In this vast world, where only he and she exist, in their small space, where they live joyfully and calmly, where they breathe easily, a lot of happiness and pleasure, there are golden keys – gentle and tender words . Selecting here pleasant words to the beloved, we try to invest in them, all our devotion and love, thereby expressing our attitude towards those who are dear to us.

If everyone thought about the power of gentle and affectionate words, they probably would have used them much more often to once again give love and a sense of security to the one who deserves it. [ad # content]

The tender words chosen by the man are significantly different from the words spoken by the woman. But this does not mean that a woman speaks gentle words more often than a man. A woman chooses a few words from a huge list and is guided by them, disarming a man or vice versa, arming.

There are forbidden words that a beloved man does not need to say, otherwise you can lose him. For example, no need to hint at his vulnerability and sentimentality. Carefully comment on its appearance.

It would be very incorrect to perceive coarse flattery hastily stitched with a bright thread. Saying “My life, my love, my happiness,” remember that such statements do not cause any emotions in the opposite sex. 
What do you need and can say a man?

Very wrong those ladies who claim that affection and tenderness towards the stronger sex is simply not appropriate. A man should hear and know how worthy and beautiful he is. The spoken words are not only perceived by the ear, people involuntarily rearrange and adapt to them. [ad # content]

You can not be afraid to talk about the behavior and character of your chosen one, emphasizing in it the presence of taste, morality and the right way of life (strong-willed, excellent, courageous, caring, refined, etc.). Epithets are positively perceived (in years, you look solid). Compliments about the eyes (attracting and beautiful, charming and daring), and glance (mysterious, unforgettable, attracting, extraordinary) are especially pleasantly perceived.

About the physique, we can say that it is impeccable, athletic, stately. And separately, to characterize:

  • gait (firm and confident)
  • posture (majestic and proud)
  • shoulders (sloping and wide)
  • chest and back (muscular, strong and stone)
  • fingers and hands (strong, golden and tender).

The face deserves due attention; it is a pretty, beloved, courageous, unforgettable and kind. Smile – stunning, charming, beautiful. The voice is so unique, and lips are sensual and alluring! You like to enjoy the exquisite and native smell.

There are no clear rules, each pair creates its only world of communication.


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