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As humans, we spend a lot of time sleeping. And by a lot we mean one-third of our lives. In fact, by age 75, the average person has spent 25 years asleep. We tend to write off the time we spend sleeping as blank space to help us refuel during our important, waking time. However, maybe our sleep tells us a lot more about ourselves than we may think. It is the only time when our unconscious mind takes over without being confined to what our conscious mind deems acceptable. When you bring in another person, your time sleeping can reveal things that words or even conscious actions do not express.

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When you bring in another person, your time sleeping can reveal things that words or even conscious actions do not express.

This is one of the most classic sleeping positions, often portrayed as ideal in romantic media. It may explain why 1 out of 5 couples choose to adopt this sleeping position in their own bedrooms. It is important to note which partner is the big spoon (on the outside) and which one is the little spoon (positioned on the inside), as the big spoon tends to be more protective of their partner. Due to the physical intimacy and subtle sensuality of spooning, it also requires a sense of deep and loving trust between the partners.

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Head on chest 
The partner who sleeps on their back, with their face up is most likely very confident and self-assured in the relationship. They are aware of their power, but they also want to keep you safe and secure. If you face your partner with your head on their chest, you depend on their support and protection. This sleep position is most popular with new couples and couples attempting to rekindle their romance.

Knotted up
If you spend the whole night completely intertwined in each other, believe it or not, this is actually a major red flag for your relationship. Couples who cling to each other at night may lack independence from each other, and have begun to become codependent. However, if you start the night intertwined but move apart after a few minutes, this is a sign of a much healthier relationship. You are getting the best of both worlds— you keep the intimacy without sacrificing your independence.

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This may surprise you as well, but it may not be a good sign either. Couples who sleep face-to-face are trying to reach out for something more from each other. Even in your unconscious brains, you are striving to connect with each other again due to some sort of distance that you feel during waking hours. However, there is a good sign here too. You both want to make things better, and with the right effort, it is possible.

Facing away from each other 
Romance does not have to be obvious. This position is extremely common amongst healthy couples because it is practical but also requires a comfort with each other once you reach the point that you don’t have to overcompensate or impress each other. Often times, small parts of your body will connect throughout the night which hints at the true intimacy you have with each other.

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