As it happens in all aspects of life, each zodiac sign has its own quirks, tastes, and idiosyncrasies. And all of these traits – some good, some bad – say something about how each of the signs will behave when they are in love and in a relationship. Of course, each person is different, and some things will vary from one individual to another. However, there are certain patterns that are most definitely tightly connected to the zodiac!

When it comes to relationships, we’re lucky enough to say we’ve seen absolutely everything represented on TV. Many shows do a great job depicting several kinds of relationships, and we often look at a couple from our favorite series and go “Yup, that’s what I want”.

We all think we know what we want out of a relationship, and we’re most likely right! So it’s time to assess which TV couple better fits your idea of the perfect relationship, based on your zodiac sign!

12-Aries: Hannah & Caleb ( Pretty Little Liars)

Aries know they are born leaders, who enjoy take charge of things. This, of course, is extremely perceivable in relationships. They always like to choose where to eat, where to go, and what to do. It might be a little too much at times, but it comes from a good place.

Even though they are so keen on taking charge, and have such strong personalities, Aries people are also very into romance, and they will show it to their partner at all times, for no reason other than their love. It’s a beautiful combination that makes for a very balanced relationship, exactly like we see with Hannah and Caleb.

11-Leo: Cheryl & Tony (Riverdale)

Much like Aries, Leo people also enjoy taking charge of things. They’re fierce, and they absolutely love showing their loved one around, because if a Leo chooses you, they knew exactly what they were doing, and they want the world to know.

Everyone knows Leos are headstrong and enjoy the spotlight so they won’t go for someone to mellow who will bore them eventually. At the end of the day, a Leo will look for someone who can hold their own and be willing to take on life with their heads held high, but also be an absolute softy when they’re alone together…like power couple Cheryl & Tony.

10-Sagittarius: Brittany & Santana (Glee)

It’s hard to find a soul as light, and an attitude as carefree as the one present in Sagittarius people. More than anything, they want to experience new things and live life completely free of shackles imposed by other people, the world, or society in general.

Loving such a soul might be complicated because they won’t change or be tamed. However, Sagittarius as a life partner can be a true blessing, helping the one they love life a more carefree life themselves and opening them up to new experiences and adventures. It might feel like a rollercoaster of sorts, but the love is always there, and in the long run, it leads to an enviable partnership – just like Brittany and Satana.

9-Taurus: Monica & Chandler (Friends)

Going into a relationship with a Taurus means going into it head first, no looking back. This sign takes relationships very seriously, and there’s no time to waste on small talk, maybes, and the likes. A Taurus is looking for something meaningful and lasting, based on true friendship and support.

Much like Monica and Chandler, the ideal relationship for this sign rests on the premise that love, honesty, and communication will always be present, no matter what life throws at you, or how ugly things may turn out. Taurus will go out of their way to ensure their partner is happy at all times, always.

8-Virgo: Cameron & Mitchel (Modern Family)

Virgos crave order and control. This is transported to the way they behave in relationships, not in the same manner as Aries or Leo, but rather in how they come across to their partner. They aren’t huge in terms of burning passion and showcasing their feelings, but they will go a long way for the ones they love.

All in all, Virgo people want nothing more than to bring peace, calm, and harmony to the life of the person they are with, and when in love, they will support their loved one through thick and thin. A relationship like the one we see between Cameron and Mitchel would be the ideal one for a Virgo.

7-Capricorn: Sheldon & Amy (The Big Bang Theory)

It’s quite complicated to touch the heart of a Capricorn, and the way they go about relationships can become extremely frustrating for the person on the other end. They like to take things easy and slowly, so they protect themselves from wasting too much time and emotional energy in someone who isn’t worth it in the end.

But Capricorns are also very loving creatures deep down, and the minute they decide a person is worth it, then the relationship will keep going in full swing. They’re still quite particular, but there’s no doubting the love is there, exactly like Sheldon and Amy.

6-Gemini: Stiles & Lydia (Teen Wolf)

Gemini people are particularly hard to conquer. Choosing a person to share their interests, fears, and time with comes hard for them. Unlike Capricorn, this doesn’t happen because they are trying to protect themselves, but rather because they won’t settle for anything less than absolutely fantastic.

Yes, it might be a little complicated to get there and to make a Gemini even pay attention to you for more than 2 minutes. But if they do, and they finally allow you to come into their world, they will make for fun, sweet, and loving significant others – just like Stiles and Lydia, the definition of a slow burn.

5-Libra: Samantha & Smith (Se* And The City)

The word independence is probably a Libra’s favorite. They are not afraid to be alone, and this sign is as individualistic as they come. Because they know exactly who they are and what they deserve, it’s very hard to convince them to get out of their way to get to know someone.

However, if they do so happen to meet someone they find worthy of getting to know and share their life with, the lucky partner is in for a treat. Once a Libra settles down, they’re in for good. Just like Samantha and Smith, it might take some convincing, but by the end of it, a Libra makes for some of the absolute best partners.

4-Aquarius: April & Andy (Parks And Recreation)

Aquarius is the most quirky of all the signs. Deep down, they are just looking for someone who will find their less than ordinary characteristics lovable and worthy of appreciation. Eager to constantly learn, Aquarius natives will probably choose someone who is their complete opposite, so as to ensure they constantly grow alongside each other.

Exactly like April and Andy, the ideal relationship for an Aquarius is the one that is challenging and not necessarily perceived as compatible, but that ends up making both people happy precisely because of their differences.

3-Cancer: Marshall & Lily (How I Met Your Mother)

If you ask a Cancer “how deep is your love?”, the answer will be something along the lines of “deeper than the ocean”, “like a bottomless well”, or a similar metaphor. This, of course, is 100% true. No sign loves as deep as Cancer, and once they pick the one they want, they’re in it for the long run.

Cancer people want a partner for life, and if they find them, they will stick by their side no matter what, in some of the most intense displays of endless support and harmonious love there can be. Just like Marshall and Lily, Cancer will devote their lives to making it work with the one they single out as their soulmate.

2-Scorpio: Blair & Chuck (Gossip Girl)

The most passionate, raw, and wild of all the signs won’t settle for anything less than burning passion. When it comes to relationships, Scorpios are all in, and they are commanded by their fiery lust and deep emotional bonds.

This sign tends to push the limits of their partners, sometimes more than people are willing to take. However, those who are strong enough can count on a partnership based on intense se**al chemistry and meaningful conversations. A rollercoaster relationship like the one Blair and Chuck shared is exactly what a Scorpio looks for.

1-Pisces: Cece & Shmidt (New Girl)

Pisces are simple creatures when it comes to love. They are the most giving sign of the zodiac, and they’re just looking for the one who will stand by them and allow them to give all their love and support them through their struggles.

At the end of the day, Pisces people just want someone who is caring enough to be there, but still give them room to breathe. A partner they can come home to at the end of the day, and be by their side while they let their hair down with no worries, laugh about life, and be in perfect harmony with – just like Cece and Shmidt in New Girl.


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