The terrible shadow of each sign of the zodiac, which is better not to face. Repressed subconscious, which sometimes breaks out. Each of us must have heard of the existence of the karmic tasks that each of us faces. Karmic astrology deals with this area.

There are always several such tasks for each of us and they are very different. This is a challenge for everyone, although it is manifested for each of us in different ways. And if a person has failed to cope with it, then it will be very difficult for him to approach all other karmic tasks in his own life.

We are talking about the development of its solar sign. We all know that we were born under one zodiac sign or another . But this is one of our most important tasks – to manifest our Sun, and not to go into its Shadow. What kind of “Shadow” you ask? Shadow is a distortion of the energy of its own solar symbol. And for each sign it happens in its own way, but with very specific, typical signs.

Do you have a familiar  Aries , completely incapable of diligent, patient work and living in constant tugs – from work to work, from hobby to hobby, with depressions and bouts of domestic despotism in between? Is a frequent picture true? This is the shadow side of Aries, or astrologers say – “a bad study of the Sun Sign”. Aries that has been worked out is the ability to be resilient and patient pioneer, to be hardened by the edge of the sword in the progress of humanity. Aries is the charisma of a warrior.

Taurus has its own shadow . How often have you seen your friend Taurus, who is not interested in anything other than the life of the “meadow” on which it grazes? Reluctance to do anything other than vital and total laziness at the first opportunity to relax is a Taurus shadow. There is a truth no less difficult option – Taurus obsessed with extreme sports and strong emotions. The task of Taurus – to be a powerful bull, pulling on themselves very heavy for others, sometimes – historical affairs.

The Geminis  have a more curious reverse side. Some even turn it into a profession. The shadow of Gemini is to flit through life in contacts, conversations and in poorly digested book information, replacing quality with quantity. Constant trust in new authorities and popular ideas, the absence of one’s position is the shadow of Gemini. True Gemini is the ability to navigate in people and in any information, to distinguish the false, the mortal from the true, the immortal (remember the legend of Castor and Pollux?).

Shadow of Cancer,  many people know firsthand. The spectacle is unpleasant. Extreme conservatism mixed with hysteria, emotional outbursts and uncertainty about your own future – this is certainly an explosive mixture. The task of Cancer is to preserve and transmit the tradition, to become a well, from which they derive the wisdom of time and history, preserving rather than punishing the beginning.

No less well known and  leo’s shadow . You know little of Lviv, who, in order to feel unique, are ready to grovel and curry favor with everyone who praises them, “understands” or “loves”? Adoration of something special, exceptional (teaching, person, idea), claims to be chosen and rejection of all who think differently – this is also the flip side of Leo. The real role of Leo is to be a steadfast beacon of light and the sun for all other signs. The source, not the consumer of love and creativity.

The shadow of the Virgo  is manifested in two ways. Sometimes as dense superstition and illegible mysticism. Sometimes – as the maximum skepticism and disbelief in anything other than generally accepted. And more often – as a mixture of both that is delightful for an outsider. The task of Virgo – a harmonious system and classification, restoring order and the pursuit of perfection.

Shadow complex Libra , if it is pronounced, can ruffle anyone. Such Scales almost continuously shy to extremes – they love, they hate, they cry, they laugh, but in the end they always walk in the same circle. Varies from the almost complete inability to act and decide when it is really necessary, to categorically chopping the Gordian knots, when, on the contrary, accuracy and accuracy are needed. The task of Libra is, first of all, to find a balance in oneself, in order to have the right to point out that very famous Middle Way to others, to become a tuning fork of balance.

And Scorpio Shadow  and at all entered into our culture with whole areas and phenomena. Scorpio stinging himself, suffering from his own sufferings and enjoying them – with his jealousy, his imaginary worthlessness or his exaggerated spiritual pain – this is the Shadow of Scorpio. Genuine Scorpio is the most enduring sign of the Zodiac, able to endure everything and discard everything personal for the sake of achieving the Goal. On the stupidity of this Scorpio is not exchanged.

The desire to seem more important and significant person than it really is, gullibility and inconstancy, the game of a spiritual person with elementary incompetence, and even lack of education – all these are characteristic features of the  Shadow Sagittarius . The real goal of Sagittarius is long-distance exploration in the world of culture, a report of distant and incomprehensible knowledge to all other people without any claims to personal exclusivity.

Capricorus is  also familiar to many. Painful self-digging and a hidden inferiority complex, self-pity with endless egoism and mental callousness – these are signs of a possible spiritual deadlock in a person with a strong Capricorn in the horoscope. True Capricorn easily jumps through the mountain gorges, soberly assesses his capabilities and self-pity does not torment him during the ascent to transcendental peaks.

The karmic complex of Aquarius  is not so common, but if you have seen it, you will easily recognize it. The shadow of Aquarius is manifested in the desire to be all the time in sight, to feel a significant and radiant figure, the “navel of the Earth.” Such Aquarius does not tolerate at all if he suddenly ceases to be the center of attention or was not assessed as he would like. He is ready for a very strange behavior, just to be noticed and appreciated again
. The goal of true Aquarius is to be the conductor of the future in the present day, to be the most important part of the collective – its soul, but not its center. Aquarius is the embodiment of freedom from one’s own ego.

The shadow of Pisces , like the Sun Sign, is manifested in fatalism, lack of will and the depressive unwillingness to fight for their own lives. There is a truth and no less complicated option – chaos in life, in outlook, in relationships. In the zodiac symbol Pisces two fishes. And the true purpose of Pisces is to become that Fish that purposefully swims, perhaps against the current, behind its distant and incomprehensible to others, and perhaps ideal and abstract, but very important Goal …


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