You are a real leader. All eyes are on you as soon as you enter the room. Men find you ambitious and strong.

Your husband loves you because you always motivate him to be a better person. He looks up at you.

You are always well prepared and organized and your friend has to work hard to surprise you.

Sometimes you can be pretty stubborn and a bit too proud, but he is lucky to have a great wife like you in his life.


You are a totally sweet, dreamy girl with a sense of adventure.

You can not just sit still and do nothing and that’s why you do a lot with your friend.

You have many interests and hobbies and you like to try new things again and again. You are definitely not a girl for everyone.

You need a man who is as free-spirited as you, so that you can discover the world together.

One thing is certain: you will never be bored with it, because you always have new ideas.


You are emotional and tender. Although you seem locked on some people, you are actually very empathic and sensitive.

You are a very determined friend because you know exactly what you want from your husband.

If you’re in love, you’re a real fighter and you never give up your husband.

This great love can even make you make very quick decisions.

You should not consider your kindness a weakness, because you are very tough.


You are a real gem, because you are friendly, funny and intelligent.

When it comes to men, you are very picky, but once you fall in love, you love with all your heart.

You never start a relationship prematurely because you do not want to get hurt.

You choose wisely and that’s why you get the good men in the end.

In the beginning, it may be hard for you to trust and let go of your partner, but as soon as you do, he is the luckiest man on earth.


You are an artistic girl who appreciates the beautiful things in life.

You are always looking for someone to inspire you and to be creative with.

You want a man you can always count on. You want perfect honesty and respect.

It will be hard for your friend to impress you because you have a very specific taste in everything.

You are someone who wants to enjoy life to the fullest.


You are a lovely, romantic girl. You are so sweet that the men can not help but fall in love with you.

Your heart is big and your partner always feels loved by you.

You lock your friend in the heart very quickly and can sometimes get very jealous.

Someone who truly loves you must be willing to move mountains for you, because you should be no less satisfied.

If you love, you love like crazy.


You are independent and always listen to your inner voice when it comes to relationships.

It’s hard to get your attention.

Your friend must be perfect for you, otherwise you’d better stay single.

You have a very strong personality, but you are also very caring for the people you love.

If your friend has a bad day, you will do anything to cheer him up.

You are a best friend and a partner in one.


You are the shinning star of the party. Men love your great sense of humor. You are very confident and attentive.

If you fall in love, you can become a very childlike but super passionate woman.

It’s not easy to love you, but it’s worth it, because a relationship with you is a lifelong adventure.

Other couples go on double dates with you because your company is so enjoyable. Your friend can be lucky!


You are a very decent, demanding girl. In relationships you are the perfectionist friend.

You want a man who is mature and intelligent and ready to commit.

Because you’re so responsible and smart, you do not want fools.

You do not want to settle for an average guy.

You are very practical, objective and stable. You avoid conflicts with your friend and you hate drama.


You have such a positive charisma and it is always a pleasure to spend time with you.

Your smile can win anyone for you.

You always see the good sides in life and men love your sunny perspective.

You are also very bossy and nothing can kill you.

You have a very firm attitude and your friend must be a strong man to keep up with you.

Your relationship benefits greatly from your optimism.


You are very intuitive. You always know when is the right moment to do or say something.

You definitely know how to make your husband happy and satisfied.

But you also know how to fight and use words as weapons.

You always have good advice and are very wise for a young woman.

Men like you because you make them feel like they can relax and be themselves, without pretending to be someone else to seduce you.

You appreciate honest conversations more than anything else.December

You are really fiery. You get bored quickly and that’s why you’re looking for a man who can make your day active and interesting.

Men are crazy about your free spirit and your spontaneity.

Your husband should be someone who always supports you in your hopes and plans because you have very big dreams.

You love men who are a little different than you.

You need someone who is patient, someone who can challenge you and inspire you to be better.


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