Astrologers decided to bother about the behavior of the signs of the zodiac in relationships. Those who start them easily and take them seriously are not afraid of commitments and all the seriousness arising in the process. And who among the representatives of the star family is trying to avoid long-term relationships, and prefers to hide from a partner who claims to be a serious relationship. Fear of commitment and pain often pushes people to end relationships that did not even begin. Is it right to decide only them, but such decisions hurt their partner.

Here are 3 zodiac signs, which are likely to escape from a serious relationship:


The twins, contrary to popular belief, love romance. They simply want this with many people, instead of being faithful to only one person. This does not mean that they are cheaters, just Gemini used to spray their charm and attention to everyone around them.

If you allow Gemini to freely enchant everyone with whom they meet, without being jealous, you will be surprised how they will become attached to you. The problem is that most people just can’t handle it. Understanding and assessing the needs of Gemini requires their special understanding, and if you don’t cope with their social and good nature, they will feel strangled and go looking for another, more understanding partner.


Sagittarius gives priority to his insatiable thirst for adventure, and in romantic relationships, too. Discovering new things, traveling, meeting different people, learning something is what Sagittarius needs to be happy. Long-term relationships require compromise and sacrifice, but nothing of this is consistent with the principles of Sagittarius. This does not allow him to linger with someone for a long time.

However, if he meets someone independent and willing to accompany him on various adventures, he will remain with him forever. Sagittarius definitely wants to find a soul mate. He just realizes that his soulmate is wandering somewhere, waiting for her to be found. His betrothed is not waiting for him at home, afraid to leave his comfort zone.


You must give Aquarius a small dose of love, day after day. If you show him the ocean of your love on your third date, you can watch his heels sparkle as he gets away from you. Being one of the most elusive signs of the zodiac, he prefers to live on his own terms and do what and when he wants. If the situation becomes serious too quickly, Aquarius runs from it. If he feels that he is being tied, he will break the bond without regret.


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