We’ve been consumed with the idea that only men are the cause of toxic relationships and that women would never do something to hurt anyone, right? Well, that’s the biggest lie ever told. Women can be manipulators, sometimes even bigger ones than men.

The ex-girlfriend of your partner left him heartbroken and he fears that you’ll do the same thing to him? Although you know you won’t, because you appreciate him, you need to prove it to him, as well. So here are some things to consider if your man was broken by a toxic woman before:

1. 90% listening and 10% talking

You need to listen to what he has to say to you. At the beginning of the relationship, he might not want to talk that much about his feelings until he sees that you’re interested in his emotions and that you won’t put him down. It’ll be hard, but with time you’ll get the spotlight to talk to him about everything, but first give him space.

Men are usually more closed up regarding their emotions, so it’ll be double the work to get him to talk. If you think he’s worth it, it won’t be a problem for you.

2. Have patience

Your man needs time. Maybe even space. Sometimes he’ll be very distant regarding his feelings but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. He’s just overwhelmed with the love and attention you’re giving him that he doesn’t know how to handle it.

So, instead of hurting you, he might just be finding a safe place to go to comprehend everything. Give him all the time he needs, as it won’t be for too long. He’ll want to be around you because you make him feel loved and he’ll want to give that back to you.

3. Repeat to him that you love him

Reassure him that you love him whenever he doubts it. Just make him feel loved. Usually, we’re the ones who always need reassurance from our boyfriends, but let’s make them feel special for once. It won’t hurt you, I promise.

4. Don’t pity him

If you start feeling sorry for him, he’ll just run away from you. Guys still want to feel like they’re the ones who have the upper hand. If you start to pity him and feel sorry whenever he says something that makes him feel very vulnerable, he’ll feel like his manhood is being destroyed and he’ll simply stop talking to you.

5. Don’t let him apologize for everything

Or at least, when he apologizes, tell him that everything is OK. He’ll apologize for the most stupid of reasons, but tell him that it’s OK and that he doesn’t need to say he’s sorry. Unless he says something disrespectful, then he’ll need to apologize for sure.

6. Motivate him

You know how you’ve been after a toxic relationship. You thought that the world was falling apart, right? Well, this situation is just the same. Motivate him to hang out with his friends and devote his energy to a new hobby or project. Show him how amazing it is to be alive. Motivate him with your love and support. He’ll be forever thankful to you and he’ll love you even more.

7. Be everything he didn’t have before you

This means to be loving and kind. Be his emotional support and he’ll be yours for sure. You two will together make an invincible couple, I can guarantee you this. You just need to show him the way, because he didn’t have an example before you. Be the best version of yourself and you’ll get the same amount of perfection in return.

8. He sure does love in a different way, so try to understand it

He thought that being open and vulnerable could only leave him broken, so be sure to understand that and see the little things. Little things like the way he looks at you, the way he asks you how your day has been or even the way he kisses you. These are the things that probably make him the most vulnerable. He’s not good with words but he’ll show you that he loves you in other ways. Just be aware of them and don’t push it. Understand it.


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