How often it happens that the entire long, touching period of courtship flies to hell as soon as it comes to bed! Disappointment in a partner, unfulfilled hopes, as a rule, quickly lead to a break in relations, from which both initially expected so much … if not forever.

What does it depend on and is it possible to predict in advance how lovely compatible you are with your chosen one? The answer to this question is simple: first of all it depends on the temperament, lifestyle, character and habits of both of you. What awaits you? Temperamental relations, in which quantity is sometimes more important than quality? Or maybe a love adventure? Fateful passion or tenderness and mutual understanding for life? The answer to these questions will give a lovely yhoroscope, you just have to make your choice.


Aries is a very passionate, energetic and energetic lover. In bed, he can act quite selfishly, but he can make it so that it is good not only for him, but also for his partner. As a rule, Aries have no problems with potency – one can only envy their love energy and strength.


Taurus loves and appreciates all carnal pleasures, be it delicious food, sweet sleep, or good love. In bed, as in life, he is inherently thorough: perhaps you can’t call him too temperamental lover, but he knows exactly how to enjoy himself and deliver it to his partner. His affection is not a stormy onslaught, but rather a long love marathon. He has nowhere to hurry, including in bed: attentive and persistent, he knows how to kindle the fire of desires in his partner and is set up to enjoy it fully.


The twins hate the routine and adore everything new, and this fully applies to their behavior in the intimate sphere. In life, they may have many more or less long-term hobbies, even partners for one night, and sometimes they are able to turn two novels at the same time.

They do not have heightened lovely, but their partner will not be bored: in bed, the twins are set to experiment. Often, the Kama Sutra becomes their reference book for a while — at least until they try almost everything in it. However, both in love and in marriage, Gemini is primarily looking for in a partner not intellectual, but intellectual compatibility.


In the intimate life of Cancer can not be called too temperamental or inventive lover, but he is perfectly able to feel and even guess the wishes of his partner. In bed, he is able to be gentle and tactful, and is ready to make every effort to please his loved one. Nor should we forget that Cancer is an esthete and a connoisseur of convenience. In love, he is equally important external surroundings, ranging from comfortable furniture and ending with suitable music. You can be sure that he will tastefully decorate his love nest, creating an intimate atmosphere of bliss and comfort.

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Leo likes to show himself in all walks of life, including in bed. You can be sure that he knows everything or almost everything about seduction. In his bedroom there must be a luxurious comfortable bed, and the lighting has been carefully thought out. Perhaps Leo can not be called too temperamental or inventive lover, but he will do everything possible to look that way. In any case, in the lovely arsenal of Leo there will always be several spectacular techniques with which he can pleasantly surprise you.


Typically, Virgo does not exchange for fleeting novels – she seeks to meet her true love. In search of her soul mate, she is capable even of prolonged abstinence, so only those who have the chance have a chance to be in her arms. Surprisingly, just such chastity is the powerful lovely weapon of the Virgin. In bed, you cannot call her passionate or sensual, but her external fragility and uncomplicated inner purity can inflame your partner as much as the techniques of the most experienced seducers.


Libra is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, and this is manifested both in their manner of care and in their behavior in bed. With all their mysterious appearance, mysteriousness, omissions, they are able to create an atmosphere of exciting flirtation.

And although Libra does not have a hot temperament, love with them is full of surprises and full of the most varied shades of feelings. Often the love of Libra for the beautiful is manifested in the fact that they do not lose interest in the opposite love to a very old age.


Scorpio is one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac. He loves and appreciates all carnal pleasures, and above all physical love. His partner can only envy: in bed Scorpio is tireless, inventive, gentle, persistent and ardent.


In bed, few can compare with Sagittarius. He is strong, tireless, loves to experiment, and his carelessness and good mood can make intimate communication with him surprisingly easy and unconstrained. On the bed, he can arrange a fun pillow fight, or, wrapping himself in a sheet, depict a Roman emperor. Spending time with him alone is a fascinating and unpredictable occupation, but that’s why it’s dangerous: it’s too easy to fall into the lovely spell of Sagittarius and it’s too difficult to convince him to stay with you for a long time.


You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that under Capricorn’s calm and strict appearance there is a sensitive, even sentimental nature that, in moments of intimacy, fully manifests itself. Capricorn does not have a hot temperament, but the combination of perseverance and confidence with the manifestation of the most tender feelings can lift his partner to the top of bliss. In bed, Capricorn does not like lovely experiments, preferring to act for sure, but his methods have been tested for centuries and never fail.


Aquarius’s lovely is very peculiar: first of all it is connected with its bright and unusual view of the world. As a love prelude, Aquarius is able to share his extensive knowledge of love, erotic fantasies and even adventures; talk about the lovely characteristics of African tribes or inhabitants of distant planets. All this immerses both himself and his partner in the world of bright fantasies. And although in bed Aquarius does not have a special temperament and fiction, love with him may seem as unpredictable and diverse as his fantastic dreams.


Fish have a special erotic charm, which consists in their touching and defenselessness. This is especially true for women, however, and for men these features can be quite attractively strong. In bed, Pisces is unusually sensitive and tender, which makes love with them unforgettable.


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