This stone, according to the sign of the zodiac, will give you strength, bring luck and protect you from diseases! Astrologers (ancient and modern) claim that the influence of stones on the health and fate of a person is predetermined by the position of the planets and zodiac constellations. The most favorable for a person are those stones that are associated with the sign under which he was born.

In 1912, the Congress of the National Association of Jewelers unified the List of stones of the month of birth in accordance with the sign of the zodiac. Below is the list.

Aries (03/21/19/04)

Aries is a diamond – the most expensive and beautiful of precious minerals. The belief has reached our days that he brought success to his owner in business, protected him from diseases, injuries and wounds, and gave courage in battle. The astrologers advised him to wear a diamond as a talisman on his left hand or neck, and the rim should not prevent the stone from touching the skin. There was a belief that the stone brings happinessonly if it got to the owner-Aries in an honest way. However, the beauty of diamonds awakened greed in man. The history of famous diamonds is often a detective with murders, abductions, tragedies, unsolved mysteries.
Aries brings happiness and good luck also red garnet stone .

A list of all stones that correspond to the sign of the Aries zodiac: diamond (diamond), amazonite, amethyst, beryl, turquoise, garnet, pearl, coral, quartz, flint, hematite, Labrador, lapis lazuli, jade, onyx, obsidian, rhodonite, ruby, sardonyx, Selenite, carnelian, serpentine, falcon eye, chrysoprase, chrysolite, crystal, amber, green and red jasper.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

For Taurus, the most suitable stone is sapphire , one of the most beautiful stones, the talisman of lovers and newlyweds, protecting against slander, strengthening the memory, contributing to prudence. It is believed that sapphire helps with heart disease, asthma and neuralgia.

Taurus is also suitable blue turquoise . It has long been considered a talisman to help in love affairs. Rings with turquoise should be given to a female calf as a sign of heart attraction. In the East, it was the custom to put turquoise in the cradle of a newborn girl.

A list of all the stones corresponding to the sign of the zodiac Taurus: agate, aventurine, amazonite, beryl, turquoise, bull’s eye, jet, emerald, rose quartz, cacholong, white coral, flint, lazurite, malachite, jade, onyx, rhodonite, ruby, sapphire, Selenite, carnelian, tiger eye, topaz, chrysoprase, zircon, blue spar, jasper.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Semi-precious agate of different colors , green chrysoprase and bluish beryl are the best stones for Gemini.

Green chrysoprase was the mascot of business people, protecting them from deception and material loss. Its medicinal properties are associated with nervous diseases.

Bluish beryl should bring Gemini happiness in love .

And in ancient times agate was considered a stone dedicated to the goddess of gardens, gardens and crops. This stone was widely used for making jewelry, figurines, buckles. In the Middle Ages, doctors advised to wear agate beads for diseases of the throat.

List of all gemstones for Gemini:  agate, alexandrite, amethyst, beryl, turquoise, hyacinth, pearl, emerald, flint, coral, jade, rhodonite, sardonyx, sapphire, selenite, carnelian, tiger eye, topaz, uvarit, fluorite, chrysoprase, chrysolite, crystal, citrine, jasper.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

The happiest stones for Cancer are emerald, moonstone, and chrysoberyl , often called the cat’s eye .

Moonstone, or Selenite symbolized the magical power of the moon rays. Rings with a moonstone helped lovers overcome obstacles on the way to happiness.

The emerald in ancient Egypt was the gem of the goddess Isis, hence comes the belief that he helps women and protects the hearth. The emerald was also considered a talisman of fishermen and sailors.

Chrysoberyl, called the cat’s eye, in past centuries has been made to wear during mourning. He was considered an amulet for gambling, helping children with diphtheria.

List of all stones that correspond to the sign of the zodiac Cancer : agate, aventurine, adular, aquamarine, amazonite, amethyst, whitefish, beryl, turquoise, jet, heliotrope, hematite, pearl, emerald, coral, cat’s eye, moonstone, morion, jade, obsidian , onyx, opal, rhodonite, ruby, rosterite, carnelian, falcon eye, topaz, chrysoberyl, chrysolite, euclase.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Yellow stones are the most suitable for Leo: amber, chrysolite, olivine, topaz. 
Since ancient times, amber, used as decoration and amulet, has been attributed to miraculous properties to cure skin diseases and rheumatism, to protect from enchantment and anger.

Semiprecious yellowish-green chrysolite set in gold gave, as it was thought, an opportunity to foresee the future . The chrysolite rings were worn by astrologers and forecasters.

Olivine, according to our ancestors, provided his owner with the sympathy of others and success in business.
Topaz was an amulet for people traveling on a long journey, was considered a good remedy for insomnia, asthma and gout.

List of all the stones corresponding to the Leo zodiac sign: aventurine, beryl, bulls eye, heliodor, heliotrope, hyacinth, garnet, demantoid, emerald, golden quartz, flint, jade, onyx, olivine, rhodonite, ruby, sardonyx, carnelian, topaz, chrysoprase , chrysolite, crystal, zircon, citrine, amber, jasper.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

For those born under the sign of Virgo, happiness brings jade and carnelian . For these talismans to possess great strength, they must be set in gold. In ancient times, jade was considered a stone of leaders , emperors, monarchs, and then acquired the symbolic name of the stone of life. In the Middle Ages, nephritis beads were worn by people suffering from migraine , kidney disease, or visual impairment.

Cornelian – an opaque semi-precious stone of red, reddish-brown, greenish or white color – was a favorite stone of Greek women. They believed that it gives shine and freshness to the skin. In the Middle Ages, carnelian jewelery was very popular, as people believed that it defeated black magic and helped to keep secrets.

A list of all the stones corresponding to the Virgo zodiac sign: agate, diamond, beryl, turquoise, garnet, emerald, flint, coral, cat’s eye, jade, onyx, opal, rhodonite, sapphire, selenite, carnelian, tiger eye, chrysolite, chrysoprase, crystal , citrine, jasper.

Scales (09/23 – 10/22)

Scales astrologers have long recommended opal and lapis lazuli . An iridescent, with a rainbow shine, opal guarantees success in business to people with noble aspirations. The ancients believed that this stone will protect even from the plague.

Of blue lapis once did gems – the oval plate with engraved patterns. Roman art lovers were proud of their gem collections. This stone was also considered to have healing properties . Medieval doctors recommended lapis lazuli necklaces to people anemic, suffering from skin diseases, epilepsy and rheumatism.

A list of all the stones corresponding to the sign of the zodiac Libra:  agate, diamond, amethyst, beryl, turquoise, jet, demantoid, emerald, smoky and pink quartz, cacholong, coral, flint, lapis lazuli, malachite, morion, nephrite, opal, olivine, rhodonite, Selenite, carnelian, falcon eye, tourmaline, phenactite, fluorite, chrysolite, chrysoprase, chrysoberyl, crystal, zircon, citrine, jasper.

Scorpio (23.10-21.11)

The main stones of Scorpio are aquamarine and carbuncle . As amulets, they are used in rings or bracelets made in the shape of a snake.

Aquamarine is a transparent greenish-blue stone. Lovers of love exchanged jewels before forced separation, because he was considered the amulet of happy marital unions . Stone the color of the sea was supposed to cure diseases of the throat and teeth.

Carbuncle is the ancient name of a deep-red ruby. There were legends about his mysterious power. In ancient Rome, the carbuncle was the mascot of pregnant women , because they thought that it provided a happy birth. In the Middle Ages, they believed that the carbuncle protects against injuries , therefore soldiers loved to wear it.

Another purpose of the carbuncle is to awaken friendly feelings in people, banish black thoughts.
Scorpio is also suitable garnet red.

A list of all the Scorpio zodiac stones: adular, aquamarine, alexandrite, amazonite, amethyst, belomite, beryl, turquoise, jet, hematite, garnet, smoky and dark opaque quartz, coral, cat’s eye, malachite, morion, opal, ruby, sapphire, selenite, carnelian, serpentine, topaz, tourmaline, chrysoprase, jasper.

Sagittarius (11/22/21)

The main stone of Sagittarius is amethyst , otherwise a stone of love . It is said that he is able to cause love for the giver, even if he who received him as a gift is in love with another. “Amethyst is a stone of love – old love turns into indifference. Beware of his women engaged, or married … “These words the Sumerian priest wrote on the clay tablet three thousand years ago. As we see, personal problems that bothered people then differ little from the problems of our day. Amethyst also brings good luck in games, protects from drunkenness.

Sagittarius, like Leo, is also very suitable topaz and chrysolite .

A list of all stones that correspond to the sign of the Sagittarius: amethyst, beryl, turquoise, hyacinth, garnet, demantoid, emerald, blue quartz, flint, coral, Labrador, lapis lazuli, jade, sapphire, sardonyx, selenite, carnelian, falcon eye, obsidian, olivine , onyx, tiger eye, topaz, chrysoprase, chrysolite, amber, jasper.

Capricorn (22.12 – 19.01)

Born under the sign of Capricorn happiness in love brings ruby – a red stone with a purple tinge. “If you want to achieve reciprocity, give this or that to which your heart bends, a ruby ​​of the color of flame – and you will kindle love in it,” the ancient astrologer advised. The rings with rubies were worn by people who fear poison. They believed that a ruby ​​immersed in a poisoned drink would change color.

Another stone of Capricorn is a semi-precious stone of brown or even blackish color called onyx . The ancients highly appreciated his magical and healing properties. 
An amulet with dark green malachite is also recommended to people of this sign .

A list of all the stones corresponding to the sign of the zodiac Capricorn: alexandrite, amethyst, beryl, turquoise, jet, garnet, cat’s eye, flint, coral, malachite, morion, nephrite, obsidian, olivine, opal, onyx, ruby, selenite, carnelian, falcon eye , tiger eye, tourmaline, chrysoprase, zircon, jasper.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 19)

Those born under the sign of Aquarius should bring happiness to garnet and zircon . There are several varieties of semi-precious pomegranate – from dark red to yellowish. This stone is considered a symbol of love and friendship. Rings with pomegranate were made to give as proof of friendship, memory, thanks . Most willingly this stone was exchanged by lovers. The inhabitants of the East, who believed that pomegranate has healing properties, highly valued red stones.

Zircon is a rare transparent stone, which in the East was called the younger brother of a diamond. It was believed that this stone improves mental abilities.

A list of all stones that correspond to the sign of Aquarius: agate, aquamarine, amethyst, beryl, turquoise, hyacinth, garnet, demantoid, pearl, emerald, rose quartz, flint, coral, lapis lazuli, jade, obsidian, opal, sapphire, sardonyx, carnelian, falcon eye, fluorite, crystal, citrine, zircon, jasper.

Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

Fish astrologers recommend pearls. Pearl jewelery has been known since time immemorial. Rich Greek women willingly wore threads with pearls, which was supposed to add shine to the eyes and keep its possessor from the pangs of unrequited love. In the Middle Ages, dresses embroidered with pearls served as the wedding dress of the bride – it was believed that pearls strengthen family ties . In the era of romanticism, it was fashionable to give a pearl ring to the object of love. The people of the East also appreciated the pearls. Indian merchants, for example, believed that a ring with pearls protected from thieves.

A list of all the stones corresponding to the sign of the Pisces zodiac: adulyar, amazonite, amethyst, aquamarine, alexandrite, belomorite, beryl, turquoise, jet, demantoid, pearl, coral, lapis lazuli, morion, jade, olivine, opal, sapphire, selenite, carnelian, falcon eye, tiger eye, chrysolite, chrysoprase, euclase.


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