Moving on from a serious relationship can be a really slow and difficult process, especially if you’re the one who’s been dumped. Despite all the hardships, a bright new day ought to come.

These signs can come up subtly, but they can show you that you finally moved on.

You stopped stalking them on social media.

Facebook and other social media have made it harder for these new generations to cope with break-ups. It was easier in the past when a couple simply stopped seeing each other. Nowadays, with all these social media, it’s so difficult to stop keeping track oft your ex.

But, you can be sure you’re doing really well once you stop stalking your ex, or even noticing him on social media.

You stopped stalking them IRL… Or stopped avoiding places they like to go.

We sometimes can’t take the fact that our relationship is over, and we end up visiting some places they used to like, just to “accidentally” meet them. Another typical behavior is avoiding these places because we don’t think we can handle seeing them with someone new, or because we can’t relax in front of them.

Good thing is that when we finally move on, we don’t care. We stop paying attention if the place where we go out to is his favorite bar or restaurant.

You stopped talking about them.

It’s normal to have an urge to talk about something that bothers us. If our mind is still preoccupied by that ex, we talk about him a lot. A friend might be telling you about her new blue car, and you’re like, “You know, Michael’s favorite color was blue…”.

This behavior can be pain in the ass for our friends, and we thank them for listening to us. However, when we completely stop talking about that guy, we can be sure that our mind is finally clear and free.

You can be objective about the relationship.

After a bad break up, we can be very subjective because we’re under the influence of stirred emotions.

However, when we finally move on, we can think more clearly and see the bigger picture. It’s healthy if we can reach the stage where we could finally evaluate ourselves in that relationship, and admit that we weren’t perfect. We can finally deal with all that mess without blaming only one side.

You stopped fantasizing about them in any way.

Sometimes, we just can’t accept the fact that it’s over. We make up some scenarios in our head, and we imagine how it would be if we get together again. Well, let’s say this daydreaming phenomenon is normal when you’re getting over someone.

But you can say you’re finally over your ex in case you stopped having these silly fantasies. You barely think of him because you’re very busy with making some other plans for the future. Perhaps you’re fantasizing about someone new, and there’s no room for your ex in your head anymore.

You’re happy for them.

This takes a lot of time, especially if your ex hurt you badly. After a break-up, it’s not easy to get rid of those toxic thoughts in which you’re hoping he’s going to suffer at least as much as you do.

However, life goes on. If you are finally able to have positive thoughts, you’re on a really good path. Perhaps he’s happy in a new relationship, he graduated from college or got a new job—and you feel happy for him.

You can finally love someone else.

It’s difficult to imagine yourself with someone else after you break up with someone you love so much.

To be honest, this is the most important stage in the healing process after a break-up. When you finally feel ready to move on and love someone else, you can be sure that you left your previous relationship behind.


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