond for the person he loves. He is also very protective of his SO.

So, what are the plights of dating an Aries?  And is it ever a bad idea to fall in love with an Aries?

The hero act will eventually grow old, especially when their SO finds out that there is no off switch to an Aries.

They will always be loud and spontaneous and their protective attitude may start looking like misplaced aggression.

22-Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

  Taurus is practical and well-grounded; they have a need to be surrounded by things that are not only beautiful but that project feelings of love.

Those born under the sign of  Taurus are known to be sensual and tactile. Taurus values touch and taste more than any of the other senses. They equally cherish conservatism and stability and are the most reliable out of all the other signs.

Once a Taurus decides on something, they stick to it. They will carry out what they think is best until they are satisfied with the end results.

21-Falling In Love With A Taurus

  If a woman wants to live an affluent life, then dating a Taurus is the way to go.

Taurus is a great investor and doesn’t mind showing off his wealth to the world. They are proud of their hard work and enjoy being able to show off the fruits of their labor. They also like to look ahead and enjoy talking about future plans and what is next for them.

So why should we avoid falling for a Taurus?

Because of their tendency toward devotion, Taurus is susceptible to possessive and territorial behavior. 

It can be tiring trying to remind him that a relationship doesn’t mean owning the other person.

20-Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

  Geminis love to a life of spontaneity. They are expressive, quick-witted and extremely curious about the world they live in,  fascinated by everything it has to offer. This can sometimes lead them to undergo extreme FOMO; they’ll worry that there isn’t enough time to experience everything.

The Gemini twins are known to be split in personality. This means you’ll never know what you’re going to get when you interact with them. One minute they can be sociable and communicative and ready for a good time but can easily switch to being serious, thoughtful and restless.

19-Falling In Love With A Gemini

  A guy born under Gemini is going to be a natural charmer, a woman dating a Gemini will love being at the center of her man’s world. He will share the same interests as her and will always know the right thing to say to make her feel special.

So, why steer clear from a Gemini? They can often sell themselves really well and it’s usually too good to be true.

Sure, his feelings and actions may be sincere, but so are his feelings and actions towards the ten other girls he is trying to woo.

Geminis have the power to make everyone fall in love with them.

18-Cacncer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancers are known to be deeply intuitive and sentimental. They are also known to be the one sign that is the most challenging to get to know, which is surprising seeing as how much they care about others and how loyal they can be.

Cancers are emotional and sensitive people. They care deeply about those they let into their inner circle (family, close friends, romantic partners ). While extremely selective in who they let in, once approved, Cancers can get very attached to others often empathizing with other’s pain.

17-Falling In Love With A Cancer

Men born under the Cancer star are known to be an adorable kind of shy. It may take a while for him to reveal his love for his partner, but once he does it does it will be a time of celebration.

Once attached, he won’t let go and can often overlook when his SO needs time to herself.  

What are the pitfalls of dating a Cancer?

It can be a very intense and emotionally taxing dynamic. He will either be constantly talking about his feelings or conversely, he will shut down and not speak at all. 

It is best to set boundaries at the beginning of the relationship and to make sure he fully understands them.

He needs to know how much energy and time his girlfriend is willing to carve out for him so he can adjust accordingly.

16-Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leos are natural born leaders. They like to be in charge and know how to maximize the strengths of those they lead.

Leos are also dramatic, creative, self-confident, dominant and extremely difficult to resist. They tend to succeed in their ambitions.

Because of their self-confidence and natural allure, they are amazing at uniting people of all different beliefs and backgrounds and leading them to achieve shared success. If that’s not enough, they have a fantastic sense of humor which allows them to create effective and collaborative environments.

15-Falling In Love With A Leo

It’s safe to say that Leos value their attractiveness. A Leo man will take pride in his appearance, and it’s rare to catch him lazing around unwashed and in stained sweats. He revels in the fact that others are jealous of his charismatic presence and style.

So what could be wrong with falling for a Leo?

His celebrity complex, while enamoring will make loving him hard. He views the people in his life as his costars and sidekicks, despite the fact that isn’t as confident as he gives off.

He will constantly need reminding from his other half that he is amazing, even on the days when he’s not acting like it.

14-Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgos are a type of people that are mindful of every detail when doing something. This makes them the most careful sign, and the most humanizing.

Virgos go through life with a methodical approach and leave close to nothing up to chance.  Because of this, they have a tendency to close their heart off to the world.

Virgos can be misunderstood. It may seem like they struggle to express their feelings but in reality, they just haven’t accepted them.

13-Falling In love With A Virgo

  Virgos are prone to cynicism, and as such tend to attract cheerful women who will rescue them from their dark thoughts.  

Dating a Virgo means committing to their pessimistic view of the world, and understanding that it will seldom change.

It’s just in their nature to spot trouble and dwell on the potential consequences. They fix one issue, just to find three more. It is how they live their lives.

12-Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Libras are most recognized for their inner peace; they are fair, kind and hate to be alone. Friendships and love are two things that are very important to them.

Libras are fascinated with the concept of balance and symmetry. They uphold justice and equality as the highest values in life, preferring to avoid drama and conflict rather than be in the middle of it.

Mitigating conflict whenever possible is essential to a Libra; it’s better to resolve a fight than to have it blow out of proportion.

11-Falling In Love With A Libra

Libras are usually the life of the party because they are the friendliest of the other signs and everyone loves them. They are upbeat and congenial have a unique gravitational pull.

How can Libras be problematic then?  The reason Libras are so easy to get along with is that they have a hard time making decisions and don’t like confrontation. This can lead them to evade taking sides in an argument, and they can sometimes be portrayed as pushovers.

A Libra man will be so busy trying to keep the peace and make sure everyone is happy that he won’t always tune in to his wants or needs.

Libras make great partners, but sadly, his other half will be wishing that he could step up now and again and take charge.

10-Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Those born under the Scorpio are known to be assertive and passionate; determined and decisive.

Scorpios like to research everything. They feel that by looking things up, they can find the truth in everything.

They’re also great leaders because they are hyper-aware of their surroundings and are extremely intuitive. They can read a situation quickly and efficiently.

The best thing about a Scorpio, however, is their loyalty and their trustworthiness. They are the best at keeping secrets and can always be counted on.

9-Falling In Love With A Scorpio

It is impossible to resist falling for a Scorpio. They exude mystery and are fascinating to surround yourself with. A woman falling for a Scorpio will be enthralled by his intensity, his perplexity and the fact that she won’t be able to figure him out immediately.

So why take caution?

Between the drama, the secrets and the uncertainty, it can be exhausting to love a Scorpio.

Because of their deep energy, Scorpios can become extremely jealous and constantly suspect their partners of imagined betrayal.

They’re always looking to uncover secrets but sometimes there’s nothing to be found. Eventually, romantic interests will grow tired of their constant wariness and leave.

8-Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Sagittariuses are seen as a sign of energy and curiosity. They have the most devoted passion for travel.

Their open-mindedness and philosophical views are what fuel them to get out into the world and explore. They prefer to have new experiences and are always concerned with the greater meaning of life.

Sagittariuses are known to be extroverts, optimists and enthusiasts; they embrace change and grow tired of routines. They are equally driven to achieve their goals and will stop at nothing to make them realities.

7-Falling In Love With A Sagittarius

Revered for their playfulness, a Sagittarius can find humor in just about any type of situation. If the vibe is too serious, they will quickly move on.

Dating a Sagittarius means embracing their spontaneity and sense of adventure; these can be extremely positive attributes for a blooming relationship when everything is fresh and new.

The problem is they will eventually grow restless.

Their partners may find it hard to hold on to their attention and have a hard time keeping up with their evolving desires.

6-Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorns are the most responsible of all the other signs. They are traditional and independent thinkers.

Because of this independence, they are amazing at progress both in life and in their careers. Masters of self-control, Capricorns have the ability to lead people effectively and to get multiple things done at once.

Their responsibility enables deep introspection, allowing them to learn from their mistakes the first time around.

5-Falling In Love With A Capricorn

Capricorns are grounded, reliable and predictable. Consequently, they usually find great careers and are able to succeed and earn a respectable reputation. People tend to rely on them because they seldom disappoint.

Capricorns in the dating game can be difficult to date because of their tireless work ethic. They have a hard time kicking loose, relaxing and spending lazy time with their partner.

As the self-appointed “grown-up,” they set very high standards for themselves and the people they’re romantically involved with.

A woman dating a Capricorn may find it difficult to measure up and to constantly be in grind mode.

4-Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Aquariuses are both introverted and eccentric. They prefer a quiet life over one with big social gatherings and spontaneous adventures. But don’t underestimate them, an Aquarius knows how to be energetic and have a fun time.

They are deep thinkers and highly intelligent people. They love to help others and can look past social structures like prejudice, which makes them great problem solvers.

They are also great at adapting to the energy around them when and if they feel comfortable. Otherwise, they prefer to stay isolated from the bustle of the world.

3-Falling In Love With An Aquarius

There are a number of reasons why a woman could fall for an Aquarius. His need to save the world is enticing, and his brilliant mind and shy quirks make him seem humble and kind.

There are also many reasons not to fall for an Aquarius. For one, he is an enigma and his partner will spend much of their time together trying to figure him out.

And while a woman may become attached to her reserved genius, Aquariuses don’t feel attachment in the same way as other signs.

This can make creating a deep connection very hard to achieve.

2-Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces love people and are the friendliest sign. They are constantly finding ways to get into situations where they can be surrounded by others.

Piscean are selfless. They prefer to put the needs and wants of others before their own and are always willing to help whenever they can. They don’t require, nor want anything in return except for maybe a smile or a hug.

Those born under the Pisces sign are also born under the water element giving them an articulated sense of empathy. They feel for others constantly.

1-Falling In Love With A Pisces

A Pisces man blows everyone else out of the water when it comes to being in touch with his emotions. He is perfect for a woman who values emotional maturity and isn’t as concerned with material wealth.

Because they are driven by their emotions and breathe their energy through the energy of others, Piscean have a hard time focusing on the cold, cruel, and rational responsibilities that come with being an adult.

She will fall for him because of his ability to express his deepest desires but leave him when emotions don’t pay the utility bill.


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