Astrological knowledge has multiple applications, some that we do not even know. Did you know, for example, that there are recommended foods for each sign of the zodiac? In this article we will inform you about certain guidelines that you can follow in your diet, to align it with your astrological profile and get more welfare in your life. Do not miss the lines that follow.

Why is it important to discover the ideal food for each sign? It is known that each of the twelve signs of the zodiac is more prone to suffer certain diseases or ailments. Therefore, addressing a diet that tends to the prevention of these pathologies can be an excellent idea to improve our health.

The fire signs 

Aries:The problem with this sign is fluid retention. In this way, the natives of Aries should privilege the diuretic fruits, either in their traditional presentation or by including them in juices. Citrus fruits, raw vegetables or red fruits are an excellent possibility. It controls especially the consumption of salt.

Leo: here the problem is the heart, therefore you should always privilege simple meals with a low level of negative cholesterol. For example, meats with low fat, fruits and vegetables that provide vitamins E and C and other natural dishes. Try to reduce your alcohol consumption and do not overdo it with coffee.

Sagittarius:The representatives of this sign are lovers of fried dishes, but they must reduce their intake because they tend to accumulate fat in the hips and thighs area. It is best to opt for steam cooking, baked meats with little fat and eggs. You must detoxify the body with fruits, vegetables and seeds.

The signs of land 

Taurus: the most complex area for bullfighting and bullfighting is the throat. In addition, they like to eat a lot and can become overweight or suffer from gastrointestinal diseases. Consequently, your diet should be centered on vegetables, cereals and whole grain bread, controlling the appetite. Choose lean meats and reduce the consumption of sweet products.

Virgo:the inconveniences may come from the digestive system. It privileges a natural breakfast with fresh fruits and foods with abundant fiber. For the rest of the day, look for boiled vegetables and legumes, fish meat and eggs. Try to put aside red meat and coffee.

Capricorn: this sign is predisposed to suffer problems in bones and teeth. Consequently, you have to consume many foods rich in calcium and magnesium. Vegetables, nuts, dairy, gelatin and vegetables will be a perfect choice. Eliminate sugary drinks while you eat.

The signs of water 

Cancer: the points to care for the natives of this sign are the nervous system and digestive problems. Fresh vegetables, legumes and fruits are ideal in this case. The infusions and dairy products are also recommended for natives of this sign. On the other hand, you have to reduce the consumption of flour products and spicy ones.

Scorpio: according to astrology, the reproductive system and the genitals are the weak point of Scorpio. They also tend to suffer ulcers and gastritis. As a result, it eliminates spicy foods and very strong foods. You also have to have more orderly habits with the food, because the Scorpios tend to vary too much. Vegetables, fruits, legumes and lean meats are the best for this sign.

Pisces: the main drawbacks for Pisces and Pisces come from the side of the urinary system. You must control yourself, because they often abuse the preparations with plenty of salt and alcoholic beverages. As for habits, the best thing for Pisces is to recharge breakfast and have a light dinner. Seafood, dairy, vegetables and fruits have to be the center of your diet. Leave out the processed products with excess salt.

air signs 

 Gemini :The central problem is located in the lungs. Consequently, you need to incorporate foods with a great contribution of vitamin C, calcium and iron, with the purpose of preventing infections in the respiratory system. In addition, it is key that you order your day and follow a certain regularity in your meals. The ideal menu for Gemini natives should focus on meats and salads, with creative and natural additions such as soybeans or seeds. It is advisable to reduce the consumption of coffee, tea and sugary drinks.

Libra:In the case of the representatives of this sign of the zodiac, the health disadvantages are usually oriented to the area of ​​the kidneys. In this way, it will be vital to increase the consumption of water to clean the kidneys, but also to take many infusions aimed at preventing infections and eliminating toxins, such as linden tea, chamomile or lemon balm. As for the food, they have to rely on dishes prepared in a homemade way and with a natural spirit, including for example white meats or whole grains. On the other hand, you have to avoid all kinds of processed foods or too succulent.

Aquarius: Aquarius have to take special care of the health problems in the pancreas and in the circulatory system. Diabetes or gout are some of the ailments that usually afflict Aquarius more often. Some ideal foods for Aquarius are white meats such as chicken or fish, dairy products, vegetables and cereals, among other products with a high fiber content. On the other hand, it reduces the level of consumption of sugars and avoids junk food.


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