For you, love equals suffering. You had your heart broken more than one time. You put a lot of effort and tears into the wrong guys and you got nothing in return.

All of this emotional pain has made you much stronger. But it also destroyed all your faith in love. You gave up on any hope that you’d find true love, that your better half was somewhere out there. And you stopped believing that true love existed. Even if it did, it wasn’t something worth waiting for and definitely not something worth fighting for.

I know you gave up. You were giving your heart to all the wrong people for as long as you could remember and you’d just had enough of it. You had enough of heartbreaks and disappointments, enough of shattered hopes and dreams. So you started seeing love as something unrealistic and unattainable and you reconciled yourself to the fact that you were not meant to experience it. You lost all hope that there existed your forever person, someone who would love you unconditionally, so you decided to find happiness outside of love.

And it doesn’t mean you feel miserable because of this; you’ve embraced your single life and you’ve learned to live without love. You decided to push yourself forward without waiting for the right guy to come along. You invested all of your time and energy exclusively in yourself. And it doesn’t mean you are selfish. It only means that your life experiences taught you that there is no one you can rely on. So, you decided to be your own support and life partner.

And although loving yourself and taking care of yourself are two of the best things you could have ever done, I am here to tell you that true love will come when you least expect it. And I am here to tell you not to give up on it when it comes. Instead, fight for it.

Because true love really is worth fighting for. And it does exist, despite everything you’ve been told and despite everything you’ve lived through.

I know you don’t believe it now but you’ll see it when it happens to you.

True love will be worth every sleepless night you’ve spent wondering when you will find happiness. It will be worth all the battles you led with all those wrong guys and all the fights you had with yourself.

Because true love will make you feel stronger than ever. It will make you feel like you can do anything that you set your mind to. You will feel like you can move all the mountains in this world with your little finger. With the right person by your side, everything seems possible and achievable.

True love will make you want to be a better person. When you finally find the man of your dreams, he won’t have the desire to change you. He will accept you for who you really are, with all of your flaws and imperfections. But the love this man will give you and the love you will feel for him will change you for good, whether you like it or not. It will make you a more positive, loving person who will always look on the brighter side of life.

When you finally experience true love in a relationship, it will bring back your faith in all of humanity. You’ll start seeing the good in everyone you encounter. You’ll start enjoying all those little things you were missing out on.

But most importantly, it will bring back your faith in yourself. When the right guy comes along, he will make you feel like you are the only woman in the world. He will heal all the wounds all those wrong guys inflicted and he will show you your true worth.

When you see and truly feel real love, you’ll forget about all those heartbreaks you’ve been through. You’ll understand why all the guys from your past were wrong and why it wasn’t meant to be with any of them.

And suddenly, everything will make sense. You’ll see that everything you went through in life and everything that has happened to you has been leading you to this moment. And for the first time ever, you’ll see everything crystal clear. You’ll see why it was all worth it.

So, please, don’t give up on love just yet. Instead of running away from it, embrace it and allow it to enter your life. And when true love comes into your life, give it a chance. Instead of fighting love, start fighting for it. And fight for it with everything you have. Hold on to it and never let it go. Because trust me—it will be worth it.


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