12 word text that makes him need you in his life

As there are aspects that can fall in love with each sign of the zodiac, other issues take us away and show us that all personalities have complex and contradictory facets. Welcome the love when it arrives, but do not idealize your partner: know the worst of each sign in love and look for ways to improve or neutralize it.

You have probably noticed attitudes or reactions from the person you love who does not satisfy you in the least. Do not be scared, it is normal and no one can aspire to total perfection in a relationship. However, it is good to know the worst of each sign in love to avoid major problems.

Water signs 

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Cancer:You will have to endure his bad mood on many occasions, his hurtful comments, his dependence and tendency to organize life, his role as victim and his fear and resistance to change.

Scorpio: you will have to face his jealousy, the emotional manipulation, his destructive tendency, his dark and mysterious personality that will hide you many things and his special ability to turn a small insignificant discussion into a great battle.

Pisces: keep in mind in this sign of water that they always go to their own time, that it will not be easy for them to start or end something and that it will be difficult for you to determine what they are specifically looking for in life. In addition, they will idealize the relationship so much that many times you will not live up to their expectations.

12 word text that makes him need you in his life


Signs of fire

Aries: you will need to be aware of their bad mood when they go through a negative moment, accept their tendency to eternal adolescence, understand their permanent changes of plans, understand their impatience and support their self-centeredness.

Leo: it is possible that you get angry at your permanent state of seduction even when you are in a relationship or your enormous love for yourself, which always puts you above everything else. Do not think that you change your mind or accept an error, however obvious it may be, while you will have to face your vanity, arrogance and constant location at the center of the scene.

Sagittarius: you will suffer in conversations, because it will not let you talk for a second. You will hear their complaints if they are not entertained all the time, you will have to accept that they think they know everything, their dominant character and their brutal honesty, which can destroy you with a couple of words.

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Land signs 

Taurus: get used to never give up on their positions and opinions, nobody wins in stubbornness. He will put his own needs before yours, and it is likely that you should carry all the domestic work while Taurus rests placidly. Sometimes they can be bored and tend to hide their feelings.

Virgo:criticize and analyze all your actions, you must always take the initiative, accept their constant changes of tastes and opinions, their insecurity and their reproaches.

Capricorn: considers that his profession will always be ahead, that he will try to control everything at every moment, that he is capable of doing anything to obtain an achievement, that he costs spontaneity and that he tends to close himself up.

12 word text that makes him need you in his life


air signs 

 Gemini : it is not easy to understand them, every day you discover something new in them. They are fickle and addicted to words that do not conform to facts. It is normal to get bored quickly of everything and to abandon a thousand projects without having finished them.

Libra:in a couple with a native of this sign you must understand that they rarely say what they think in reality, that it is difficult for them to make decisions, that they will want to look good even with their enemies and that they become obsessed with physical beauty and they demand the slightest untidiness in your appearance. Also, their will is quite weak and perseverance does not characterize them.

Aquarius: you will have to endure that you always put yourself in the role of teacher, that you prioritize the mind over emotions, that you have an infinite number of friends and a very busy schedule, that you judge and that you hide your feelings.

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