Do you sometimes feel that you are too good to men and that because of that, every romantic relationship that you have fails? Do you feel that you need to change something but don’t actually know what? Well, in this article I am going to reveal why men are so attracted by strong women, who always know how to stand up for themself and who don’t put up with crap that their partner inflicts during the relationship.

Because they know how to fight for themselves, guys often call them cold-blooded BTCHS when in reality they are just alpha women who know what they want and whom they want it with. If you were wondering what they do differently from other women and why their romantic relationships succeed, here are some of the most common reasons that will reveal the real truth.

1. They don’t care what people think about them

The most important trait that defines a strong woman in a relationship is that she doesn’t give a f**k about what people think about her. If she is engaged in a relationship with a man who tries to control her or to abuse her in any way, she will firmly stand up for herself. She won’t let a man manipulate her or control her. She knows what she wants and when she wants it so she never listens to other people’s advice about her life. And just because she thinks with her own head, many men consider her to be a real catch and that’s why they are so obsessed with her.

2. They always put themself first

Women like this always put themself first in a love relationship and they don’t regret it at all. If they are in a relationship where they feel like they are losing their identity, they will simply end it. And because of that, their partner loves them and respects them more than they do any other woman. Their self-love makes them so appealing and guys get so attracted to them. They don’t mind going the extra mile for a girl like this because they think she is someone who can change their life for the better.

3. They want some respect

You probably heard about so many romantic relationships where girls were put last and were treated with a lack of respect. Well, regarding strong women, or the so-called BTCH women, it is important to say that they always demand respect from their partner. That’s why guys consider them so bada*s and assertive and every one of them would love to have a woman like that next to them. A woman like this is a challenge and a miracle that you can discover every day. And that is what makes her so special and unique.

4. They know how to stand up for themself

The main difference between a good girl and a BTCHy one is that a good one will put up with all the crap in a relationship while a BTCHy one will stand up for herself. She won’t her man mistreat her and in that way, she will demand a higher level of respect from him. That’s why every guy involved with her will consider her to be a little bit BTCHy yet appealing and attractive because she respects herself so much.

5. They always say what bothers them

Women like this always say what is on their mind no matter how rough it may sound. That’s why guys are afraid of them and sometimes they think those women act like real BTCHS but in reality, they just don’t lie about things that are obvious. There is a special species who serve all the bad news with a mix of humor and sarcasm and those women are always desirable among men. Even if men know that they won’t get what they want from them, that doesn’t prevent them from adoring them.

6. They follow their own rules

Women like this don’t follow other people’s rules. They have their own ones and they are not afraid if society will hate them because of that. And just because a woman has her own set of rules, it makes her attractive to any man in her presence. That makes her look like someone who thinks with her own head but for most men, that is not good because they can’t control her. That’s why they call those women BTCHy but they love to chase them as much as they can.

7. They are born leaders

Sometimes, when a woman is more dominant than a man it can really make him feel less valuable. Most men consider women like this BTCHy because they always get what they want in life and always without a lot of effort. That makes them appealing but bad for a relationship at the same time. Guys think women like this are not good for a long-term relationship and instead only for fun because they can’t get what they want from them so easily. If a guy decides to engage in a love relationship with a woman like this, she will still stick to her rules no matter how much she craves him. She will always fight for her rights and never give up on the things she strongly believes in.


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