He invited you on a date , you had a wonderful time – we talked, laughed and broke up very pleased with each other. But then why didn’t he call back ?! Neither the first day nor the next from him there is a call. At first, you are sure that the call will be any minute and you are waiting for the next meeting. Then, you console yourself with the fact that something happened to him and he, having solved the problems, will still find you, and finally, you will feel cruel offense and frustration.

Maybe he just does not like to talk on the phone or intends to first get a salary, and then call to set up the next date. Perhaps something terrible happened to him:

· Loss of phone 
· Loss of your number 
· He is at work 
· Fracture of both hands 
· He was kidnapped by aliens 
· He urgently fled the country 
· He died.

The most funny? In fact, no matter what we invent, justifying this behavior of our chosen one, the reasons are certainly far more banal. Perhaps he believes that his behavior on the first date was wrong and now hesitates to call back. But most likely, everything was not as good as it seemed to you, but all those gentle words that he spoke to you, he says to all the girls and they mean nothing to him. Compliments are just words, but a phone call is at least a small, but an act, a signal that there is a chance of continuing the relationship.

Why is he not calling? Because you just didn’t like him so much, to continue the acquaintance and the date for him was not as pleasant as you thought. This is the case for many reasons:

· You are too beautiful and he completes with you; 
· You are not like in the photo (if you saw each other for the first time) 
· He was bored with you; 
· He cannot afford to “bring into the light” such a girl; 
· You turned out to be too assertive or, on the contrary, shy; 
· You agreed to have sex after the first date ;

A man whom the girl is interested seriously will find an opportunity to send her a message even from the next world. In addition, do not forget about the Internet. Having lost your phone, he will find you in the social network, even if for this he will have to revise the list of thousands of other Natasha, Alin or Oksan.

Call him back or not, you decide. And certainly it is not necessary to call the second time, even if you first chatted nicely in the first, but he did not call back again. Even the first beauties have failures, so you just have to tell yourself that nothing shines here and live on.


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