Weddings have been happening for thousands of years. A long time ago, the extravagance of a person’s wedding denoted how important the bride and groom were to society. In modern times, the majority of the population can afford lavish weddings, and the novelty of an extravagant wedding lost its appeal.

A lot of couples are not willing to let their special day be ruined by being just another wedding. They want something unique that people would remember. In an effort to help crazy couples fulfill their dream wedding, here are some unique wedding theme ideas that may actually work.

Vintage wedding theme ideas

Modern wedding theme ideas are simplistic in nature. It is another reason why lavish weddings have lost their novelty. It’s fairly simple to base your wedding theme ideas by color. Unless, you’re going to choose black and gold, or crimson and silver, it’s going to turn out pretty bland. If you want something unique, you can always choose that annoying neon orange and slime green color combination. If you really want to take it to the next level, you can use the Jamaican Reggae colors of black, red, yellow, and green.

Enough about colors, if you really want a unique wedding theme.

There are plenty of historical themes that you can use to make your special day more memorable. A Middle ages theme with Prince, Princess, Knights will be a great theme.

Something like Camelot and Knights of the Round. Royal wedding theme ideas are popular lately, but not to a point where it’s done with swords, horses, and armored knights.

Victorian era – Jane Austen theme is also a good vintage theme. It’s easy to find costumes for the entourage and guests using video production companies around. You can also dress up the staff as butlers and in French maid costumes for added effect.

A Greco-Roman theme is also a great idea for those who can afford to get the costumes. Togas, Legionary uniforms, and a Roman-style feast with modern Italian food, Cheese, and Wine will fill up the bellies of old and young guests alike.

Summer wedding theme ideas

Summer and Beach Weddings are also popular. Modern humans spend so much time indoors that an outdoor event comes across as refreshing and unique. Guests and the entourage can also provide their own clothes, but the problem with this is insecure women.

Men can always wear a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. It doesn’t matter if they are young, fat, or old. It would look good with shades and slippers. For women, even if we assume there aren’t any body-shamers around, some women would not be comfortable wearing beach clothing due to their age and figure. If this isn’t a problem with anyone, then a beach wedding theme is a great idea. Campfire food is also cheaper than catered fine dining and works for everyone.

You would have to close the entire beach for yourselves to prevent other people from ruining the wedding with their drunken antics. Professional lighting effects will also add to the atmosphere, especially at night. Make sure you pray to God that the weather cooperates.

The best twist for a beach wedding is to remove the formality during the feast. A campfire buffet with kebabs, seafood, and beer will offset the price of reserving the entire venue. Other beach theme wedding ideas can range from changing the venue to a private yacht or a private island.

You can also add some attractions such as jet ski and paragliding to entertain the guests before the feast. It’s crazy, but at least it would be unique and memorable.

If you think it’s too expensive for your taste, then move the venue somewhere far, like out of the country far. That way, only intimate people can attend. It’s pretentious and snotty, but hey, the title of this blog post is unique wedding theme ideas for crazy couples.

Rustic wedding theme ideas

An American Country Western rustic theme complete with a country western band and Tex-Mex food is another popular trope. However, it isn’t entirely unique. If you want to do something unique and crazy, make sure there are cowboy costumes for everyone and at least a rodeo machine.

Run hot chili and hotdog eating contests just like a festival. Turning your wedding into a western shindig may sound over the top, especially if you’re not Caucasian-Americans, but then again we go back to the title of this post.

Couples who are into new-age organic and health food can run a Puritan theme. One of the good things about country theme ideas is the ability to evolve it into something else. A Puritan theme gives you an excuse to serve healthy organic food that the couple advocate (assuming they do) without being too pushy on their agenda.

However, if you really want to push the country theme to the next level, It’s possible to turn it into a Hippy commune them. The bride and groom and their guests can dress up like they are going to a Woodstock concert. Keep the concert, but drop the Ganja, that part is a bad idea even in places where it is legal. If you are really crazy, then make sure there are no minors around and do it. Consider yourself warned.

Movie and pop culture wedding theme ideas

If the couple is crazy about a particular movie or Genre, for example, a Star Trek or Star Wars theme. The Groom can dress like Han Solo, and the Bride like Princess Leia, and the entourage can dress like Chewie and Luke. The Father of the Bride can play the role of Vader. Not sure about the food though, the dishes served in Hutt parties don’t look too appetizing. If you decided to do a Star Trek theme instead, don’t forget the Romulan Ale (Google it).

There are plenty of other themes you can use for a crazy wedding theme such as an Anime Cosplay, Futuristic, or Cyberpunk. There are also themes that are a terrible idea such as Zombies, Hello Kitty, and Pokemon. Ok, Maybe pokemon is not too bad.

Wedding theme ideas are plentiful. A simple Google search and you will get millions of results. It is up to the couples creativity and budget to make it unique and memorable. Our job is only to tell you that you can turn your special day, extra special with a bit more effort. You don’t have to be crazy to do something unique on your wedding, you just have to be creative.


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