This is a message for all narcissistic men, sociopaths, selfish, feelingless ‘human beings’ who only enter into a relationship to amuse themselves.

To all men who make amazing women fall for them and then choose to play with their feelings and manipulate them into doing what they want them to do.

To those who ignore women that love them, who use them as trophies, as tools to satisfy their needs, as temporary solutions to their loneliness.

This is to all men who don’t care if the women that love them are waiting at home or if they cry themselves to sleep because they, the men, chose to go to the bar or anywhere else just to hurt them.

To those who make women believe they love them, and then go and make love to some other women just to hurt the one that truly cares for them.

To all men who chose to leave their woman alone on the nights when she needs them the most, that leave their woman to cope alone with whatever she has going on, that never ask their woman how was her day or say that they missed her.

This is to all men who promise the stars and only give dust.

This is to all men who don’t respect women, who never put the women that love them in first place, who never put an effort in the relationship they insisted on having, to those who take their women for granted.

To all men that chose to destroy their women’s confidence instead of backing them up, telling them they’re intelligent and being proud of their accomplishments.

To men that instead of cutting off any female that threatens the relationship with the woman, pick up the game and make their woman jealous.

To all men that chose to ruin their women’s mascara instead of their lipstick.

To those men who find it easier to come up with an excuse instead of making time for the women who love them.

This is a message for all men who think they’re superior, who think they have every right to use women, to mistreat them, to play with their feelings and then just dump them when they don’t need them anymore.

This is to all men who leave without a word and make women wonder for the rest of their lives what was it that they did wrong that made their men just walk away so easily.

This is to all men who suck all the life, energy, and happiness out of women that give them their love and leave only empty shells of what used to be human beings.

This is to all men who make sure women fall for them without any intention of catching them.

This question is to all men who think they’re allowed to leave broken women behind:

How would you feel if somebody treated your daughter the way you treat other women?


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