You asked yourself why people who confessed their love to you continue to leave you? You thought the reason might be in you, not in them? Or maybe both. According to our zodiac sign, we have certain dominant character traits that make us an ideal (or imperfect) partner for someone.

When it comes to relationships, these characteristics explain why it’s so easy to fall in love with you or so easily fall out of love.


Aries are independent and passionate about themselves. At first they are cute, but later their behavior begins to annoy and disappoint. Most often it is the impulsiveness of Aries that becomes a problem when their partner tries to find a compromise with them.


Taurus obstinacy makes them remember grudges longer than necessary. Even after apologizing to them, they are still unhappy and prefer to get angry until their wishes are completely satisfied. This is very exhausting the other person.


The dominant feature of this zodiac sign is their spirit of freedom, so it’s hard to get them to settle down and bind, even with loving relationships. They can continue to flirt and even openly show interest in other people. Their ideal is a free relationship, because with a monogamous one-lover it will be difficult for them.


Cancers are independent and rely only on themselves. But in relationships, they often become obsessive. The more they worry about a person, the more they become attached to him and literally choke him with their love.


Although these are the most dedicated partners, their self-love and ego sometimes interfere with successful relationships. They will continue to argue and prove their point, wanting to win the argument, no matter how unimportant the topic is. For Lviv this is a joy, but very tiring for their partners.


Virgins are analytic and skeptical – a dangerous combination. They analyze and doubt not only their feelings, but also their partner’s feelings. Even a small share of doubt can make them give up and not believe in the success of the relationship, even if there is an opportunity to solve the problem.


It is one of the most ideal signs of the zodiac, but equally vain. Scales are constantly looking for problems, challenges, they are sure that they can solve and fix everything in order to create the perfect relationship. But usually this does not work, because their partners refuse to be corrected.


Scorpios are loyal and passionate, ideal in relationships. But, like Raki, they can be too tied up and therefore jealous, even trying to control the partner completely.


This is the most adventurous and carefree sign of the zodiac. Sagittarius loves fun and pleasure, and they have very high expectations from a partner.


Capricorns do not trust people easily, their trust must be earned so that they let you into their lives. Therefore, only a patient and strong partner will approach them, who will break through this wall and thereby prove his loyalty. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready for such efforts.


Witty Aquarians are straightforward and not afraid to express their opinions. It may be cute at first glance, but very annoying and discouraging over time.


This is one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac. They can be difficult to meet, because they often still suffer by their former or unrequited love. Sometimes Pisces project their fantasies to a new person, which causes him not the most pleasant feelings.


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