Every girl daydreams about her wedding day — it’s only natural to wonder what the most magical day of your life will be like! But when you meet a guy you really fall head over heels for, you might start thinking more about how he will propose, and you may even start dropping some hints for him about how you’ve always imagined it would go! You know, just so that he gets every little detail right.

Proposals can be a tricky thing for guys. The pressure is on and he’s got to come up with the perfect way to ask you to spend the rest of your life with him. Yeah, sounds easy enough, right? We all know the answer to that! That’s why some guys will appreciate it when you drop some hints. Sometimes, they are totally stuck and can’t decide what to do and they just need a little bit of advice to steer them in the right direction! However, sometimes, they really do have their own ideas for how they’re going to go about it. As usual, the stars hold all of the answers to the puzzle. Here’s how he will plan the perfect romantic proposal to you, based on his astro sign.

20-Fire Signs Will Plan Something Spectacular

When it comes to planning the absolute perfect proposal, men born under fire signs simply do not hold back — not a chance! Trust that whatever they do, they will do it in style and all of your friends will be amazed at the way he worked out every single detail. These guys do like to be the center of attention and they love knowing that they have totally impressed you beyond words, so expect something overwhelming and amazing. If you can’t even catch your breath to say “yes” in the moment, he will know that he did everything exactly right.

19-Aries: Your Best Friends Will Be In On It

Here’s the funny thing about Aries men, they are not super romantic, so they are definitely going to need a little bit of friendly advice and guidance when it comes to planning the proposal of your dreams. But they won’t ask you outright — they don’t want to spoil the surprise! So, here’s how an Aries guy will handle it — he will ask your best friends to help him plan it! He will reach out to two or three of your closest friends to get second opinions and help with certain aspects, and you’ll be so grateful to them for their help.

18-Leo: He’ll Get Everyone You Know Involved

Leo men are definitely very social, and if he’s going to propose to you, chances are that you have a pretty big group of friends, too! That’s why he will make it his mission to get all of them involved in planning the perfect proposal that will blow your mind. Expect everyone in your social circle to be in on it, and don’t be surprised if it turns out that they have all had to remain tight-lipped to keep everything a secret from you for months. They won’t spill the beans in advance — they’ll make sure it all goes smoothly.

17-Sagittarius: He’ll Whisk You Away Somewhere Amazing

Sagittarius men just love to travel, so it should be no surprise when they whisk you away to some exotic destination to ask if you want to get married! Expect to have the coolest proposal photos out of your entire friend group, because there is no doubt that the backdrop will be somewhere incredible. It will be so tough for him to remain tight-lipped about his plans throughout the trip, but on the night before your last day of vacation, he will get down on one knee and ask you the question the you’ve been waiting so long to hear.

16-Fire Signs Want To Impress You With Every Detail

Men born under fire signs always want to give it their all, no matter what they’re doing —whether it’s asking you out on the ideal first date or planning a dreamy proposal that you will be talking about for years to come.

They will not stop planning until they’ve got every single detail just right.

Yup, even the Sagittarius guys who are known for being so carefree will still take the time to make sure that they haven’t missed anything! These guys just want to make you feel happier than you have ever been before, so they always go all out.

15-Earth Signs Will Keep It Simple

Earth signs are probably not going to plan a super elaborate proposal, but if you’re already dating a guy born under an earth sign, chances are that you don’t really want him to do that anyway. Nope, you are probably looking for something much more simple and laid back. You too will probably be on the same page about this long before he actually gets down on one knee and asks you to marry him. And the great thing about keeping it simple? He won’t have to worry as much about making every little detail perfect, so that’s less stress for him.

14-Taurus: He’ll Write You A Beautiful Letter

Taurus men sometimes have trouble finding the right words to say at moments like this. Even when he is head over heels for you, he will still sometimes get tongue tied when he knows there is pressure to be super romantic. So, how on earth is he going to handle a proposal?

He will write down all of the words that he is too nervous to say out loud and he will work that into the proposal.

Don’t be worried if it seems like he’s at a loss for words — it’s just hard for him to explain his love for you.

13-Virgo: He’ll Take You To Your Favorite Restaurant

Virgo men will want to do something romantic, but they will still want to keep it relatively low key. However, since they are generally pretty good with money, they will have a decent budget for the occasion, and they will want to treat you right. Expect an incredible meal at your favorite fancy restaurant — more courses than you could ever eat, the most delicious desserts you’ve ever tasted, and at the end of it all, he will get down on one knee in front of everyone and reveal the ring that you have been hoping to wear for all those years.

12-Capricorn: It Will Be Like Something Out Of A Movie

So yes, we did say that in general, earth signs do keep it simple, but that doesn’t mean that a simple proposal can’t be spectacular! When it comes to find true beauty in simplicity, Capricorn men are absolutely the experts. They will plan something for you that has you crying tears of joy, but they won’t have to go too over the top with it. Expect to take a walk down memory lane and for him to take you through the memories of all the amazing times you have spent together — you will be amazed at how thoughtful he is.

11-Earth Signs Don’t Need To Make It Too Elaborate

Men born under earth signs prove that you don’t need to do something totally out of the ordinary to truly put a smile on a girl’s face. In fact, they prove that at the end of the day, it is all about your feelings for each other. And if you’ve been dating a guy born under an earth sign for years anyway, it’s clear that you don’t need anything too elaborate. After all, if you did, you probably wouldn’t dating a Capricorn, Virgo, or Taurus! They will show you just how much they care in their own special, romantic way.

10-Air Signs Will Be Spontaneous

Do air signs ever really like to plan anything? Well, no, and if you know any air signs, you know that hanging out with them means that you never quite know what’s going to happen next! And if you’re dating an air sign, you know this way better than anyone else. They are the most spontaneous, fun-loving signs. Any girl dating an air sign knows not to expect a perfectly-planned proposal — and if she’s dating an air sign, she probably wouldn’t want one in the first place. These guys will just go with the flow.

9-Gemini: He Will Ask You Out Of The Blue

Has a Gemini man ever truly “planned” a proper proposal? We’re going to have to say no, but that doesn’t make it any less romantic! These guys really don’t seem to believe in planning anything, and it doesn’t bother them one bit. They would much rather just spring into action when the moment feels right.

A Gemini guy will purchase the perfect ring, keep it in his pocket, and just wait for the mood to strike him before he proposes.

Will it be glamorous? Probably not. Will it be loving, sweet, and memorable? Of course—after all, it’s true love.

8-Libra: He Will Surprise You With A Public Proposal

Libra men tend to take a similar approach as Gemini, but they won’t leave the time and place totally up to fate. They will probably have a few different places in mind, and when they feel that the time to ask the question has finally arrived, they will wait until you’re in the right spot to get down on one knee. But here’s the thing, Libra guys almost always want to propose in public. Look, your Libra man loves to show you off — he’s so head over heels for you, he just can’t help it, and he wants the world to know.

7-Aquarius: He Will Do Something Out Of The Ordinary

An Aquarius guy is the type to propose to you in a unique situation. He might kneel down in front of the shark tank while you’re visiting the aquarium. He might ask you under the stars at the planetarium. He might take you to the top of a lighthouse and then surprise you. If anyone could pull off a proposal underneath the Northern Lights on a magical evening, it’s an Aquarius guy! If you’re lucky enough to be dating an Aquarius guy, just know that he will definitely make it a proposal to remember, and everyone will be super jealous.

6-Air Signs Won’t Plan Too Much

If you’re in love with a guy who happens to be born under an air sign, you probably already know that he won’t be much of a planner when it comes to the proposal (or anything else in life, really). But just know this for sure, it doesn’t mean that he loves you any less. In fact, he loves you so much that he trusts that no matter when and where he happens to propose, your future together will still be beautiful and bright. And in true air sign fashion, it will still be full of surprises for years to come.

5-Water Signs Will Be Unbelievably Romantic

If you happen to know any men born under water signs, you know quite well that they are super romantic.

These guys are sweet, sensitive, and they just love everything about being in love. As you can imagine, a guy born under a water sign will really put his entire heart and soul into a proposal.

He probably won’t even need a single hint from you or your friends on the right way to go about it — he will already know exactly what you really want out of that special moment, and he will make your dream into your reality.

4-Cancer: He’ll Take You On A Scavenger Hunt

A Cancer guy will definitely make the most out of this opportunity to really sweep you off your feet and show you exactly why you should say yes to him. He will plan out something super special. He will have a whole scavenger hunt with all of your favorite places around town, and you will want to save all the little clues that he leaves you! And when you finally reach the end, he will get down on one knee to ask that special question and you will be so grateful to be with a man who cares so much.

3-Scorpio: He’ll Have The Most Beautiful Speech Planned

Remember how we mentioned that Taurus guys aren’t always so good with words? Well, Scorpio men are the exact opposite of Taurus men in that respect. In fact, when it comes to planning a proposal, Scorpio guys put so much emphasis on what they’re going to say to you. To them, that is by far the most important part.

They want you to know exactly how much they love you and they want to tell you in their own words.

Even if the little speech takes a few minutes, waiting to say yes will be totally worth it to hear his words.

2-Pisces: He’ll Take You To The Place Where You Had Your First Date

A Pisces man is the type to start planning his proposal the minute that you two say “I love you” for the very first time.

And when it comes to romance, these guys give it all they’ve got.

So if you’re dating a Pisces man, we’re about to let you in on a little secret — when he is ready to propose to you, he will probably take you back to the spot where you had your first date. You will be super nostalgic and think back to the moment you first knew you two were going to be together.

1-Water Signs Can’t Wait For The Wedding

The other great thing about marrying a water sign (besides the fairytale proposal, of course)? Typically, the bride is the one who gets super excited about the wedding and sets out to do almost all the planning, but when you’re marrying a guy born under a water sign, he will want to be just as involved.

Yup, these guys love to be a part of every step of the process, and he is counting down the days until the wedding in his head.

Any woman who marries a water sign guy absolutely has an amazing future to look forward to.


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