The relationship is something weird that people who are not in one day detest. The reason is not because they can not find a partner, but because they met someone and the relationship did not work out right.

But the feelings were always there and you believed that your relationship has a future. It has often happened that you have thought about how wonderful the situation between you two might someday be.

We use the word love to express our feelings towards other people. And it is important to note that this is not the wrong word, but we use it for the wrong people who do not deserve our love.

The love should just not so much hurt. It is just the most beautiful and purest feeling on earth that can leave us the biggest bite in the heart.

But we accept that anyway. We allow love to consume us and deceive us, to make us think that such a thing is normal. Because not everything is bad. Only a complete fool would invest time and energy in someone if the relationship was so terrible.

There is something that holds us in this relationship. It’s the promises we want to believe in. It’s the three simple words that do not match the partner’s deeds. He wants to convince us firmly that one day everything will be alright. So we firmly believe that this day will come.

That is, we blindly hold to the belief that our relationship will have a future. We are not crazy when we believe in someone who is important to us. We stick to the good moments and the physical aspects of the relationship.

We think about our daily conversations. Because we are constantly sharing secrets, we feel that nobody knows us as well as our partner. We feel that this is the perfect partner for us and nobody can replace it. This person understands us very well, because we are not only in a fast relationship, but this man is also our best friend.

But we can not ignore the fact that these relationships have a really dark side. When things are going well, we forget the nights when we cried ourselves to sleep. We forget the ignored messages that kept us busy all night. He knew we were awake and just stared at our phone. We wonder what he does and who he is with.

He makes us feel insecure like never before. We forget that we ran through the fire, but we burned so many times that it did not hurt anymore. We forget every end of the relationship after reconciliation. We forget the confusion and blurry lines our partner has painted as he wished.

Relationships should not be something that is not clearly defined.

And we should not cry because we know what we deserve and know that we should not have such a relationship. We must not think that our relationship will work out if we give her a chance again and again. Because this thought is what holds us in this vicious circle. Our relationship becomes a habit we are afraid to break. It becomes a time when we do not want to know that it is wasted. Because we can not imagine the moment when our partner does not control our thoughts and feelings.

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We want to free ourselves from this relationship, but at the same time we are afraid of this freedom. We are afraid never to love someone as much as we loved our partner. We are afraid that we will return to him, as we have always done before. We are afraid that we might miss him, but who could miss a person who did not treat us well.

But one day we’ll just get tired. Everything becomes a big burden.

We summoned up all our courage to leave him. And that does not just mean letting someone go, but also losing a part of yourself. Because we have unconsciously allowed him to define both ourselves and our self-worth.

But we let go of our partner because we deserve someone who makes us feel good all the time. We let him go, because we should not just like one half of a person. We let him go because we want someone to love us as much as we love him.

We have finally accepted the fact that we will never get the end of a relationship as we have imagined. Because a bad relationship never magically becomes a good one, as if someone comes along with a magic wand. It does not get better if you accept everything. What you accept is also what you ask into your life.

I finally decided to leave him and continue with my life. For the first time I give myself what I deserve – love, respect, warmth, joy, bliss, trust. I have finally realized that only I set the standards, how to be treated and that I do not need the men who do not appreciate my standards and do not need to pay any more attention to them.

It takes strength to believe in an uncertain future, but that power comes the moment you realize that you deserve so much more than a fast relationship.


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