If you’ve been dating for a while with little success, knowing your zodiac sign can actually be pretty helpful. For instance, you can get an idea of who you’re most compatible with, what you need to do in order to bring your best self out, and the different ways you may be sabotaging your dating life. Astrology can be weirdly accurate!

However – if you really want to utilize the stars in order to gain insight into your life – you should never use your zodiac sign as an excuse, or blame your setbacks on it. You can’t just say “Well, that’s just the way I am” – instead, you should take the knowledge of what you’ve learned about yourself through astrology and make an effort to do better.

Being aware of astrology can give you more insight into yourself — as well as how you can connect with other signs, especially in relationships. And when it comes to having any kind of relationship, each zodiac sign behave differently and will consequently need different pieces of advice to follow.

Keep reading to know the one piece of relationship advice that each zodiac sign should never listen to.

16-Fire Signs: “You Don’t Need To Tone It Down”

When it comes to love, fire signs are hard-headed and hard to compromise with – they naturally refuse to be tamed and prefer to dominate (especially during conversations) everybody they’re having a relationship with.

Naturally, these signs are a bit more stubborn than others but this is to be expected—after all, they’re called fire signs for a reason!

If you’re going to date a fire sign, you definitely need to be aware of – and prepare for – this. On the other hand, they’re the perfect fit if you’re looking for a relationship full of passion and ‘hot’ fights. They can hit you like a thunderbolt (in the most positive sense).

At first, they can be tough signs to connect with, and once you do, it’s still not always easy to have a happy or balanced relationship. They are often set in their ways and do not necessarily want to change for anyone, the opposite is actually more likely to happen. The phrase “My way or the highway!” could definitely sum up the fire sign outlook on relationships!

15-Aries: “You Should Find Someone Better For Yourself” – Give People A Chance But Do Not Rush Into Everything Too Quickly

For Aries individuals, it’s either all or nothing – with no other way in between (but theirs!). They don’t only expect to get what they want exactly how they pictured it like, they also want it fast. “Too much, too fast” are four small words that describe the typical Aries pretty well.

This might be causing them troubles, as they might be sabotaging their dating life by being a little too excited, a little too passionate, and a little too impatient with the pacing of their relationship or their love life as a whole.

Generally, when a person comes into their life, Aries would prefer an instant connection. If there is no instant connection, an Aries will not be interested in continuing to build any form of a relationship. But it’s also often true that establishing a healthy and balanced relationship takes some time – as each partner needs to figure out what the other wants and how they can compromise.

So if at first, your partner is not as perfect as you want him or her to be, try to be patient with them. This doesn’t mean that you should settle with the first person that comes around – or that you should be happy with whatever you get – it just means that you should give yourself (and the other person!) some time to see how the relationship evolves. Keep in mind that not everyone likes to take a fast pace but some people are worth waiting for!

14-Leo: “Show Them Who’s The Boss. Don’t Let Them Push You Around” – Accept That You’re Not Always The Center Of The Universe

Leo individuals love to be in charge – there’s not really another way to say it. After all, their symbol is the lion, and they are natural born leaders. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so it’s no wonder why they love having the spotlight on themselves.

Luckily, there are many people out there who would be more than glad to date someone like you, but it’s just that sometimes, you will simply have to take the backseat and allow your partner to take the lead in order to make things work between you two. Will it feel uncomfortable at first? Yes. Is it necessary? It is, sometimes.

You can’t be the one to take charge all the time – that just does not make for an equal relationship.

If you care about the person you’re having a relationship with, stop allowing your pride or ego to ruin every good thing that comes your way!

13-Sagittarius: “Show Them How It’s Done” – You Have A Tendency To Make A Joke Out Of Everything

Sagittarius – like Aries and Leo – is another energetic fire sign. As a friend, you’re fun and great to be around. As a date, you’re inspiring and dedicated, and you love nothing more than to laugh and flirt. However, when it’s time to get a little serious and real, you tend to be “too hard to pin down” and “commitment” start sounding like a dirty word to you. The love of your life may find you when the timing is right, but you will have to be willing to welcome it into your life!

You also have a tendency to make a joke out of everything, and this could seriously get in the way of your happiness by ruining a good relationship. So instead of ‘showing him/her how it’s done’ and being arrogant, try to stay still long enough to get to know your partner and commit to them when the time calls for it (if they mean a lot to you). You can’t play the field forever!

12-Earth Signs: “You’re Not Being Unreasonable”

One of the things Earth signs struggle with the most is being able to open up and be okay with feeling vulnerable.

They don’t let themselves go with the moment too easily and always try to hold on to their emotions.

It’s not rare for them to end up not saying something they wanted to say at first. Unfortunately, this is often one of the main deal breakers of their relationships.

Also, these signs are not as lovey-dovey as signs under any other element. They are simply not the ones who will get carried away by love. If you ever call an earth sign a “hopeless romantic,” they would probably laugh in your face and totally brush off the comment – that’s just not who they are, but they’re fine with that. The key to a happy relationship for these zodiac signs is definitely to find someone who makes them feel like they can let their guard down.

11-Taurus: – “Don’t Be The First One To Say You’re In Love” You Tend To Be Too Guarded

Just like we said, Earth signs tend to keep all to themselves, but Taurus is the true definition of someone ‘guarded’. Taurus individuals simply do not want to give anyone the opportunity to hurt them – and they think that the moment they open up to someone and tell them their deepest, darkest secrets, they are giving them that power.

If you’re a Taurus, it will definitely take you a long time to find a perfect partner you feel truly safe and secure with, but once you do, you will need to finally let yourself be vulnerable. It’s the only way that any of us can ever experience real love.

You also tend to be too habitual and get too comfortable when you’re in a relationship. You know what you like, you know what makes you happy and you stick to it. And while there’s really nothing wrong with liking a routine; when it comes to dating, it can cause things to become a little boring. So don’t be so afraid to spice things up sometimes for the sake of your relationship!

10-Virgo: “Don’t Settle For Anything Less Than What You Want” – Do Not Hold People To Unrealistic Standards

If you’re a Virgo, you’re dedicated, witty, and resourceful; all of which are really great traits to have in a partner. You also tend to like things in a certain way, which can make you pretty uptight and critical. Virgos are known for being highly critical – but they don’t see it as a bad thing! Au contraire! They hold themselves to high standards – and that is in itself not wrong – but the problem occurs when they begin to hold other people to unrealistic standards.

The risk is you can end up focusing only on the negatives and ignore all of the positives.

And you can’t live like that forever – no one wants to live in fear of screwing up. In order to have a healthy love life, you need to realize that no one you date will ever be perfect – you will always have to decide which flaws you can and can’t accept. And remember that our flaws – together with our qualities – are what make us special and interesting!

9-Capricorn: “Be Your Own Priority” – You Tend To Leave Your Partner Behind

Capricorn, your work ethic, and business savvy are what makes you stand out the most – making you look inspiring and attractive. When you’re talking about your passions, your eyes shine brighter and people tend to fall in love with you more easily because of that!

However, you tend to focus too much on your own accomplishments sometimes, and this might cause you to leave your partner behind. For instance, one of your biggest flaws in relationships is the fact you don’t make enough time to spend with your significant other – and over the long run, this can really damage the relationship. Even if you are always running around on a busy schedule, the person you love shall remain one of your priorities – so try to always make some time to spend with him or her. You can start by taking a day off, or something close to that. Let down your hair! It’s ok to have fun!

8-Water Signs: “You Can Never Come On Too Strong”

There are other signs in the zodiac categorized as “hopeless romantics” but water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces – beat them all with no contest. And if you’ve ever met – or even dated – a water sign, you are probably not surprised to hear this! Water signs are super romantic and when they are in love, it will be impossible for them to hide it.

They’re always ready to cover their significant others in expensive gifts and surprise them with romantic gestures.

They’re not ashamed to show their affection and loyalty, even if it’s cheesy!

These signs are also obsessed with finding “the one.” They are constantly chasing that ‘happily ever after’ that they have always wanted and watched in movies. They will not settle for anything less than the best, but love can make them blind at times – and this might cause them to convince themselves that someone is a better match than they really are.

7-Scorpio: “Just Read Their Chat. You Have The Right” – You’re A Fighter, But You Need To Pick The Right Battles

Scorpio individuals often feel like they must maintain power and control over every aspect of their life. As a Scorpio, you can be very protective of yourself – ultimately your heart and feelings. Issues might arise when you refuse to express emotional vulnerability – often viewed as a potential weakness or threat. To improve upon and/or ensure a healthy relationship, you should stop bottling your emotions and learn to trust your partner with their feelings. If you have a hard time opening up, it’s ok to let your partner know you need to take things slowly. In other words, work on becoming more transparent!

Another peculiarity that distinguishes you from other signs of the zodiac is your tendency to feel like you need to get into an argument over every little thing if you ever want to have your way. You can’t help but make your opinion known no matter the subject of discussion. However, you should understand that it pays to find balance and figure out when the fight is actually worth it.

Scorpio, you’re nothing if not a fighter – but you need to learn how to pick the right battles!

6-Pisces: “Never Stop Fighting For Your Relationship” – Stop Idealizing Everything, Including Your Partner

As a Pisces, you’re dreamy, imaginative, and a romantic at heart. Unfortunately, your dreamy nature makes it easy for you to live in the realm of fantasy at times – you love to idealize your partner and your relationship, so it can often be difficult to see reality for what it really is.

Pisces is considered to be the most idealistic sign of the zodiac. Everything is ideal for them. For this reason, you might tend to even idealize the personality traits of the one you love. But when this happens, it can lead to detrimental after effects.

If you put your partner on a pedestal at some point of your relationship, you will never be able to see things for what they are, and you might even end up fighting for a relationship that isn’t worth fighting for.

Now, don’t get me wrong: fighting for someone you care about is perfectly understandable, but do not make it all about that. If your partner isn’t fighting as much as you for your romance, then maybe it’s time to let it go.

5-Cancer: “Stay Quiet. Don’t Make It Worse” – Don’t Bury Your Emotions All The Time

Cancers are total relationship material. They’re helpful, patient, nurturing, and romantic – which are obviously all great qualities to have. However, Cancers are also the most emotional of all the zodiac signs, and they tend to put themselves first. Sometimes they can be a little hypersensitive and even hover.

There is an issue with Cancers as they have a tendency to overreact and magnify insignificant situations. They’re considered complex signs because even though they can overreact at times, they can also stay extremely quiet when a problem occurs and hold on to their emotions in an unhealthy way.

Cancer, you are so kind and compassionate that you’ll refuse to “rock the boat” in order to avoid conflicts and keep the peace – but this will not last in the long run. You can’t simply bury your emotions every time you feel sad or angry over something that your partner does. If you want to have a happy relationship, you need to grow a thicker skin and learn how to be honest and communicate properly when it’s needed.

4-Air Signs: “It’s Okay To Be Indecisive”

When it comes to dating, having to deal with an air sign isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It can turn into a tricky process and actually look a lore more like walking on a tightrope. That’s because their expectations (generally high) can change very quickly.

One minute, everything is fine, and your romance looks like a fairytale, but the next day they wake up wanting something totally different and, out of nowhere, your relationship is on the rocks.

It can be so confusing!

This rollercoaster-type relationship, however, has its own perks, too. One way to look at it, for instance, is that whoever dates an air sign is going to have a unique relationship – no two days will feel the same. There will be many different things you will need to work on as a couple, of course, but if you can learn how to make it work, your love could end up lasting a lifetime. In the end, it really depends on how much you like drama and passion!

3-Libra: “Eyes Must Be Fed” – You Have A Tendency To End Up With Someone For No Other Reason Than Their Looks

As a Libra, you’re charming, lovable, and hopelessly romantic; which all makes sense considering that your ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love. While you love the idea of love, commitment, and partnership, you’re also extremely indecisive. This might sabotage your dating life because you get too hung up on having “the perfect romance” and the decisions you take reflect that at times. The risk, for instance, is that you might be too focused on chasing someone that hasn’t texted you back in a week to open your eyes to the other amazing people out there.

Another quality of Libras is their tendency to care (often too much) about looks. This doesn’t only mean they care about their own appearance – they are always shopping for new clothes and accessories, or, in the case of Libra women, they like to get their nails done regularly — but it also means that they’re going to date someone that is super attractive. Unfortunately, this can often land them in unsatisfying relationships, as they may end up with someone for no other reason than looks. “Do not judge a book by its cover” should become your mantra is you want your love life to be satisfying!

2-Aquarius: “Demand That Your Partner Is Romantic” – Relationships Aren’t Always Like The Movies

Aquarius are amazing signs to hang out with, they’re known for being communicative, open-minded, inviting, and above all, authentic. If you’re an Aquarius, you just do your own thing and that’s really cool! However, you do have a tendency to be a little too eccentric and detached from reality. At times, this might led you to be a little judgmental towards others’ ideas and opinions. And this is also the reason why you often have unrealistic standards for your relationships – something that leaves you disappointed every time.

You tend to worry about some silly things and details only because you want your life to look like a movie – for instance, you might create fictional conversations in your head and be mad to the other person if they don’t say exactly what you expect them to.

You want (and demand) something special that many people can only experience once or twice in a lifetime. But while we have no doubt that you will find ‘the one’, you can’t expect your relationships to play out like a Disney movie. When you’ll realize that, your love life will be so much happier!

1-Gemini: “There’s Plenty Of Fish In The Sea” – Stop Having A Plan B

Geminis are known to be charming, playful, intelligent, and excel in communication. They always have a ton of energy, they’re very curious and their mind has a tendency to wander.

However, Geminis have this tendency (that looks more like an obsession at times!) to always have some kind of ‘B plan’ in store. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can cause some troubles in a relationship as it might show you struggle with loyalty. If you’re a Gemini, you might happen to have a hard time convincing yourself to settle down with one person; it’s tempting to keep someone else on the backburner just in case things don’t work out.

Don’t be ashamed – you can always work on that and change it. Contrary to popular belief, Geminis are as capable of having long-term relationships as other signs; it’s just that their commitment is always on their terms because of their constant need for freedom.

The best advice for you? Keep in mind there is simply no substitute for loyalty. Nothing can replace this quality, and you will have to accept this reality if you want to have a successful relationship.


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