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Top 7 liars on the sign of the Zodiac. And you guessed it, who deserved the first place? There is hardly a person in this world who has never lied in his life. We are time to others and ourselves, sometimes it is an attempt to hide our true feelings and to appear better than we really are, sometimes – the very “lie for salvation”, designed to preserve the dignity of another person, not to hurt his neighbor. But some people are just pathological liars. This horoscope will help you determine which of your surroundings is lying and how he hides it.

Top 7 liars on the sign of the zodiac. Guess who deserved first place?

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7th place: Fish

Fish are not inclined to lie. These are very kind and sympathetic people: if they just notice your worried look or sadness in their eyes, they will immediately come to console you. Fish are too sensitive and generous in order to sink to deception.

If they have to tell a lie, then they do it in order not to injure the interlocutor, to hide from him the painful truth. But Pisces has another side. If they want something very much, they will do everything to get it.

T ak as a vulnerable fish are not able to go ahead, the course is a trick: they will put pressure on the pity, manipulate your feelings and do anything to get what they want, at the same time pretending to be innocent and naive.

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6 place: Sagittarius

These people are usually fun, freedom-loving and spontaneous. They are eager to succeed in every aspect of life. Strelets Troops always want more for themselves and for their loved ones.

And if they cannot achieve it through their diligence and effort, they go to the lie. Sagittarius is really not inclined to lie, perhaps that is why their rare frauds turn out to be so natural.

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5th place: Leo

Lions – one of the most purposeful, fearless and energetic signs. But these people have a disadvantage – heightened self-esteem.

In order to flatter their vanity, they will do anything. Lions love to take risks, walk on the edge of a knife, such is their temperament. These people firmly believe that they are the best.

It is important for them to keep their brand and save face at all costs. For this they can go for any lies and tricks. Lions do not like to be niggled, therefore they also often lie to simply brush off annoying questions or moles. Yes, yes, they paid the bills and went to the parent meeting.

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4th place: Cancer

Crayfish – soft and good inside, hiding under a hard and impenetrable shell. These people are very loyal and honest at heart, but they can easily lie to those who are not considered close enough.

In general, they are very soft, sensitive and kind people. And they use lies only to hide their vulnerability.

More often than not, Cancers lie to themselves more than others. They are so sensitive and touchy that they can come up with a problem for themselves and take offense at it. If you ask them what’s the matter, they will dramatically tell you that everything is fine.

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3rd place: Aries

Aries are not like typical liars. They are too lazy to remember their own lies. In their arsenal dominated by other methods of achieving goals. However, there is one circumstance that can cause them to fall into a lie — this is an encroachment on their freedom.

Security, independence and stability are their top priorities, and if something or someone tries to upset this balance, they will lie, blinded by the desire to regain their freedom and tranquility.

In addition, Aries do not tolerate their own wrong. They must be the first, the best, the winners in everything. And in order to show off at the top of fame, they are ready to give you a thousand false arguments, the main thing is to do it as quickly and aggressively as possible so that your opponent does not even have time to recover.

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2 place: Twins

Duality is their second nature. That is why Gemini occupy an honorable second place among liars and deceivers. They are very polite and courteous, afraid to offend or injure someone, especially if it can damage their reputation. Hypocrisy – the main sin of people born under the constellation of Gemini.

They try to please everyone, giving out false promises and compliments. In their defense, Gemini usually just innocently slams his eyes and frankly explains that they really thought so before, but the situation has changed, the plans are different and in general, because nothing depends on them!

Most often, the Twins lie to themselves. In these people, there is a constant battle of two opposing forces. They are full of contradictions and contrasts, so do not be offended if Gemini lies in your face. Most likely, they do it not from evil. Just such is their nature, and nothing can be done about it.

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1st place: Scorpio

Scorpios are the most burning and deepest of all people you have ever met. These people need to keep everything under control – from their own emotions to your opinion of them.

To feel the stability and power, they weave a complex web of intrigue and lies, in which they are almost impossible to catch. Scorpions are very observant, they are subtle and cunning manipulators, so it is often impossible to complain about their lies.

In addition, the Scorpions play well in public: they can support and reassure you in trouble, although they actually think that you got what you deserved. They are offended for a long time and think through a plan for revenge.

Therefore, these people can not be written off, even if it seems to you that you have reconciled and improved relations. In addition, someone else’s lie Scorpios smell a mile away and treat it with condemnation.

We hope that now you will be more skeptical about what the representatives of these zodiac signs tell you. It is foolish to believe everything blindly, but one should not go to the other extreme either. Remember that horoscopes simply determine a person’s predisposition to certain actions, it is possible that the education and personal qualities of a person keep him from lying.
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