Some experts have claimed that 25% of men and 14% of women will be unfaithful at least once in their lifetime. It’s tricky to get an exact figure of how likely you are to stray from your partner, but we can all agree that it does happen. Don’t panic—we’re not suggesting that you definitely will become a cheater, or that any sign in particular is predisposed to certain infidelity. In fact, cheating is directly opposed to the essence of many of the signs of the zodiac! But if you were to stray at one point or another in the future, it could be because of one of these zodiac-related factors. Of course, cheating usually comes down to several other factors too, but if you have a thing for astrology, you’ll probably want to know what kinds of things provoke your sign the most! Sometimes, your sign will be driven into the arms of another because something your partner is doing is eating away at you. Other times, it might be because you find something your sign naturally pines for, and follow it like a kitten on a string. Read on to find out what could lead your sign to be unfaithful.

15 Aries: You’ll Have A Debt To Settle

With a loving heart and the ability to be persistent when things get tough, it’s unlikely that Aries will stray at all. But every single sign has cheated before, so anything can happen! If you’re an Aries, you won’t typically cheat because you don’t have respect for your partner or because you feel restless when you’re going through a rough patch together—you’re fantastic at pushing through those periods like nobody’s business! Instead, you’re more likely to cheat because you’ve been scorned first, and you’d like to get even. You’re not the most vindictive sign in the zodiac, but you are one of the most fiery. An angry Aries is no fun for anybody, and sometimes, you get carried away with your fury and do whatever your temper dictates, which can include sinking to your partner’s low level. You don’t like to hurt other people, but when you’re mad, that loving heart is silenced beneath the waves of rage! Your partner doesn’t necessarily have to cheat on you to p*ss you off—any form of blatant disrespect could get you mad enough to go out seeking revenge.

14 Aries: You’ll Find Someone Who Challenges You

As we said, it isn’t likely an Aries will stray at all. But another reason that could lead you to be unfaithful is that you feel you’re not being challenged in any way in your current relationship. You don’t like things to be too easy, after all! If you find someone who poses a bit of a challenge, that could be a serious temptation. Someone who pushes you out of your comfort zone, gets you to try new things, and even helps you to grow as a person is much more attractive to you than a six pack and a six-figure bank account. But if you give into that temptation, you’ll feel seriously horrible afterwards. That just comes with being a hugely loyal sign!

13 Taurus: You’ll Feel Insecure

Cheating does seem to go directly against the sheer loyalty that Taurus is famous for. So if you were to cheat, it wouldn’t be because you don’t have respect for monogamous relationships or because you don’t have anybody’s back but your own. It would more likely be because you feel insecure within your relationship with your partner, and you’re craving stability and reassurance. Being unfaithful will always weigh heavily on your conscience, thanks to your loyal nature, but the desire to know where you stand and that you are loved is stronger for you, and wins out over your trustworthiness. You aren’t the type to go and find a one-night-stand to cheat with; since security is what you’re after, you’re more likely to cheat with someone you feel totally comfortable with. That might be a good friend or even an ex-lover. It’s more about the emotional benefits of a new relationship, rather than the physical for you, even though you definitely appreciate a little sensuality! The best way to avoid falling off the path of fidelity is to find a partner who can always offer you safety, intimacy, and assurance.

12 Gemini: You’ll Crave Communication

Everybody knows that a Gemini likes to communicate. Out of the zodiac, you are known for being super-loud, chatty, optimistic, excitable, crafty, overly friendly, and impassioned. Pair that with your constant need for stimulation and spice in your life and something of a double personality, and it’s easy to see how a Gemini might stray. Having said that, you also have a huge heart and empathy for those around you, so infidelity doesn’t have to be in the cards! If it does take place, it could be because you’re in search of communication that you’re not receiving from your partner. One of your most primal needs is contact with other humans. Yes, you love to talk, but you also need body language. You crave physical intimacy, hand-holding, and eye contact. If you don’t get it, you start to feel cut off and incomplete, which might lead you to cheat if all the other factors line up. You might turn to a secret lover for some steamy night sessions, but you’ll also want to stick around for conversation and general closeness.

11 Cancer: You’ll Find Someone Who Actually Understands You

If there’s one piece of relationship advice we would give to Cancer, it’s to make sure you’re with someone patient who truly gets you. A delicate and sensitive soul, you’re all about feelings and emotions, and yours can bruise really easily. You can get quite upset when somebody is insensitive towards you because they don’t grasp how you view the world and how different things make you feel, so that’s definitely a partner quality worth waiting for! If you do find yourself with someone who constantly says tactless things and can’t tune up to how you’re feeling, you might go off in search of someone who can. Being incredibly family-orientated and empathic yourself, it’s not really in your nature to cheat, and doing so will almost certainly hurt you just as much as it hurts your partner. Because of that, any affairs you do have will likely be short-lived—once you’ve spent some time with someone who is sensitive towards you and gentle with your feelings, you’ll want to return to your partner and try to make things right.

10 Leo: You’ll Crave The Physical

For many signs, cheating will take place thanks to some emotional or psychological issue. But for Leo, it really is more about the physical side of things! What do we know about the Lion? Another fire sign, you’re also incredibly impassioned and very energetic. Butterfly isn’t exactly the word to describe you, but you are a social hornet—you love to buzz around the social scene, leaving a mark wherever you go. You love being the center of attention and you probably know this already, but you’re naturally gifted at bedding people. For you, love doesn’t have to be directly related to anything physical, and you might not see sleeping with someone as an act of betrayal if there is nothing emotional brewing behind it. Basically, you could end up cheating if you’re unsatisfied physically. Unlike some of the other signs, you’re more likely to maintain a string of affairs that don’t mean anything to you, because you don’t see them as being potentially devastating. To avoid getting caught up in all of that, make sure you and your partner are on the same page in regards to your physical needs.

9 Leo: You’ll Think It’s Getting Mundane

While you have a huge heart and a lot of love to give, you don’t really appreciate the simple life in the way that other signs do. You like action all the time, and might even be afraid of settling down and slipping into a regular routine. So if that happens, you could freak out and go searching for someone to pull you out of it. You are also very impassioned and tend to make hasty decisions. That being said, you aren’t the kind of cruel personality that can keep a side relationship going for a long time and continuously betray someone you love. If you do slip up, it’s likely to be a one-time thing, and you’re the type who would call straight away to fess up. You have too much pride to sneak around!

8 Virgo: Your Standards Aren’t Being Met

In truth, Virgo isn’t prone to infidelity. The thought of going to the trouble of finding someone to cheat with and pulling all the strings so you don’t get caught just makes you feel nervous and stressed, and you’d rather not add it to the zillions of other things you have on your to-do list right now. Plus, with your notoriously high standards, it was probably difficult enough for you to find one person that you wanted to get close with—the thought of conducting that careful search again just makes your head spin. Despite all that, a Virgo can overlook those worries and still cheat, and you’re most likely to do it when you realize that your partner actually isn’t meeting your standards like you thought they were. Perfection isn’t possible, but you need to have the next best thing. That’s just you! You don’t like committing to a relationship unless you’re sure it’s what you want, so if it turns out that you’re involved with someone who isn’t exactly what you thought they were, you could end up seeking out somebody who is.

7 Libra: You’ll Need An Ego Boost

From one perspective, Libra seems like she has a tendency to cheat. Flirting is your thing, let’s not forget! However, in other ways, Libra is one of the signs that would be the least likely to cheat. You’re a sucker for love and romance, and if things are going well in that department, you’d never want to jeopardize them. You’re also the queen of fairness, balance, and justice, and have an unrivalled ability to see things from another’s point of view. So most of the time, you won’t want to hurt your partner because you see how much it would suck to be them in that position. However, you do like a little ego boost every now and then, and to keep you satisfied, your partner should regularly compliment you and dish out flattery. If they don’t, you might find yourself looking for someone who’s going to stroke your ego the way you like. Since it comes down to emotions for you, your kind of cheating might not even involve taking off your clothes. You might just feel the need to secretly chat to someone who tells you how beautiful you are.

6 Scorpio: You’ll Get Jealous

Jealousy can sometimes be what leads a person to stray, and Scorpio is especially disposed to cheating for this reason. As the Scorpion, you need a certain amount of attention and assurance from your partner. You don’t do anything with half a heart, so if you commit to somebody, you leave a huge space open in your life for them, and you expect them to do the same. You crave a deep, personal connection, and need to be with somebody who is always open to talk to you about real things, always there to give advice, and always there to help you out. Green eyes do tend to be your weakness, and you might feel jealous when you’re not getting enough attention from your partner, or if they are a little flirty or oblivious by nature. It doesn’t come naturally to you to betray people and break bonds you’ve worked hard to form, but if your temper gets the better of you, it could happen. You might start something up with someone on the side who can give you everything you need, and soothe your jealousy.

5 Sagittarius: You’ll Get Bored

As a Sagittarius, you’re kind-hearted and open-minded, and cheating isn’t something you have a disposition for. However, it can happen if you find yourself starting to get bored in a relationship. The zodiac’s resident traveler, you value new experiences above all else. Repetition scares you to death, and you tend to get bored very quickly. That doesn’t mean that you’ll never settle down into a happy and monogamous relationship—it just means that when you are committed to someone, you have to find ways of keeping things spicy and interesting! If you and your partner don’t work on that, and you slip into a mundane life together filled with routine, boundaries, and rules, you might suddenly need excitement with the same compulsion with which you need air. In those cases, you could end up cheating simply because it’s something different and thrilling, even if it comes with repercussions. You could avoid getting yourself into this situation by being honest with your partner whenever you feel like you’re in a rut, and making sure you do things together to keep it interesting.

4 Capricorn: It Will Be Beneficial For Your Career

When it comes to love, romance, and relationships, Capricorn tends to take a back seat. Yes, you wouldn’t mind falling in love like the people you know, but there are other things you want more, like a super-successful career. At work, you are one of the most dedicated, hard-working and relentless signs of all, pursuing your goals until they’re met. You’re not driven by the need for affection and intimacy like so many others, so if you’re going to cheat on your partner, it won’t be because you’ve fallen madly in love with someone else and can’t stand to not be near them. Most of the time, you don’t allow yourself to become that emotionally involved. But you just might find yourself straying from the relationship you’re in if it’s going to help you out at work. This could include getting involved with someone who knows just about everyone in the industry, or it could be someone who can teach you things about making it to the top. You’re not a cruel person, and are usually loyal and reliable, but your ambition could end up getting the better of you.

3 Capricorn: You’ll Fall Out of Love

As a Capricorn, you think with your head much more so than with your heart. Love isn’t the be all and end all for you like it is for others, and while you can fall passionately in love, you can also come out of it. It’s possible that you’ll fall out of love with somebody, and on looking back you might find that you were never really in love with them in the first place, but simply going through the motions. The wise thing to do in this situation would be to call it quits, but you might choose not to do that if it will disrupt the peace, or if you have other things going on in your life that require your attention. A little infidelity might serve as a quick fix for falling out of love and loneliness until you have the time to deal with it properly!

2 Aquarius: The Commitment Will Scare You

Aquarius is a fairly easy-going sign, and luckily for your partner, you’re not prone to jealousy or issues with control. The one thing you value more than anything is freedom—the freedom to be yourself, wear what you want, say what you like and go wherever the wind blows you. All of that basically makes you an irresistible lover, because your qualities are ideal for a stress-free relationship, but you’re kind of unobtainable. The perfect combo for irresistible! A lot of people will try to pin you down once they have your interest, and that’s a horrible mistake. Whenever you feel like your freedom is being threatened, you quickly do what you can to get it back. So if somebody tries to impose rules on you and demands commitment before you’re ready to give it, they’ll probably drive you in the totally opposite direction. You might find yourself cheating because it’s solid proof that you are still in control of your own actions, and you don’t belong to anybody. Commitment and monogamy can be part of your life, but they certainly can’t be forced on you!

1 Pisces: Passion Will Take You Away

If you’re a Pisces, you’re an idealist and a romantic. You get lost in creativity, in living in the moment, and in passion, and you usually give your all in a relationship. This makes you an awesome lover, and relationships with a Pisces definitely leave an imprint of any life. However, all that passion can sometimes get the better of you, and lead you to think with your heart instead of your head. You do take time out of your day to dream about things and plan things in your mind before doing them in real life, but you’re also disposed to getting lost in the heat of things. You might find yourself waking up in somebody else’s bed and wondering how the heck you got there—not because you were too drunk to remember, but because you can’t relate to the feelings you had last night that justified your actions. Or in other words, the fleeting feelings you had that were born as a result of passion. You are a selfless and caring lover, so this isn’t a definite for you. Just something to watch out for!


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