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Boundaries are defined by the individual, and they can be found all over the map. A line could be crossed in a sprint for some and in a marathon for others, but when it comes to love and relationships, everyone has expectations. Astrology can reveal which standards are malleable and which promises cannot be broken. Does your sign reveal an inner truth?

When people think about ‘deal-breakers’, some obvious ones come to mind. Infidelity will doom a relationship for most people, along with dishonesty, stealing, and ghosting. But what about those pet peeves that make your skin crawl? If you loathe people who chew loudly, could you really spend the rest of your life with someone who smacks their cheeks mid-meal?

Whether they’re petty quirks or serious offenses, it can be crucial to know what your partner considers to be a deal-breaker in order to avoid trouble. Perhaps your heart withers at the thought of poor etiquette (like the Virgo woman) or the silent treatment makes you boil over (like the Leo man), but if you’re struggling to read your partner’s mind, Astrology can reveal the answers you’ve been searching for. Here is an immediate deal-breaker for each Astrological sign, including both male and female counterparts of your constellation!

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A Leo Woman Knows Her Worth, But If You Don’t, She’ll Move On In A Blink Of An Eye

All Fire signs possess a deep ambition for life. Their goals all vary, but they want to chase what they want to the ends of the Earth. A Leo woman needs her partner to see this in her and help her grow. To this stunning girl, a relationship is all about being a team, but if you don’t see the potential glowing within her, she won’t bother wasting time on you.

If you want things to spiral south in your relationship with her, displaying a lack of ambition in yourself or diminishing belief in her will make her love ebb away. If your ability to care has a limit, don’t date this woman.

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If You Ask A Leo Man What He Considers To Be A Dealbreaker, He’ll Immediately Say This…

“Being ignored or the silent treatment.”

Listen up, ladies and gentleman! If you’re dating a Leo man, they have zero patience for this immature method of fighting. While some people believe the silent treatment can make a point, ignoring this lion will make him think twice about being with you. Every couple fights, but he will want to communicate and get to the bottom of the problem. Not only will you be pestering his pet peeve by ignoring him, he’ll think you don’t care enough about the relationship to fix it. This is a major deal-breaker for him.

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If You Criticize Art, A Cancer Woman Won’t Look At You The Same Way

Cancer women are known for being the best artists in the world. Perhaps the stars willed it to be true, or perhaps it has to do with their emotional natures, but it is a love that blossomed early in their youth. While some women outgrow the passion later in life, they continue to keep a deep appreciation for the importance of art. She would only date someone who shares this belief.

If you’re someone who believes art has no place in this world and only have good things to say about “the sciences”, a Cancer woman might honestly say “Sorry, but you’re too dumb for me”, and move on. In a nice way.

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Don’t Underestimate How Important Cuddling Is To A Cancer Man

Water signs are known for being snuggle-bugs, but no one more so than the Cancer man. He’ll consider you his soulmate if you fit perfectly into him, like two puzzle pieces coming together. If you’re not content to spend all day cuddling, or you don’t like to be touching when you sleep, this will take its toll on his heart.

It doesn’t take much to make him feel cherished in a relationship. If you want to have a happy and healthy relationship, be prepared for a desire for non-stop cuddling. Is that so much to ask for?

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Laughter Is SO Important To A Gemini Woman

It’s easy to be too serious in life. A Gemini woman has experienced her fair share of sadness, and from this, she’s discovered the importance of laughter. She wants to surround herself with people who can make her giggle and lighten the load on her heart. This includes the people she considers dating.

If you’re the type to cause unnecessary drama or place pressure on this woman, she would consider this a deal-breaker. All she wants out of love is fun, laughter, and kindness. She won’t cause a problem, so why would you?

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If You Don’t Want To Spend All (Or Most) Of Your Time With A Gemini Man, He’ll Realize You’re Not The One

As a social butterfly, a Gemini is used to getting along with everyone. When he finds someone who thrums his heartstrings, his desire to be near them is amplified; if he’s in love with you, he will begin to treat you like oxygen. Everyone needs space in a relationship, but if you aren’t eager to hang out with him almost every day, he might begin to believe the two of you aren’t compatible.

As an affectionate and gentle man, try not to get consumed by his clingy behavior – he’s just passionate about you!

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If You Don’t Put A Taurus Woman First, She’ll End Things And Tell You She’s Looking For Someone Who’s More Mature

An ingrained sense of maturity (and stubbornness) allows a Taurus woman to set her expectations high. If you want to take a relationship with her seriously, she expects you to put her first. If you consider her feelings, respect her wishes, andnever cancel plans on her, your love life should be free of turbulence with her.

As a patient, devoted, and stable woman, you would be a fool to mistreat her to the point of her saying goodbye. Respect her standards and boundaries, and you should have a happily ever after with her.

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If You’re Erratic And Impulsive, A Taurus Man Will Say Goodbye

As a rooted Earth sign, a Taurus man always harbors the ability to view things from a practical and realistic perspective. He understands not everything has to be sensible (these men are known for falling in love with the emotional Water signs), but if you are erratic and you make irrational decisions all the time, it will take him no time to decide he doesn’t want to deal with you.

A Taurus man appreciates being a part of the discussion when it comes to decisions in a relationship, but if you make an impulsive decision without telling him, he would also readily consider this a deal-breaker.

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If An Aries Woman Cannot Share Her Passions With You, She’ll Look For Someone Else Who She Has More In Common With

Full of optimism and zeal, this woman bubbles and seeks out fun like it’s her job. She is vocal about her passions and wants to share them with someone who is as equally enthusiastic. Her love of life could be rooted in movies, boating, hockey, writing – it doesn’t matter what it is, but she wants to share it with who matters most to her. Love is important to this fiery lady, so if you don’t show an interest in her hobbies, an Aries woman would consider this a deal-breaker. She could easily find someone else who she does share common interests with.

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An Aries Man Needs His Partner To Reflect The Ambition He Possesses

A true go-getter with a handful of active activities as hobbies, an Aries man isn’t the type for idling. This is a turbulent and energetic personality who directs his enthusiasm towards his ambitions. The first person who comes to mind when you think of a ‘leader’ is probably an Aries. When it comes to love, an Aries longs for his partner to reflect these passionate ideals.

If you become lazy in a relationship, or you show no initiative for a future career or goal, an Aries man could lose his interest in you. He just cannot respect someone who doesn’t share his ambitions.

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If You’re Not Expressive About Your Love, A Pisces Woman Would Consider This A Dealbreaker

A sign that shies away from emotional expression, such as an Aquarius or Libra, would be the bane of this woman’s heart. Ruled by Neptune, this sign has heightened intuition, and as a Water sign, she is deeply emotional. They are known to have a deep understanding of their life cycle, which is why they crave an intense emotional connection with a romantic partner.

A Pisces woman is more than ready to express her undying love, but if you’re more reserved in your passions, she will never feel fulfilled with you. If kissing in public isn’t your thing or you don’t say ‘I love you’ enough, it could be a deal-breaker.

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If You Start To Point Out A Pisces Man’s Flaws, He Won’t Want To Be Around You Anymore

Criticizing a Pisces could bring out his worst traits. A Pisces man knows he isn’t perfect, but as a friendly and loving person, he can be deeply taken aback by insults. This can lead to this Water sign’s poorest quality; they lean towards martyrdom in order to catch attention or play the victim. A Pisces will often feel dejected and confused when ‘forced’ into this position, and if the person they love is doing it to them, they’ll likely be inclined to break up with you. While he is a forgiving man, he won’t want to be with someone who brings out the worst in him.

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If You’re Not Interested In Changing The World, An Aquarius Woman Won’t Be Interested In You

Selfless doesn’t even begin to describe this woman. As with all Aquarius, they’re described by their originality, independence, and their intellect. They use these skills to find a cause and fight for what’s right in their eyes. Being ‘idle’ will never be her style. If you don’t share these beliefs, she won’t be interested in you.

Of course love can blind us to the flaws of others. Once the honeymoon period fades, and she realizes you don’t have a passion for fighting injustice, she will easily fall for someone else who does share her passions.

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An Aquarius Man Will End Things After The First Date If You Disagree On Too Many Things

While he will be well-spoken and open-minded about his opinions, this is a man who has plenty to say about the world. His heart is directed towards helping the needy and making changes, whether they’re big or small. As this is a core value of his, a relationship won’t be successful if you disagree with him on two many subjects. He might strike a relationship down before it’s out of the gate if he suspects the two of you are from far different walks of life. Don’t fret, though! Remember he has an open-mind… some friendly banter is always welcomed, especially since he’s always eager to learn.

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If You Disrespect Her Family, A Capricorn Woman Will Say Goodbye

Family means everything to a Capricorn woman. This is the paternal sign in Astrology! Many of these women feel a connection to traditional expectations of family, and even when a serious relationship enters the fold, her responsibility will be to her family. Meeting her parents or relatives is a major milestone, so don’t mess it up!

If you disrespect her family in any way, whether you say someone rude to her or you’re impolite to her parents in person, she will struggle with wanting to be with you. It won’t feel right to her anymore.

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A Capricorn Man Needs Balance, So Someone Who’s Too Serious Will Make Him Reconsider

It can be painful how serious a Capricorn is before he opens up. It’s difficult to be close to someone who builds walls around their heart, which is why they need someone goofy and light-hearted to counteract their clinical disposition. After you break through to him, you’ll discover his softer side.

A Capricorn man often desires someone who can be his escape. His mind is a dark and pessimistic place, so a partner who can distract him and see the brighter side of life is crucial. He is an example of “opposites attract” because if he learns you’re the serious-type, he won’t be interested.

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If You’re A Conspiracy Theorist, You Might Not Want To Tell Your Girlfriend If She’s A Sagittarius

These women have a passion for understanding the world and chasing the meaning of life, but they draw the line of philosophical freedom at conspiracy theories. A girl this smart doesn’t want to hear your off-the-wall ideas! She wants to explore different cultures with proven facts. If you tell her the pyramids were built by aliens, she won’t call you for another date.

An honest person like this is often tactless when expressing their disagreement, so if your opinions deviate too far from hers, it’s probably best that the relationship doesn’t continue… not that she would let it.

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If You’re Too Fast To Suggest Marriage, A Sagittarius Man Will Probably Break Up With You

When you’re head over heels in love, it can be easy to hastily rush into things. While Sagittarius men do have their impulsive streaks, they will shy away from commitment. If you jump into talks about “spending forever together” before he’s ready, he might consider that to be an immediate deal-breaker.

He wants someone who understands his need for freedom and space, but if you ask to rush into the next step, he’ll assume you don’t connect with him on the level he desires for true love. It’s wise not to push this man into deeper commitment; take it at his pace!

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A Scorpio Woman Is Always Clear That Dishonesty Is An Immediate Dealbreaker For Her

Dishonesty about fidelity might be the first example that comes to mind, it can take far less for a Scorpio woman to say “that’s a deal-breaker.” A white lie is enough for her to turn her back on you. If she loves you enough to stay, she will always be suspicious of you lying again, regardless of how unimportant your first fib was.

Pluto (her ruler) is the planet of transformation and regeneration, but a lie could cause a Scorpio woman to transform herself into a new person without you in her life. Forgiveness is a rare, unusual gift to receive from her… make it easy for yourself, and be honest.

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Don’t Pull The “I Don’t Know What I Want To Eat, What Do You Want To Eat” Cliche With A Scorpio Man…

It might seem petty, but a Scorpio man will begin to feel repulsed by you if you’re an indecisive person. It isn’t just about the aforementioned “where to eat” cliche; it has to do with being passive. As a Water sign, this character lives to express and share emotions. While he may appear to be cool and detached, a kaleidoscope of feelings bubble beneath the surface, and he needs to share this experience with his lover. He rarely feels indifferent about anything, and he expects the keeper of his heart to display similar exuberance.

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Losing Interest In The Outdoors Will Make A Libra Woman Question Her Life With You

Sure, you might pretend to love the outdoors during the honeymoon phase when you’re trying to impress her, but if it’s all an act, she’ll find out the truth eventually. It could be all over after that. A Libra woman is passionate about nature and yearns to spend her time in the fresh air. In turn, she surrounds herself with people who share this love, especially the people she dates. If time floats by and you feel comfortable enough in the relationship to reveal your identity as a couch potato, you might lose her heart forever. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not!

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If You’re A Loudmouth, A Libra Man Won’t Feel Attracted To You

A Libra man is quiet, but he speaks strongly when he has an opinion. This is because he is social yet calm, diplomatic yet harmonious. Ease in all aspects of life is important to him, which is why he won’t ever date a loudmouth. If your thundering voice and raucous behavior are ruining his reflective peace, he’ll consider that a deal-breaker.

If you want to be with this Air sign, he’ll look for fellow gentle souls he can share introspective conversations with. If you can read your book while enjoying the silent, near proximity of your boyfriend, a Libra will fall head-over-heels for you.

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A Virgo Woman Cannot Stand Unpolished Manners

All of us hope our significant other will be raised to be polite with good etiquette. Sometimes love will make exceptions for certain ‘quirks’, but no love is strong enough for a Virgo woman to overlook you chewing with your mouth open. Yuck, and goodbye!

As Virgo women are practical, hard-working, and neat, they are not keen to surround themselves with someone who burps publicly and thinks that is appropriate. Please and thank-yous is not optional, and why would you omit these from your dialogue anyways? A Virgo woman will be a thousand times more attracted to you if you exhibit these signs of a good upbringing.

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If You Dislike Animals (Or You’re Even Just Allergic To Them), A Virgo Man Won’t Look Your Way

Animals are beyond important to a Virgo; these are life companions, and these men will feel a strong affiliation with our furry friends because these Earth signs are ruled by Mercury. Animals, particularly dogs, assist these men with their chronic anxiety. If you’ve ever heard of an “emotional support animal” before, you can bet a Virgo will have one by their side.

If you dislike animals, a Virgo man will show minimal interest in you. He might not want to even befriend you. The dinner dates could be sizzling with chemistry between you and this man, but if you lead on to a displeasure for animals, you won’t receive another call from him.

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