Many first dates all end up feeling the same. We go to see a movie and then have dinner, or head to a local bar, or choose an activity like mini golf or bowling. Sometimes it feels like what we do on a first date doesn’t even matter because the conversation is full of awkward pauses and we don’t know what to say to each other.

If we want to go on more pleasant first dates, then we definitely want to figure out more about our personalities. Our MBTI can tell us what our favorite first date would be.

10-ISTJ: Classic Dinner Date (Or Perhaps Lunch)

If someone is an ISTJ or a “Responsible Realist” then their ideal first date would be sticking with the classics: going out for dinner… or perhaps lunch. Honestly, if they wanted to change things up, they would go to one of their fave restaurants on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon instead of at night. That’s because ISTJs are loyal and also “practical” and “orderly.”

ISTJs would really rather not do things out of their regular schedule. While some other people might be super bored by going on the same type of first dates all the time, they don’t mind at all.

9-ENTJ: A Festival, Book Reading, Or Art Gallery Event

An ENTJ is also called a “Decisive Strategist” and it’s good to know that these people “usually see the big picture and think strategically about the future.” That means that they’re going to choose a first date that allows them to see what life would be like if they were in a serious relationship with this person.

An ENTJ’s ideal first date would definitely be something related to one of their hobbies. If they love music or film, they’ll go to a festival that happens to be on that weekend. If they love reading, they’ll go to an author reading or a book launch, and if they’re creative, then it’s all about an event at an art gallery. ENTJs “think ahead” so they want to make sure that this is someone who likes similar things.

8-INFJ: A Walk In The Park

It may be a total cliche to joke about loving “long talks and walks on the beach” but for INFJs, this isn’t actually all that far off from their ideal first date. Someone who is an INFJ is also called an “Insightful Visionary” and they are “sensitive” and have a “quiet warmth.”

They really want to get to know the person that they’re on a first date with, but sitting in a restaurant or bar isn’t the way to go in their opinion. Instead, they think that a walk in the park sounds perfect and allows for a great conversation. Sensitive people would always rather talk while walking around or focusing on an activity because then all of the attention isn’t on them.

7-ESFJ: A Double Date Or Party

ESFJs are really thrilled to be around other people. These “Supportive Contributors” are described as “sociable and outgoing.” While friendly people have zero problem chatting with someone on a first date, they really thrive when they can be around a bunch of people at once. That’s why an ESTJ’s ideal first date would be going on a double date or attending a party.

Since ESFJs are described as “often highly attuned to others, showing empathy and understanding their emotional needs and concerns” they would really like this type of date. Chances are, being around another couple who they know would make them feel comfortable. And if they took a date to a party, they would have a great time.

6-ENTP: Something Outdoorsy, Like A Hike Or Campfire

We might not think that the perfect first date would be heading outside for a hike or roasting some marshmallows and making smores over a campfire, but for ENTPs, this would be so great.

An ENTP is an “Enterprising Explorer” and these are people who come up with ideas that are totally out of the box. A first date that includes dinner and a movie? That’s so dull. Why not do something outside that will be fun and make it easy to get along well with each other and talk? ENTPs have a lot of creativity so if they meet someone who they start a real relationship with, chances are, there will be lots of cool date ideas from then on.

5-ESFP: A Wedding

An ESFP, also called an “Enthusiastic Improviser”, would love to attend a wedding as a first date. They could be someone’s plus one or they could ask someone to come with them to a friend or relative’s big day.

Since ESFPs “enjoy life and being around other people” they would think that a wedding is really fun. It’s a great first date for introverts since you get to talk to your date, be in a romantic setting, eat and drink, and also meet some other people. If it’s a summer wedding, it’s even better, and it just might end in romance for this ESFP and their date as well.

4-ISTP: A Date Related To The Season (Like Pumpkin Carving)

If someone is a “Logical Pragmatist” or an INFP then their ideal first date would definitely be something that is related to the current season. If it’s fall, then they would love to do some pumpkin carving or head over to a local pumpkin patch. Apple picking would also be a good date idea.

ISTPs are “logical” as the name says and also “analytic.” It would make a lot of sense to them to pick a first date activity that makes the most of the weather. This could mean a trip to the local lake or beach in the summer or going to see cherry blossoms in a park in the spring.

3-INFP: Go With The Flow And Choose That Evening Or Day

What would an INFP or a “Thoughtful Idealist” want to do on a first date? They actually aren’t that excited to have to make choices and they also don’t care for people who “shut down their ideas” so that could make choosing a first date activity a bit challenging.

For an INFP, the perfect first date would be a chill evening or day where they can decide what to do in the moment. Going with the flow would sound really nice. They could meet their date outside a subway station or at a certain location and then walk around and see what they wanted to do.

2-ESTJ: A Full Afternoon Of Brunch, A Play Or Movie, Grabbing Bakery Treats, And Bookstore Browsing

An ESTJ is an “Efficient Organizer” which sounds like the perfect person to pick the perfect first date, right? Since they’re “pragmatic” and “straightforward” and “take charge” they would make sure that they come up with an awesome first date.

ESTJs would love a date that takes place across a full afternoon. They would plan a whole bunch of things: going out for brunch, going to a play or movie, getting something delcious from a nearby bakery, and then browsing a cool bookstore. This would appeal to their organized nature for sure.

1-ENFP: A Spontaneous Date Decided That Morning

If someone is an ENFP or “Imaginative Motivator” then they want to go on a first date that they haven’t been on before. Since ENTPs are “willing to consider almost any possibility” and “their energy is stimulated by new people and new experiences”, there is really no telling what they could decide for a first date activity.

They would definitely text their date the morning of and explain what the plan was. It could be taking a day trip to a nearby town, or going to a bunch of different restaurants and coffee shops in their city, or something along those lines. They want it to be a fun surprise for both of them.


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