Woman. Feminine beginning. Dark and incomprehensible Yin, which everywhere complements the bright male half of Yang.

The role of women was and always will be. And vice versa – the world of the man will remain unrevealed until he attracts the feminine.

The role of women in the life of a man is the main and secondary at the same time, bright and inconspicuous, eternal and inconstant …

“There is an opinion that” the east is a delicate matter. ” In this case, the woman – the most subtle thing!

If we consider the Great United, as the union of Yin and Yang, male and female, then the feminine personifies the dark, mysterious, passive unmanifested. This is a bowl, a vessel full of witchcraft. The reverse side of the moon, which you will not see from the earth, no matter how hard you try. Without the feminine, the masculine is not embodied – such is the law of the Universe, which also has a feminine essence. The plan will remain a design until a woman enters the game.

In other words, the feminine is the soil from which the abandoned seed grows.Without soil there will be no ear … there will be no life.

Only a pomegranate tree will grow out of a pomegranate bone — necessarily and without fail. The soil gives life to an infinite variety of forms. White lilies and fragrant roses are born from its black bowels.

Without a woman, not a single star will light up, not a single flower will bloom, not a single melody will sound, not a single poem will be born!

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A woman does not need logic, because her perception is comprehensive: it is above the reasoning of the mind, as intuition is above calculations, and feelings are above any rules.Where a man is looking for evidence, a woman just knows. Her element – the still, pristine fog, where all the answers come from.

If not for silence, how would we understand the sound? If it were not for darkness, how would we understand the light?

The woman is a child of the night.

But only at night we see the constellations and the Milky Way, the nebulae of other galaxies. In the darkness of the night we meet with the eyes of the universe itself.

The woman is a child of love.

Nymph dancing in the eternal gardens of spring. Aphrodite, coming out of the sea foam, shaking off pearl drops. She is always surrounded by curly Eroto, whose bows are ready to shoot, and the quivers bursting with merciless arrows.

A woman is a child of mystery.

Only the one who comes off the ground will be able to see the dark side of the moon. But to see, yet does not mean to comprehend … “

This is the story of the famous writer Natalia Solntseva. In it, the whole female essence, the main role of a woman is to decorate the Universe of Men, the Universe of Love …


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