Sometimes, it seems like the only types of men portrayed on television shows and in movies are, well, kind of jerks. They’re either smooth playboys who are always trying to charm a different woman or inattentive partners who aren’t treating their girlfriends and spouses very well. It’s rare to see a true gentleman these days — which is why it’s so amazing if you manage to actually find one!

Perhaps it’s because modern society has gotten a whole lot more casual, and the lack of formality has meant certain things that used to be customary are now just forgotten. Perhaps it’s because guys see other guys failing to be gentlemen and figure it’s fine if no one is living up to that standard. We’re not sure what the reason behind it is, but one thing is for sure — it would be nice to see a few more guys out there in the world who know how to treat a woman right. Even small gestures and moments of chivalry are definitely appreciated and will make any guy stand out from the crowd. We’re not saying you need to behave and dress like you’re a time traveler from an earlier decade, but there’s nothing wrong with showing a little extra dose of manners and class from time to time. After all, who doesn’t want to be treated well?

Now, no guy is perfect, but if you’ve found a man who does at least 20 of these 25 things, you’ve got a true gentleman on your hands.

25-He Treats His Mother Well

Many women think it’s totally cringe-worthy when a guy is a ‘mama’s boy,’ and yes, you definitely don’t want an emotionally stunted guy on who wants you to take care of him 24/7. However, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a guy who loves his mom — in fact, the way a guy treats his mother can often tell you a lot about how he’ll treat you, and women in general. If he’s disrespectful towards his mother, not only is he definitely not a gentleman, he’s also not the kind of guy you want to waste your time on!

24-He Offers To Pay

There are some women who bristle at the idea of a guy paying for everything, and we’re definitely not saying that he needs to pick up the check every single time in order to be a gentleman. If you prefer to go dutch, that’s completely fine — every relationship is different, and everyone’s level of comfort around money is different. However, if a guy is a gentleman, he’ll at least offer to pay — it’s more about courtesy and the principal of it than the actual cheque.

23-He Opens Her Door

This seems like such a minor thing, but you’d be surprised at how many guys wouldn’t even register that this is something they should be doing. Yes, you’re fully capable of opening your own car door — but there’s just something lovely about a guy who will help you with the door, make sure you’re safely in the car and situated before jogging around to the driver’s side (or the passenger’s side, if you’re the one behind the wheel!). It just shows he’s being attentive and respectful.

22-He Pays Her Compliments, Just Because

You may have heard about the concept of ‘negging’ — delivering negative ‘compliments’ intended to mess with a woman’s self-esteem so she’ll somehow find you more attractive — but one thing is for sure, it’s not a practice a gentleman would ever consider. A true gentleman knows that the only kind of compliment you should give a woman is a genuine one, designed solely to express your feelings and thoughts — not one that’s designed to trick her in some way. Plus, who doesn’t love a compliment from time to time?

21-We Can Tell By His Words And Actions That He Respects Women

It’s no secret that, if you’re in a healthy relationship, your partner should treat you with respect. That’s kind of a non-negotiable — if he doesn’t, you should be kicking him to the curb, like, yesterday. However, you don’t only want him to treat you with respect — you want a guy that treats all women with respect. A guy who would never dream of making an offensive comment about a woman or anything of that nature because, well, he’s a gentleman and he simply knows better!

20-Whatever His Style, He Dresses Well And Looks Put Together

We’re not saying he has to be rocking a three-piece suit and perfectly shined shoes every day of the week — for some guys, that just isn’t their style. However, if he’s a gentleman, he’ll look put together and polished, no matter what his preferred style. Perhaps he rocks a more cutting-edge street-style look — that’s totally cool. What you don’t want is a guy who looks like he just grabbed the first t-shirt he found on the floor and pulled it on, even if it’s stained and wrinkled.

19-He Has Manners

It seems like a given that someone would have decent manners, but you’d be surprised at how many people just haven’t learned how to conduct themselves — which is something you’ll learn really quickly on a date. I mean, who wants to be stuck at dinner with someone who is rude to the waiter, has zero table manners, and just makes the whole evening unpleasant? Nightmare. Good manners make such a big difference and are definitely a sign of a true gentleman. After all, how hard is it to say please and thank you and treat everyone with respect?

18-He Keeps His Word, No Matter What

Respect and communication are two integral components of any healthy relationship, but there’s another really critical factor — trust. Simply put, if you don’t trust your partner, you won’t be able to build a strong relationship. There are a lot of guys out there who may make promises or say sweet things and then break their word — those aren’t the types of guys you want in your life. You want a guy who will keep his word, no matter what — that’s how you know you can trust him with anything.

17-He’s Not Afraid To Apologize When He’s Wrong

Of course, it feels good to be right, but in a relationship, sometimes you have to compromise and do things to ensure you’re not hurting your partner. The kind of guy who will fight and fight until you’re willing to agree that he’s right isn’t the kind you want in your life. You want a gentleman — the kind of guy who is more than willing to apologize when he’s wrong and, in fact, will do so before you even have a chance to ask (or before you even express that you’re upset). He just knows.

16-He Only Has Eyes For Her

Many guys who have a wandering eye try to blame it on monogamy being unnatural or try to lie about what they were actually looking at. Whatever the excuse, let’s get real — no guy who is checking out other women while with his partner is a gentleman. It’s just not something a gentleman does. If the relationship isn’t right, break it off — don’t look for your next partner while still stringing your current partner along. That’s something that no woman should have to experience.

15-He Waits For Everyone Else Before He Starts Eating

We know, we know — sometimes you’re just so hungry you think you might pass out if you don’t eat ASAP. However, if you’re dining with other people, the only polite thing to do is to wait for everyone to get their food. Whether things are slowed down because someone showed up late or because the kitchen is just slow at the restaurant, a guy who waits is a true gentleman because it shows he’s considerate and patient. Those are both qualities you definitely want in a guy.

14-He Doesn’t Share Details About His Intimate Life With All His Boys

What happens behind closed bedroom doors is a personal, private thing, which most people understand. However, there are some guys who tell their friends just about everything because they want to brag about their lives. Even if it’s not coming from a bad place, and he genuinely does want to show off what a great partner he has, it’s just not something you want to broadcast to your entire circle of friends. A true gentleman will ensure anything that happens between the sheets will stay just between the two of you.

13-He Pays Attention To Her

It seems like a given that a guy would pay attention to those around him, but you’d be surprised. There are many people who get so wrapped up with checking their phones that they completely ignore what’s going on around them, or are just pretending to listen while going over something else in their minds. A true gentleman will give you his full attention, and will really listen to everything you say — you won’t find yourself having to repeat things over and over because he wasn’t exactly listening.

12-He Cares For Her Safety

Being a gentleman is often about the little things, not the big gestures. Sure, a guy who manages to swipe you out of the way of oncoming traffic is definitely a gentleman and a hero! However, we’re not thinking of a gesture that massive. A guy shows you he’s a gentleman who cares for your safety by doing things like walking on the outside of the sidewalk and waiting until you get inside your home or apartment after a date before he drives away. They may seem minor, but those little gestures matter.

11-He’s Never Late Unless Something Truly Unexpected Happens

There are plenty of people who joke about always running late and how they can just never get anywhere on time, but let’s be real for a second — being late is disrespectful, period. It communicates very clearly that you don’t value the other person’s time and don’t care if they’re waiting around for you. If he’s a true gentleman, he’ll never be late, no matter if it’s a casual hang out or a big event. He respects you and your time far too much to do that to you.

10-He Offers Her His Jacket When She’s Cold

This gesture is definitely one of the most old-school gentleman moves, but there’s something about it that still makes such an impact. There’s nothing better than when you’re shivering because your chic outfit isn’t exactly the warmest and he whips off his jacket to keep you warm. Or, when you’re trying to navigate a tricky area in your cute heels, he gives you his arm to make sure you have no issues walking over those cobblestones. There’s just something about gestures like that that are majorly dreamy.

9-He’ll Make Date Night Happen — And Make Her Feel Special

A gentleman knows how to treat a woman, and that means making sure she feels valued and appreciated by planning regular date nights. A lot of guys give excuses about not knowing what their partner wants, which is why they try to get out of date night duty — but a gentleman doesn’t make those types of excuses. He figures out what would make his partner happy and makes sure she gets it. I mean, what woman wouldn’t want a guy like that in her life?

8-He Never Tries To Make Her Feel Insecure

There are a lot of guys out there who think that making a woman feel insecure is somehow the best way to win her affection — and that just isn’t the case at all. A guy who is a true gentleman would never dream of doing that to a woman, particularly a woman he’s interested in. He’s not looking to manipulate you into wanting his approval like all those playboys are — he wants you to know that he thinks you’re special and that he values you, period.

7-He Communicates His Thoughts And Feelings

There’s nothing more frustrating than a guy who is a totally closed book when it comes to his feelings and emotions. After all, who wants to be constantly guessing about what their partner is thinking and feeling? A true gentleman has acquired the skills it takes to communicate his thoughts and feelings effectively — and he does so, without second-guessing himself. He’s not afraid to let his guard down and let you in, which is definitely a great quality in a relationship. After all, if you’re hiding all your feelings and emotions in a relationship, what else are you hiding?

6-When She Needs Him, He’s There, No Questions Asked

There’s just something so special about knowing that, if anything were to happen, you could rely on your guy, no matter what. Maybe you’ve never had to ask him for help, but there’s just something about him that makes you feel confident he would come running without even asking why. A true gentleman is never worried about a challenging situation or a little conflict — he’s there to support you, no matter what happens in your life, and that’s definitely a huge bonus to take into consideration.

5-He Treats Waiters And Service Staff With Respect

There are some guys who seem to operate under the assumption that treating service staff or wait staff poorly will make them seem more wealthy and important — and that’s just never the case. A guy who treats people in those types of positions poorly is a jerk, plain and simple. A true gentleman treats everyone he encounters with respect, from you to the person taking your order on date night. He doesn’t change his behavior based on what someone’s job or financial status is — that’s something a shallow jerk does.

4-He Always Walks On The Curb Side

There are many, many guys out there who wouldn’t even be able to tell you whether they walked on the curbside or not the last time they were out with their lady. However, it’s something that gentlemen of years past would have been able to answer in a second — they walk on the outside of the sidewalk, closest to the road, in order to protect their partner from being splashed or potentially even injured by passing vehicles. It’s a small gesture, but it really shows how much he cares about your well being and safety.

3-He Gives Up His Seat For Others

Have you ever been in a situation where you see someone, such as a pregnant woman or someone elderly, who really needs a seat, and yet there are guys all around who are too engrossed in their own world to even notice? Talk about frustrating! A true gentleman is aware of his surroundings and is always ready to give up his seat for someone who may need it more — it shows respect and consideration for someone else, and is just such a classy move.

2-He’s Self-Sufficient

There are a lot of guys out there who just never really grew up. Sure, they may have jobs, but they still seem to crumble whenever something happens or any kind of pressure is put on them. A true gentleman is a totally different breed. He’s self-sufficient and able to handle whatever life throws at him — and if it’s something he’s not quite sure how to handle, he’ll roll up his sleeves and figure it out. He’s not about to whine and complain when he could find a solution instead!

1-He Makes Her A Priority In His Life

Let’s get one thing straight — everyone is busy. In this day and age, everyone has a schedule that is absolutely jam-packed with activities, and it takes work to fit things in. So, a guy who says he’s too busy to make time for you isn’t really that much more busy and important than everyone else — he’s just prioritizing other things. A true gentleman will make you a priority, and even if he has a more hectic schedule than most, he’ll make sure you get some quality time too because you’re important to him.


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