Every woman wants to choose her faithful husband. But how to find out in the sweet, affectionate guy of the future traitor? Different women are looking for the answer to this question in different ways: someone trusts his inner voice, someone goes to a fortune teller, someone turns to palmistry. In this publication, we will turn our eyes on the stars and let them tell you which men like to change – which zodiac sign is the surest.

Zodiac signs and loyalty


If he changes, then most likely he will tell you about it. And it will be said coldly and simply, as an ordinary sentence. To prevent this, you need to constantly maintain a sense of love in it. As long as Aries loves – he is faithful. A man is not inclined to treason, only while his heart is beating from love. After cooling, he will easily go “left”.


Initially true and reliable sign. It will be difficult for any woman to lure this man into their networks. But if you succeeded – be on the alert. The Taurus man is interested in all the details of the life of the woman he loves.

If he stopped asking you about everything, it means that he has lost interest in you. Taurus will not gab about either their victories or their infidelities. He just quietly leaves. Actually, just as quietly and return.


Men of this sign are constant for the time being. Only today he presents you with gifts, wears armfuls of flowers and falls asleep with compliments, and tomorrow he is already doing the same thing, only on the side. Constant sex, male twins can not boast.


If he changes, then you will be guilty of this yourself. Man-cancer is not easy to go on treason, but if this happens, then he will not be guilty of this. The circumstances will be guilty, lack of attention, an ugly wife or something else … He is a faithful husband, but life is such a thing.

a lion

This man has many friends and enemies. He also usually has a lot of women. Predator by nature, he chooses the most beautiful, best and sexiest women.

He loves to boast of his victories, can easily seem with a mistress in a crowded place. His numerous enemies will report to you at once about his “left” connections.


These men deserve the loudest praise. Even if they decide to commit adultery, their wives will never know about it. The mistress of the Virgin must be a unique woman, able to captivate him and lead him away from the usual calm dimension of his being.

Virgos rarely leave their families. Undoubtedly – Virgo – the surest sign of the zodiac. Dev wives – you are happy women!


They fluctuate, as befits the scales. Often torn by two women, the Libra man can arrange for both of them to be happy. Catching him for treason is difficult. Yes, and he changes not bragging, very quietly, simply because he was fascinated by an unknown force. But we know what kind of power fascinated him.


This is a difficult sign. So complicated that he gets confused in his feelings. Constancy he does not hold, as inconstancy, in fact, too. But if he changes you, you can hardly guess about it. Scorpio is able to manage their emotions, keeps himself in the hands of even the most difficult circumstances.


He’s been looking for adventure all his life. Therefore, betrayals in his life do not rarely happen. Himself Sagittarius is not particularly worried about this – life is life. He is impermanent in his connections.

Loses interest in the height already taken and returns to his nest to clean the feathers. The Sagittarius male is a bit talkative and therefore all his friends know about his infidelities.


You will immediately change your Capricorn. He builds a romantic relationship with another woman cautiously, having decided in advance for himself that he will not get involved too much. It will be easy to catch him on a lie, although he thinks everything through carefully and in advance.


He likes to diversify his life. This also applies to love relationships. Although the representatives of this sign rarely go to treason, the curiosity and romanticism of Aquarius still take their toll.

Changing, he feels ill at ease, he does not like to hide and that is why leftist ties usually do not last long. It is not clear why many astrologers consider this sign the most insidious.


Representatives of this sign, and that men, that women – the most insidious traitors. And they do not consider themselves guilty at all – such is their wide soul. Romantic nature, thirst for constant love and burning push them to new and new novels.

Male fish sometimes settle down with age. But very seldom. They cannot be blamed for this. The last sign of the zodiac gathered in itself the qualities of all the previous eleven. From all a little. What is the constancy here? But they are very interesting and gentle.


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