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Relationships fill us with joy, happiness, and anxiety. Most of the time we love our partners to bits, but sometimes it isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Stress, life changes, and the dreaded feeling of “I think I’m second-guessing this” all rear their unenjoyable heads at one point or another. If the relationship is strong and stable, you’ll be able to work through whatever happens so both of you will be able to be happy. If the relationship doesn’t have a great foundation, sadness can plague you both. You could find yourself entwined in a battle between your head and your heart. One of them wants to stick out it out and fight through the stress in order to go back to the great way that things were before you started to second-guess everything. The other wants you to start looking around and seeing what new people and experiences could be out there. You might even wonder if you’re better off with no one; anything but the person you’re with! This is hard to handle when you were happy in your relationship just last week. Unfortunately, some signs are more prone to second-guessing than others. Take a look and see what Astrology tells you!

Here are the signs ranked from most to least likely to second-guess their relationships:

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24-Gemini Women: Your Nerves Get The Better Of You When It Comes To Relationships

Have you noticed that you get a little anxious in your day-to-day life? Maybe you worry too much about how things are going to turn out. For a sign that likes to be in control, it can be hard when your own thoughts and emotions often get out of your control.

Gemini folk are notorious for changing their minds, which does make you the most likely to second-guess your relationship.

It’s not just that, though. Your ability to think of all the possible outcomes of a situation makes it difficult to detangle your thoughts. This is ultimately the reason that you second-guess so often: You don’t know which train of thought to follow when it comes to your relationship! Despite all the mind changing, you know yourself well enough to be able to tell whether it’s your worry brain or your actual self-talking.

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23-Gemini Men: Being A Little Inconsistent Means You Second-Guess The Most

The only person who second-guesses at the same level you do is the Gemini woman. Gemini folks usually end up in the same sort of thought processes because they hold the same type of anxieties. You’re a very smart zodiac sign. You like to think things through, even if your emotions cause you to be a little impulsive sometimes. You’re able to identify what you need and communicate that to your partner. That is, once you know what you need. Because you think about everything a lot, you can get a little lost in your thoughts. The Gemini man is a little more distractible than the Gemini woman, which means you’re a little inconsistent in what you need. This makes you the perfect person to put at the top of the second-guessing list.

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22-Aquarius Women: You Like To Think “What If…” Including, “What If I Wasn’t In This Relationship”

The ever-active imagination of an Aquarius woman! It’s a beautiful thing, but sometimes it gets you in trouble. You probably like to get lost in things like books, movies, or art. This doesn’t mean you hate the rest of the world; the opposite, in fact! You like to nurture your creative side because it helps you process the real world. You love the world more when you get to experience the beauty and stories in it.

This desire for story means you like to think about the “what if” scenarios.

You’re always crafting conversations, situations, and stories… Good and bad. When you’re in a relationship it’s inevitable that you’ll one day think of a what if about your significant other. That second-guessing of the relationship is thus almost a guarantee.

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21-Aquarius Men: You’re A Bit Temperamental, Which Means Your Relationships Are Often In Flux

Just like the Aquarius woman, you tend to stay in your head until something forces you to acknowledge the world. You’re not always happy about that happening. In fact, you don’t really like the way the world can cloud your happy-go-lucky feelings about life. Your mood changes easily because of this, which means your relationships are often stuck in this liminal space of will-you-or-won’t-you. Once you commit, you commit… But it takes a lot to get there. Second-guessing is your downfall due to your desire to keep your fantasies and your personal life separate. It all works out in the end, though. You just have to make sure you decide whether you really want the relationship, or would rather keep doing your own cool thing!

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20-Sagittarius Women: Loving Your Freedom Means You’re Quick To Second-Guess And Back Out Of A Relationship

Let’s be clear: just because your zodiac sign is usually pictured as running around on the beach living that summer-freedom life doesn’t mean that you’re like that all the time. Sagittarius is actually one of the connected signs, and you understand what it means to make a commitment and stick to it.

You do like your independence though, which makes it hard to settle down.

The best relationship for you is one that sparks your fire. You need someone who’s on the same wavelength as you, and someone that’s not going to back down from an adventure or challenge. It’s hard to find that. You usually start to feel squashed when a relationship can’t keep up with you, which makes it feel like your only option is to get out.

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19-Sagittarius Men: Your Spark Turns Into A Campfire Quickly (But You Also Tend To Burn Out And Regret It)

Sagittarius men are some of the funniest, most generous people you’ll ever meet. Your big heart and lack of judgment mean that people love to talk, laugh, and connect with you… And you love to connect with them! You crave quick conversation and a good joke. You love the way it makes you feel, and you’re very free with your laughter. This means that you tend to get involved with people quickly. Intimacy comes naturally to you, even if the other person doesn’t usually fall into connection so quickly. Due to that, you’ll find yourself falling fast, but burning out. Your relationships start off with a bang and end with a wisp of smoke. It’s not your fault, though! The connection was real… It just didn’t make it past the second-guess.

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18-Scorpio Women: You Protect Your Heart Well. At The First Sign Of Distrust, You Start To Second-Guess Everything

Scorpios are notorious for not trusting easily. You get involved with people quickly, but opening your heart to them is another story. You like to protect yourself, and this usually means that you’re going to take a while to let someone in. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for your relationships, though.

A strong relationship is built on a foundation of trust, which takes time to build up.

By opening your heart slowly you’re able to build that foundation. It also means that the second your partner breaks that trust that’s building up, you’re going to second-guess EVERYTHING. Luckily, that shouldn’t happen if your relationship is a good one. Your partner should respect you enough to keep building that trust; not to destroy it in any way.

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17-Scorpio Men: You’re Jealous Of Everyone, Including Those Not In Relationships (Even If You’re Happy In Yours)

Another of Scorpio’s traits is jealousy. You might think that this is inherently negative, but it’s really not. Jealousy means that you care too much about someone, and it hurts when they don’t care as much about you… Whether that’s just your perception or a real, true fact. As one of the most perceptive and caring signs, it can be hard to tell when you’re just being sensitive or when you’re actually dealing with a problem in the relationship. This jealousy can extend to everything, even the illogical stuff. You might be happy in your relationship but are still jealous of someone who’s not in a relationship. It all depends on how you’re processing the issues that are coming up in your relationship. If you’re open about your communication, you should be able to avoid some of this second-guessing.

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16-Virgo Women: You’re So Smart, You Worry Whether You’d Be Better Off With Someone Else

According to, Virgo women are loyal, intelligent, and incredibly practical people. You know how to get what you want, just like those fire signs, but your earthiness allows you to go slow and steady. Your hard work has a steady type of pace, with only a little bit of distraction (and only when you know you have the spare time to watch that extra episode of Gilmore Girls).

However, your intelligence and desire to move forward in life mean there will come a time in your relationship when you’ll second-guess the person you’re with.

Would you be better off with someone else? Maybe. Only you can answer that question. We can ask, however, whether or not you’re happy with your partner. And that, ultimately, is the most important.

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15-Virgo Men: You Second-Guess The Relationship When It Gets In The Way Of Work

Virgos are some of smartest zodiac signs out there. Any horoscope will agree. One of the biggest things to recognize though is that your intelligence doesn’t make you immune to problems in the relationship. Just because you’re super smart doesn’t mean you can avoid all the sour stuff in life! With great intelligence comes hard work, too. And you’re one of the hardest workers around; so much so that you’ll contemplate ending the relationship if it gets in the way of your dreams and passions. No one can fault you for that. Oftentimes you manage to work through it as well, which makes the relationship grow in value for both of you. If you don’t, however, it can end in some hardcore second-guessing of your relationship.

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14-Leo Women: You Second-Guess The Relationship After The Honeymoon Phase Ends (If You Make It That Far)

Ah, Leo women. You’re fiery, passionate, and oh-so-fierce. Do you know how easy it is for you to look like you’re a supermodel? All you have to do is smile, and people will bow down. All that praise can get a little addicting, though, and your zodiac sign descriptors are clear: you’ll definitely get addicted to it, and thoroughly enjoy the attention. Leo relationships are easy to identify because the honeymoon phase comes on fast and hot.

Your fiery self will light up both of your worlds… until everything suddenly goes dark.

After the honeymoon phase ends, you’ll find that you might be second-guessing some aspects of your partner. Maybe you weren’t actually all that into their action figure collection. Or, maybe you just aren’t into 24/7 communication. Whatever it is, you’ll find yourself tempted to leave unless the affection picks back up.

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13-Leo Men: Secretly, You Love The Security Of A Relationship… But Get Distracted By The Potential Of Other People

Leo men have just as much passion as Leo women, but they don’t like to let a good thing go. You appreciate your partners just as much, if not more, than you appreciate yourself. While some people might say that Leos are selfish, we know the truth… Leos are stubborn and don’t like to give up on something that brings them joy. This includes their partner(s). You love being with one person because it allows you to shower each other with love and affection. However, your attention span isn’t the greatest. You get distracted and can end up getting a little too caught up in the moment. You live in the here and now, which makes it easy to get distracted by other people. It’s not that you’re actively second-guessing… It’s just by accident.

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12-Libra Women: You Only Second-Guess If The Facts Say You Should

It’s not so much second-guessing as it’s taking a look at the situation at hand. Libra women are very concerned with having all the impartial knowledge of a situation. You know how to find the facts and how to apply the facts in a logical way.

Libra women are incredibly smart, even if you can be on the quiet side.

Even though you don’t talk about the things you know, people are always able to see that you understand more than you might let on. As a sign that’s concerned with harmony (in all aspects of your life), you might find that you’re often recalibrating whether or not you’ve achieved that harmony in a relationship. You have no reason to second guess if you two are in perfect harmony. But if the facts are pointing somewhere else…

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11-Libra Men: You Only Second-Guess When Your Heart And Your Mind Are Disagreeing

Yes, the Libra man is just as devoted to understanding the facts and figures as the Libra woman. However, you’re a little more easily swayed by your heart than you like to admit. You’re one of the more gentle signs, and your airy nature means you get a little distracted sometimes. As an introspective air sign, though, that distraction comes from within. This is especially seen in matters of the heart. You might start to second-guess when your heart starts to clash with your head; when your instincts are telling you something that your mind doesn’t necessarily agree with. It’s a tricky situation to navigate, but you’ll be able to use your critical thinking skills to figure it out. An intelligent sign like you is always able to work through the worst second-guessing.

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10-Cancer Women: You Stick By Your Partner Through Thick And Thin

Cancer is a loyal sign and a sign that stays committed to the relationship for as long as it takes to work things through. You tend to keep yourself a little sheltered, but not as an insult to your partner. The opposite, in fact! You’re a very emotional sign that likes to hide the fact that they’re emotional.

You keep your real heart locked away and don’t tend to let others see it unless the trust has been established.

You show your commitment in ways other than vulnerability. You commit to your partnership and don’t let anyone tell you that it’s wrong. You know your own truth. There’s a lot of power in the Cancer woman, even if you feel like you don’t quite own that power. Stick to the things you know and love and you’ll find it, though!

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9-Cancer Men: You Might Be A Bit Of A Pessimist, But You Don’t Let It Affect Your Relationship Too Much

Cancer men are just as committed as the Cancer women, but they’ve got a slightly different philosophy about the world. While the Cancer sign, in general, is a private and contained one, all that emotional energy has to go somewhere. Cancer men have a bad habit of turning their emotional energy inward. This sparks issues like pessimism and restlessness. Any time there’s an excess of energy it has to go somewhere; luckily for you, that energy doesn’t often get hurled at your partner. You’re always able to have a calm discussion, even if it feels like you’re going to explode. Don’t be afraid to harness that energy sometimes. It might reignite some of that passion that was in your relationship that you might be missing, whether that’s due to you protecting yourself or to some generalized pessimism.

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8-Aries Women: You’re Loyal And Strong, Which Means You Stick By Your Choices (And Never Second-Guess Them!)

Part of the charm of the Aries woman is that you’ll never back down from a challenge. You might find that you get bored, in fact! An Aries is all about improving themselves and their situation. They like to grow and move forward, leaving those that aren’t able to keep up in the dust. Unless, of course, you’ve made a commitment to them.

An Aries doesn’t back down from a commitment, and definitely doesn’t second-guess a choice they’ve made!

Call it stubborn or call it strong, you’re always going to stand up for your choices. After all, if you were the one who chose to be with this person it only makes sense that you fight to keep it alive in tough times. We caution you against trying to make something work for the sake of making it work, though: if it’s a bad relationship, get out!

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7-Aries Men: Once You Make A Decision Nothing Will Change Your Mind

Remember how we talked about stubbornness and strength with the Aries woman? There’s a lot more where that came from with you, Aries man. You’re not only stubborn, you’re also dead-set on things being done your way. In all honesty, your way is probably the best way… most of the time. You’re an intelligent sign and one that knows how to work from their gut as well as their heart. This integration of impulse and knowledge makes you unstoppable! No one can sway your opinion, especially if it’s something that you’ve made up your mind about. This extends to your relationships too. You never second-guess your relationship because you’re sure that the choice you made was correct. Sure, you might a little impulsive, but deep down inside you know that you think long and hard about all your decisions.

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6-Pisces Women: You’re A Romantic, Which Means You’ll Always Try To Make Things Work

The beauty of the Pisces woman is that you will absolutely find the tenderness in everything. You’re a softer sign, tuned to the ebb and flow of the world rather than the rough-and-tumble jumble of society. You like to stay in that shell of generosity and beauty, and don’t exactly appreciate people that want to pop the bubble of your reality.

Due to this desire to see the good in everyone, your relationships are almost never second-guessed.

You get excited about being romantic and believe in the power of love over everything else. This means that your relationships almost never suffer the dreaded loss of romance that so many others face. You keep the love alive, and there’s no space for second-guessing when you’re trying to do that!

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5-Pisces Men: You Trust People With Your Whole Heart, And You Don’t Second-Guess It

Pisces men are not as sensitive as you might think. You’re quick to make decisions and fall in love fast. You like to be close to people, which means intimacy is naturally one of your first steps in relationships. You help others more than you help yourself, which is seen in your relationships. You put your whole heart into a person and don’t back down. If your partner needs help, you’re there for them. If your partner needs space, you give it to them (even if it pains you to do it). Because you’re so devoted to the partnership, it’s easy to see why you never second-guess. Anyone would be lucky to have you, and are privileged to hold your whole heart… Just make sure they actually deserve all your love!

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4-Taurus Women: When You Commit To A Partner You COMMIT – Nothing Can Pull You Away!

Let’s just face it: you and your partner are intertwined, and nothing will ever pull you apart… Especially not second-guessing! Taurus women are Earth signs, which means you tend to stay on the slow and steady. You’re not as passionate as an Aries or a Leo, but you’re definitely not boring.

Your wit and charm make you irresistible, while your uncompromising commitment makes you the perfect partner.

You’ve never had second-thoughts after you’ve said yes to a relationship. You’re more willing to say no until it feels absolutely right. While some people might call that cautious, we call it smart. Nobody wants to get stuck in something they regret down the line. You figured that out early on, and now when you commit… You’re happily stuck!

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3-Taurus Men: You Get Comfortable In A Relationship… Why Second-Guess Something That Feels So Good?

Slow-and-steady might be true for the Taurus woman, but it’s definitely also true for the Taurus man. Sorry, dude. You like to take things slow as well, even if you wish you moved a little faster. Relationships often get really comfortable for you because of that fact. You’re not one to push, even if you do like reaching goals and moving forward in life. One step at a time is the Taurus man’s philosophy. While it might mean that it takes you ages to get anywhere, you’re always the one that’s happy when you arrive. There’s no need to second-guess when you think about everything beforehand. Your tendency to plan comes in handy in your relationships, because you always know what the next step is. Comfortable isn’t always a bad thing, after all. There’s security in comfort!

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2-Capricorn Women: If Something Is Wrong, You Don’t Second-Guess. You Stick It Out Or You Leave!

Capricorn women are the strongest sign of the zodiac. Not only do you have all that awesome Earth energy flowing through you and making you impossible to knock down, you’ve also got all the confidence that a decisive woman has. You’re controlled, calm, and great in a crisis.

You’re able to make snap decisions and be satisfied with them, trusting yourself enough to have made the best choice.

This is why you never, ever second-guess a relationship. Unlike a Pisces or another sign that always decides to stay in a relationship, you’re not afraid to get up and get out if things get tough. You don’t have time to waste on unhappiness and dissatisfaction. You find the person you want and you commit to them until one of you decides it’s over. Why second-guess? Your philosophy is to just get out!

1-Capricorn Men: Once You’ve Committed, You’re In It For Life

While the Capricorn woman won’t hesitate to up and leave if they’re not being satisfied, you take a different approach. You know exactly what you want and will keep searching until you find it. When you do manage to find that person, place, or thing, you’ll never let it go. It’s your special something forever, even if you have some bad times with it. This is especially true in a relationship. Even if you two are fighting, you’re still committed. They’re still your ideal person, and you’re not afraid to share your life with them. After all, you spent a long time thinking about whether or not you should commit. If you chose to, that’s it. You’re committed. There’s no second-guessing here, which is why the Capricorn man tops our list. Devotion, loyalty, and a very stable relationship are totally your thing; not wishy-washy decisions!


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