Dating has got to be one of the most interesting and fun aspects of human life. Taking the time to get to know someone through dating can be intriguing and captivating. Learning to be romantic and sharing activities together with someone that you like, really makes getting into a relationship worthwhile.

The desire to be with someone you absolutely adore is very powerful, but so is the desire to prove that you are better, stronger and more attractive than the boyfriend of that girl that you are passionate about. It’s not fun to witness another guy lusting after or in a long-time commitment with that girl that you want to be in a relationship with. You might feel inferior or a bit downtrodden given the fact that she has a boyfriend. Nonetheless, here are a few simple steps on how to get that girl fast before someone other guy does.


There must be a special reason as to why you want that specific girl who already has a boyfriend. Even if there are many other girls within your reach, that one girl who is already taken, just happens to be the one who is constantly on your mind. Going after a woman who is already attached will have some drawbacks, but if you like a challenge, then you might be on the right track. Maybe you guys click or she has the sweetest personality, or you know that her and her boyfriend have problems and their relationship won’t last long.

If this girl is worth it to you, then go after her. Keep in mind, that since she is with someone else you have to really play on your strengths and have confidence in yourself that you will eventually get her. She may have mixed feelings for you when you do win her over. These could be lingering feelings of love, anger or betrayal from her previous relationship versus the new and exciting relationship with you. You are going to have to have patience with her.

Are you ready for that after wanting her for so long? Her feelings for you may or may not be genuine. That is if you are “saving” her from a troubling previous relationship, she may feel gratitude and appreciate you more. Or if you are lacking in a certain area, she may feel some sense of entitlement and that you may owe her something such as more of your time, honor etc.


Directly tell her that you like her. Instead of waiting around hoping that she may start to fall for you, being upfront is the best way to go because it gets your feelings out in the open. Once she knows how you feel about her, she can decide what she wants to do. Maybe she does have feelings for you but wasn’t fully aware of them; You are being open and honest with her instead of harboring your fondness all to yourself.

She may even decide that you would be a better match for her instead of her current boyfriend and the hell with him. You may even be more appealing to her because you have confidence within yourself to tell her how you feel. There are 2 ways that this may go She will respect you or she will be turned off by you. She may be turned off because she just wanted a friend to hang out with.


If you really want this girl to fall head over heels in love with you, you will need to be patient and gain an enormous amount of self-confidence. By possessing the mindset that there are a lot of females out there whom you could start a relationship with, is going to boost your ego and keep you in the proper perspective off trying to win her over.

Put yourself first at all times If you’re having a busy and stressful day and can’t tend to her needs. let her know. You can’t be the best for her if you don’t feel the best. In due respect have time for her only when you actually have time to give her. You should never let your work hobbies, interests, or any other part of your life suffer because you are trying to get a woman who already has a boyfriend or any woman for that matter, become attracted to you.

The honest and most valuable thing that you can offer her is your affection and friendship because that is what the basis of any relationship is about. She may need you at a moment’s whim and if you are indisposed, you are indisposed. Hopefully, she can understand that. If she doesn’t, this can wear you down and you might start to doubt your abilities and confidence in yourself. Keep your head up, chin up and heart intact.

Setting boundaries are something that’s very crucial when going after that girl. Make sure that you are more to her than just a shoulder for her to lean on. Let her know that your time is important too. You may not be able to tend to her needs all night or day but will spend the right amount of time with her as deemed appropriate because you have other commitments as well.


You know that she enjoys spending time with you because if she didn’t, she just wouldn’t want to be with you What you need to do now is intensify this connection so that it leads to more romantic and passionate feelings on her end. You obviously don’t want to scare her off with your feelings of desire and lust no matter how strong those feelings are. All of a sudden buying her red roses chocolate truffles and racy lingerie are no-nos for now.

One way of deepening the connection is to do something unique with particular common interests. In a situation where this woman is in a relationship with a man whom she may have less common interests with, you can strategize on this by creating more common interests not just superficially but even on a higher emotional notch that’s creative and intellectual. Another thing to be mindful of is If that girl has been dating her boyfriend for a very long time, either one of them may have become disinterested with things that they used to do together. For example, if you guys are both into jazz music, take her to an exclusive, classy jazz venue or get tickets to a popular jazz festival. You’ll both have a memorable time and she will feel special and privileged that you wanted to spend time with her. Celebrate and cherish those common interests that you have as this will always deepen your attraction and make it more enticing. The main goal is to be excited about the things that you both share. The best things that we can give to someone that you care about or passionately love, is your time.


Another way to strengthen the connection is to make her laugh by cracking jokes or being silly. Every woman adores being with a guy who can make them chuckle, Laughter feeds the soul. With her knowing that she will always be swaying from side-splitting laughter to constantly grinning will make her want to spend more time with you. Of course, this all works in your favor because when she is laughing she is feeling good, and whenever she is with you she is laughing and feeling good… well, you get the picture.

Give her your attention in a subtle way. Even though she is in a relationship, her boyfriend may not be giving her as much attention as he used to and she may be feeling unappreciated and neglected. This is where you step in. Send her random, text messages or What’s App messages. If you are passing through a dog park comment on the cuteness of the pooches. Or if you are passing by a bakery, make a remark on the pristine desserts and that you both have to go there and try them out.

Doing this will shows that you are thinking about her and this will make her feel good about herself because it shows that you care about her even while you are just going about your day. She will appreciate your attention and look forward to being around you or hearing from you. This can spark some romantic feelings in a way where it just seems so natural.


This is the most sought after and exciting part of any relationship. It’s also a crucial step in order to take that relationship to a higher level.. Now that you are both on the same emotional wavelength, you need to set the tone for a physical connection. Naturally, this has to be a gradual process and not something to be rushed. You wouldn’t want to be misjudged for selfish gains but also not too slow to run the risk of being her shoulder to lean on when her relationship is on the rocks.

Some gentle touch will send a clear message to her indicating that you also interested in her not just a friend but as something more than that. This will also help you to see how she feels about you. Displaying some physical affection in a respectful manner will aid in moving forward from the boundaries of your existing relationship. If the response from her is positive or if she reciprocates, then a physical and slightly s–ual attraction will certainly develop between the two of you.


Poetry, love letters, and serenades may be old fashioned, yet are still very romantic gestures. Be her modern-day knight in shining armor, in other words, the ultimate object of passion that she really needs. Have fun with it, She may be impressed and honored that you would go to such lengths to win her over. Or you may both have a good laugh with the romantic shenanigans.


You may not be able to change her mind right away but you can slowly change the mood and environment. Take note, that if you try to reason with that girl to abruptly take you on as her lover and confidant, you will fail. Take things slowly and feel them out before taking any next steps. If that girl seems hesitant about spending time with you, don’t ignore it. Ask her what you can do to make things comfortable for her. She will gain your trust when you listen to her and empathize with her feelings and requests.


There are going to be times when you may want to throw in the towel and end your pursuit of attaining that special girl. Yet be wary of throwing in that towel, because just when you may be about to do that, is when that girl decides that she really wants to be with you and only you. Patience is a virtue. This was never going to be an easy task, but if that girl is worth to you,then the decision is all yours. Putting it into a better perspective, that woman might be trying to feel you out and see if you are just a passersby or if you long for a committed relationship Talk to her about your feelings and where you see the two of you in the future.


To get a woman who is in a relationship to fall in love with you is going to take some work, no matter how optimistic you may be. Yet, only you can decide if she is really right for you…Trust your instincts and always remember the reason why you are choosing her instead of a more available girl. As long as you believe what you have to offer her is so much better than what she currently has, then you are well on your way of attaining that girl of your dreams.


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