The feeling of meeting someone new who makes us feel warm and fuzzy, makes life seem super exciting. Our new someone special can make the world feel new again! The exhilarating feeling of having a new crush is like no other; there are so many aspects to the world of dating to look forward to.

From the moment we get someone’s number and see their name flash across our phone screen to adding our crush on social media, the “steps” of dating can provide their own thrills! When we are in the honeymoon phase of communicating with our crush, what can go wrong?

Unfortunately, dating “dos” and “don’ts” can potentially get a little spooky. The term “ghosting” is relatively new, and its meaning can certainly borderline on being supernatural. Out of nowhere, the term is appearing in news and psychology articles. That’s because it’s really no laughing matter and can cause emotional damage.

In the case of dating, “ghosting” has nothing to do with the Snapchat ghost. According to Psychology Today, being ghosted in a relationship means “having someone that you believe cares about you, whether it be a friend or someone you are dating, disappear from contact without any explanation at all.”

Whether someone spooks you or seems more hesitant than you are to jump on the feelings bandwagon, here’s how to unravel a ghosting situation.

20-Ghost Guarantee: He Stops Responding To Texts

There are many different levels of text communication throughout a new relationship; there are times when we’re feeling new and shiny and want to add as many emojis as possible into our texts, but we have to remember he might feel overloaded by our use of multiple exclamation points!

There’s always a chance we’ll go too far, even though we don’t intend to, and he might stop responding to our texts.

When he stops replying, our first reaction may be to ask about the hows and whys and analyze all of the reasons for his silence, but sometimes we’ll never know.

19-Not Ready: He Rarely Responds

One of the best feelings is the sensation of seeing our special someone’s name come across our phone screen! We spend countless hours attempting to craft the best text, making sure we’re both hilarious and also subtle enough not to come on strong. When we send out that text, the anticipation feels electric. But the feeling can fade fast when we receive a reply and he doesn’t appear to be as enthusiastic as we’d like.

His replies might even come hours apart. While this could be for a number of reasons, he may not be ready for a textationship yet! Give it time!

18- Ghost Guarantee: We Text Too Much

A new relationship feels so exciting and it’s common to have the urge to text our person constantly, but a vibrating phone could cause someone to feel too anxious too fast!

We might think our texts are important and inviting, but our person might feel like we’re invading their privacy.

They might feel like we’re making them a high priority when they cannot give us equal attention or might not feel the same about us. If we start to blow up their phone, our relationship might have the potential to blow up. He might have the urge to drop us, leading him to ghost his way out.

17-Not Ready: He Watches Every Social Media Story

Instagram stories are IT right now in the world of social media! We are able to share every cool aspect of our lives and we are able to see who watches our content. When our crushes watch our Insta stories, it’s a total sign they are interested in what’s going on in our lives!

The sensation of our crushes viewing our lives through an IG-approved lens is exciting.  But if our Insta stories are the only form of communication, this might be a sign of his interest but also indicates that he may not be ready to take our relationship to texting levels!

16-Ghost Guarantee: You Talked About Your Ex Too Much

One of the most exciting parts of going on a date is getting to know our partner. We craft our best stories which highlight the coolest aspects of our lives! For many of us, some of our best anecdotes might feature an ex.

But if we tell one too many stories featuring our ex, we might give our new potential beau the idea that we’re still hung up on the past.

Whether we intend to talk about our old flame or not, too much conversation featuring our exes could give the wrong idea and cause them to rule out a second date.

15-Not Ready: He Still Mentions Other Girls

It goes without saying that female presence in a male’s life is extremely important! A female impression is vital for growth and a massively important way for guys to understand us.

But opposite s** relationships can be complicated, especially when a dude can’t stop talking about a gaggle of girls while on your date! Sometimes, his talk about other dames can be so extensive and cause him to forget to ask about you and your interests.

This may be a sign he’s not ready to commit to a relationship with one specific person, and that’s okay. More time and conversation can be helpful!

14-Ghost Guarantee: You Start Talking Longterm

The “warm and fuzzies” we feel in a brand new relationship can be some of the best periods in a relationship, but sometimes our giddiness can lead us to jump ahead in a relationship and forget to enjoy the moment we’re in with our new person!

When a relationship is new, it’s easy to daydream and jump ahead to planning for the future.

If we start thinking about wedding plans before going on a second date, there’s a good chance we’re going to scare our dude away! Enjoying casually dating can lay the foundation for a stronger relationship later on.

13-Not Ready: Date = Hesitate

Dating can be a blast, but planning a date can be another story! The idea of planning a dinner or activity can come with an incredible amount of pressure, and some potential partners aren’t ready to put in the effort for many reasons.

In many cases, a guy’s hesitation to go on a date doesn’t have to do with you! He might want to keep taking time to get to know you better through text or over a casual cup of coffee before moving on to more elaborate dinner plans! Maybe easing up on dating expectations at first will help.

12-Ghost Guarantee: He’s Interested In Your Friend

Filling your new person in on the coolest aspects of your life from your hobbies to meeting your best friend can be one of the most important parts of a new relationship.

But some red flags can wave when your new potential partner begins to ask you too many questions about your best friend.

Now, your partner’s interest in your friend can have many meanings; they can be plenty curious about your bestie! However, if your partner starts suggesting multiple group dates featuring your best bud in the plans and ignores your solo date requests, he’s definitely into your pal more!

11-Not Ready: He Talks About Other Interests

When we are talking about interests, we don’t mean his hobbies of playing music and skateboarding; we’re talking more long-term goals! If you start talking to your dude about plans for the future and you discover your path to bliss doesn’t add up together, this could read as a warning sign that your relationship may have an expiration date.

Having ideas surrounding your future is extremely important, and it’s great to hold them close. When your partner knows what they want, it’s equally important to respect their future plans and make sure you’re not forcing yourself into their dream world.

10-Ghost Guarantee: He Doesn’t Want To Be Exclusive

It’s inevitable in a relationship to have that one conversation about what’s going to happen next; you’ve spent some wonderful weeks together going on really fun dates and conversation flows freely on your nightly phone calls.

You’re ready to call yourself his girlfriend, but discover he’s a little more hesitant to call you his main lady.

Having an exclusive relationship status can be nervewracking for many reasons, so pressuring your guy to go Facebook official could easily scare him away. It might even make him pull the plug on your relationship and ghost you, so try to take things slowly!

9-Not Ready: He’s Nervous About You

Your person knows you’re special; he’s clearly expressed interest and he’s into you! Your person respects you and wants to take the time to get to know you and understand what makes you tick. Sometimes the getting-to-know-you process can feel like it’s going way too slowly for us. At the same time, we discover our partner has no problem with taking their time before defining your relationship.

Your new person may not be ready to take it to the next level because he’s nervous about how he appears to you. This could mean a relationship can come later, so try to be patient!

8-Ghost Guarantee: Being A Social Network Stalker

Social media can create many social blunders in a relationship! After a successful first date, it can be super tempting to add your new flame on every social network immediately after getting home that night. But hold off on sending him your super cute Snaps!

Over-communicating with your new beau can send the wrong message; he could perceive you as being super clingy and wanting to know every single detail of his life.

Take it slowly before you click the “add friend” button. Get to know him through one social media site, and stick to it before you include filters.

7-Not Ready: He Can’t Plan Ahead

Texting your new potential partner can be really fun but also pretty confusing when you’re getting to know them and decoding their every word! When we’re busy looking for hidden meaning in our partner’s words, it can be easy to miss a giant clue to how they feel about the direction of the relationship.

If you find yourself talking to your person about plans for next week and they don’t seem excited to grab sandwiches with you next Tuesday, it could mean they want to take it one day at a time. Don’t worry too much and try to live in the moment!

6-Ghost Guarantee: Your Date Was Boring

As exciting as going on dates can be, sometimes your date just doesn’t go as planned. At the end of the night, it’s incredibly easy for us to overanalyze why our date fell in the dirt!

If your potential new boo slowly stops texting you after a date, it could mean they thought your date was boring.

Did conversation not come easily? Did you notice your date not having a good time while you two walked around the mall, without eating, for three solid hours? Looking back on your date could mean it was a dud. But remember that a single date doesn’t translate into lasting forever!

5-Not Ready: He Thinks You’re Too Eager

If you have compatible personalities with your potential partner, the relationship may work better in the long run; sometimes, one partner may have a more upbeat or outgoing personality, and that’s fine! However, if you seem to be extra eager only in the relationship category of your life, your status of being an “eager beaver” could suddenly send them away.

There are many ways to appear extremely eager. Sending multiple texts in a row or planning dates down to every meticulous detail could potentially be suffocating to your partner! Try and keep a mellow stance on your relationship, if possible!

4-Ghost Guarantee: One Of You Is Too Reserved

Don’t get us wrong, being a reserved person is absolutely fine. There is nothing wrong with living life on the quieter side! In a relationship though, keeping elements within your relationship on the down low can potentially be troublesome.

Speaking up in a situation and having your voice heard is extremely important.

If you don’t let your partner know how you are feeling then they won’t know what you’re thinking. Your partner wants to know your take on things because they obviously value your opinion! Like the old cliche says, honesty is the best policy in every aspect of life.

3-Not Ready: He Dodges Questions

Communication is key in any relationship, with everyone from your mother to your man! It’s important to be upfront and honest because it’s always important to be real.

Communication within a new relationship can be tricky; you’re still getting to know one another in many cases, so some questions or subjects can be off limits for a while. If you notice your partner routinely seems to dodge questions whether they’re crucial or casual, it can be a warning sign the relationship brings some hesitation for them!

Ask your partner why they’re dodging your questions, but try to be straightforward, understanding, and patient.

2-Ghost Guarantee: You’re Too Invested

Relationships can be incredibly exciting but can become all-consuming when we’re not keeping ourselves in check! A new relationship can make us want to spend all of our time with our new person.

But if one hundred percent of our conversations revolve around making plans or exclusively talking about the relationship, we may appear too invested and make the relationship seem like it’s our top and only priority.

Having boundaries in a relationship creates a happy and healthy foundation. Showing our new boo that we have other interests outside of the relationship makes everything more comfortable for everyone involved. Comfort is key!

1-Not Ready: He Doesn’t Save Your Number

There’s nothing like the rush of making eyes at someone all night or spending time with someone sweet and then getting their number! You spend time crafting the cutest text message possible, think about the perfect placement for an emoji, and wait for their response. When your phone lights up and you quickly check your texts and see “new phone! who dis?”

It’s easy to feel gross after receiving this response. Before you start freaking out, try and pause. They may not be the type to automatically save numbers. Let them know who you are, and see what happens!


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