Numerous polls of sociologists have revealed a number of things that men do not tolerate in the appearance of women. Or tolerate, but silently, with a slight disgust or ridicule. In fact, there are a lot of such things, because every man has several requirements for women. However, there are several claims that are universal for most men.

1. Complicated hairstyles with plenty of varnish

These hairstyles are great for the catwalk, photo shoot or themed party. In other words, for events that do not involve direct contact. In other cases, such hair repels men, because it is unpleasant to touch them. Yes, and they look close is not very natural. So in this case, naturalness is the best option.

2. Excessive use of foundation

Creams have been specially created to mask small skin imperfections. If such means are applied correctly and in moderation, then they make the skin visually healthier and younger. However, the most important rule, some girls forget, for which they earn the epithet “plastered.” The foundation should be invisible.

3. Brilliant eyelids

Brilliant eyeshadow, in the opinion of men, looks good only on professional models. In other cases, such shadows look vulgar and absurd, which can not but annoy men. In general, in everyday life it is an attribute of those who are called “urban madmen.”

4. Clustered eyelashes

This flaw appears in cases where a woman begins to abuse not the best mascara in pursuit of long and expressive eyelashes. For men, such eyelashes say one thing: a woman is sloppy. This makeup looks cheap, as if already hinting.

5. Hair on the legs

There is even nothing to talk about: there shouldn’t be them and that’s it. Shaving, hair removal anything just to get rid of them. Men are generally skeptical of “extra” hair on a woman, so it’s better to get rid of them everywhere.

6. Dry skin

Tactile sensations for men are very important. And it is unlikely that a man will like to stroke a woman if she has rough and dry skin. Today, there are many moisturizers for various skin types.

7. Wrong lip contour.

This drawback usually becomes noticeable in the restaurant. Most often, the problem is that women overstate or make the contour too dark. Of course, such lips look fuller. At first. And then the lipstick is eaten and only the drawn outline remains, which looks very comical.


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