Rihanna is the queen of many things. Putting out songs that make us want to live our best life, being a boss who comes up with inclusive products, and shutting down haters, just to name a few. She’s also the queen of serving decadent looks worthy of the MET Gala red carpet – even when she’s just taking a casual stroll around town.

Even though RiRi has a very distinct style that’s present in everything she wears, she’s also incredibly versatile. She manages to keep things interesting, and fans are always trying to guess what she’s going to look like next. A true chameleon who’s not afraid to change it up ever so often, Rihanna inspires all of us to step up our outfit game. Wondering how you can channel our favorite bad gal and stay true to yourself? Check out which Rihanna look best matches your personality, according to your zodiac sign!

12Aries: Classic & Sleek

Aries women are some of the most ambitious and audacious out there. They love to be constantly challenged, they exude confidence and self-esteem, and they enjoy taking charge of every situation they are presented with.

When it comes to style, Aries enjoys giving the classic pieces a go, but they always put an edgy twist on them. They’ll take something sleek and elegant and put their own identity on it, usually with some sort of statement piece. This sign has the gift of taking a single look and making it ready for both night and day, and every occasion in between. This is the ideal look for you!

11Taurus: Functional & Fashion Forward

The native Taurus is someone who takes pleasure in the beauty of life. Enjoying life and nature are absolute musts for you, but so are your goals. Taurus is not one to shy away from a challenge, and they’re not shy or afraid to be noticed.

Taurus love to keep things practical and comfortable, but they also need their personality to shine through. Statement pieces and fashion-forward clothes are always a part of a Taurus wardrobe and, no matter what the occasion is, they will be both incredibly functional and avant-garde, just like this Rihanna look. The t-shirt and shorts give you all the freedom you need, but the shoes and the accessories make sure your presence is known.

10Gemini: Trendy & Eclectic

Anyone who knows a Gemini knows that they love to constantly learn new things. They are so passionate about life that they’re constantly running around, trying to get a taste of everything all at once with an impatience that’s often unnerving for those who are outside looking in.

Their eclectic nature is noticeable in their style. Gemini love to constantly switch it up and put together pieces that aren’t necessarily meant to be so. However, this works beautifully, and they often generate great reactions from the people around them. Their fashionable, yet completely unique style fascinates everyone, and it’s definitely never boring!

9Cancer: Elegant & Refined

Cancer folks are known for putting up very thick walls and seeming very emotionally distant to those who don’t know them well. Their determination and persistence are some of their strongest traits, and those who are lucky enough to be close to them know how in tune they are with other people’s feelings and emotions.

Both their harsher exteriors and deeper inner-selves are portrayed through an elegant and classic sense of style. Trust a Cancer to bring the most refined looks to any place they walk into, but never uptight or overly conservative. The class is there, but so is the flash of intensity and timeliness.

8Leo: Daring & Vibrant

A Leo won’t be outshined, and that’s a fact. Natives of Leo are extremely passionate and extravagant people who are always up for a moment under the spotlight. As long as the attention is on them, they’ll make sure it stays there, and it’s hard not to stare, even if you try your best.

When it comes to fashion, they are pretty much up for anything. They are fashionable creatures, always up to date with the latest trends. Bold colors and patterns are a must, along with eye-catching accessories that shine almost as bright as their own personalities. Not everything they try works, but the joy is in the risk itself—and it’s always going to be a showstopper.

7Virgo: Classic & Polished

Virgos are all about balance and perfection. Logic and rationality are always going to be part of a Virgo’s personality, and you’ll rarely see them lashing out on someone. Masters of controlling their emotions and constantly striving for kindness and practicality, you can clearly tell a Virgo’s wardrobe when you see it.

While you won’t see them take many risks when it comes to color and pattern, that doesn’t make their style boring in the slightest. The classics are always there, and a Virgo will be the most definitive of them all with their styling choices. They will look polished and expensive, but approachable and impeccable at the same time.

6Libra: Edgy & Practical

Much like a Virgo, the Libra person seeks to find balance and harmony in all walks of life. However, they take it easier when it comes to complicated situations, and can seamlessly carry on with their lives if things don’t go according to plan.

The Libra has a very particular aesthetic they like to stay faithful to. Their taste in clothes is refined, and the classic pieces must be a part of their wardrobe. But they also enjoy putting a little twist here and there, so they will find a balance between practical and edgy, often combining their favorite darker colors with statement pieces that make the outfit unique.

5Scorpio: Polished & Trendy

You’ll know a Scorpio when you see one because people of this sign will make sure they are seen, heard, and respected at all times. Mysterious, passionate and fiery, they are easily one of the most charming signs of the zodiac. It’s hard not to feel compelled by a Scorpio when in their presence—and they absolutely love it.

They make themselves even more enchanting by the way they dress. The Scorpio always looks perfect down to a T, whether it’s on a date or relaxing at home. They have a very distinct look they tend to stick to, and plan their outfits around it—it’s not uncommon to see them buy the same piece in every possible color. Somehow, it never gets boring or overdone—it just looks stunning and fashionable.

4Sagittarius: Bold & Feminine

Sagittarius are restless people in constant need of new experiences. They live for the sake of living, and they will not settle for being content—with anything. Charming and outgoing, staying still really isn’t their cup of tea, and they need the style to go perfectly with this personality.

Sagittarius natives love to go for the more feminine silhouettes, often preferring skirts and dresses to jeans or pants. They pair those pieces and classics with extremely bold accessories, without ever seeming mismatched in the slightest. While they enjoy looking very polished and put-together, they always strive to put a little spin on their looks.

3Capricorn: Comfortable & Sophisticated

Extremely responsible and determined people, Capricorns will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. The most disciplined sign of the zodiac, their focus is both enviable and worthy of being admired by those who witness it, and this often leads to extremely successful people in all aspects of life.

When it comes to fashion, Capricorns put comfort above all else. They enjoy feeling cozy and almost at home with the clothes they wear, so they tend to choose simple and basic pieces of very good quality. However, they don’t settle for simplicity, and they manage to beautifully combine comfort with sophistication by adding something unexpected to each of their looks.

2Aquarius: Bold & Unpredictable

Aquarius is one of the most creative signs of the zodiac. They are often perceived as crazy oddballs, but their kindness and empathy make it hard for people not to love them. Aquarius people are known for wanting to fight against injustice and are often linked to some sort of humanitarian cause.

This doesn’t keep them from wanting to look good, and they often put their creativity and originality to work when it’s time to choose an outfit. Very vibrant colors, patterns, and unusual pieces are bound to make an appearance, but more than anything, they just want to have fun with whatever it is they are wearing.

1Pisces: Simple & Eye-Catching

Such free-spirited, positive people, Pisces folks always make everyone around them feel better about life in general. Although they can be perceived as being overly emotional and slightly naive, they will survive the toughest situations with grace and optimism, which comes in handy pretty much all the time.

Pisces natives enjoy feeling good in what they wear, so they gravitate to comfortable pieces that don’t demand too much fuss. This doesn’t keep them from wanting their personality to somehow shine through their style, so they will always adopt the latest trends and give them their own twist to stand out from the crowd and still feel good.


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