It is considered to be that men for the most part are not capable of romantic acts or give romance its own meaning, which is significantly different from the female understanding of this issue.However, to think that the stronger sex and romance are not incompatible things. They just see it in a completely different plane.

To accustom men to romance is quite simple. Often women themselves make mistakes in communication, which discourage men to be a prince on a white horse. Let us examine a few examples and see how men behave in certain situations and how to teach them to be romantic. It’s likely that you don’t need to learn anything, you just let it be romantic.

So, the first situation. You decide to have a romantic candlelit dinner. You were busy cleaning the whole day and prepared a great dinner for your husband. The table is set, candles are lit and you are in a beautiful dress waiting for your husband. And finally he comes home from work and sees it all. And what is his reaction? Of course, he was delighted, because he saw that they were not just waiting for him, but also thoroughly preparing. You two sit at the table and have a great time. Happy you, and you can be sure happy and your man. He enjoys romance and your company. All is well, but the dinner is over and you ask your loved one to help you clear the table. It was at this point that you “killed” the romance in it. And it’s good if only this evening. For a man, dinner, after which you will have to wash the dishes, is definitely not romantic. If you don’t ask for it,

An example of the second. Who usually is organizer of holidays and travel? The man. Will these holidays and travels be romantic for him? After the trouble that the preparation required, it is unlikely. Therefore, women, as an exception, take the preparation for the holiday by yourself. Especially if it’s your man’s birthday. For a man, such care will definitely be romantic, and he will want you to return your “pass”.

The third example. You confess your love, force a serious and solemn atmosphere, and even let a tear. For you, such confessions are very romantic, while men do not consider sentimentality to be romantic. In any situation, do not part with humor. Laugh at a joke with his beloved for a man is romantic.


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