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There is a lot our zodiac sign can tell us about ourselves. From our personality traits, weaknesses, and even specific things like what mistakes we make in our relationships. No matter how hard we work in a relationship or how perfect we try to be, we will all always have at least one downfall. Thanks to our zodiac, we can learn what that is and try to work at it so that we can have relationships that run smoother and last longer. Unless you know what the problem or issue is, there will be no way of knowing where to start. We are only human, and as humans, we all make mistakes because there is no such thing as perfect.

If you want better and longer lasting relationships, you have come to the right place!

You can look at your zodiac, as well as your significant other’s, to see what challenges you both need to overcome. Perhaps you want to help out a friend who is struggling with their relationships? Even if you just want to make your relationship with your best friend stronger, the following will be able to help you out as well.

You can apply this to almost any relationship that you have. We are sure you will find this information beneficial and definitely useful! Continue reading to see the one mistake each zodiac sign is making in relationships! This information is for both men and women!

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24-Aries Women: Overly Moody

Aries women are passionate, confident, and honest. But they do tend to become overly moody at times in their relationships. They can go from hot to cold in an instant. These mood changes can drive their significant other a bit crazy because they never know which version of this woman they are going to get.

At times, it can lead to a rocky relationship.

This is the main mistake that Aries ladies really need to work on and get under control in order to have longer lasting and more satisfying relationships. No one really wants to deal with someone when any little thing could make their moods swing out of control. With all the other amazing qualities an Aries woman has, her moodiness surely will not be missed!

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23-Aries Men: A Bit Too Impatient

Aries men tend to be courageous, optimistic, and very determined. Even with all the amazing qualities that they have, they are pretty impatient and do not like to wait for anyone or anything. Which can sometimes make it challenging to be in a relationship with them. Their impatience drives their significant other crazy. They might feel the need to flee if they have a night out planned and they have to wait for another person to get ready. Since he is determined, he sets out and goes for what he wants to do; he just doesn’t like waiting for things to happen. Since he can also be short-tempered, it fuels his impatience, which can make him seem aggressive sometimes. If he learned to just wait things out a bit, his relationships have the potential to last a very long time.

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22-Taurus Women: Tend To Be Stubborn

Taurus women are very reliable individuals and they are also stable and practical. They also tend to be very stubborn, however. Things have to be a certain way for them, and when they get the image stuck in their head of how they want things to be, they are not easily persuaded to take another route.

Stubbornness can get in the way of any relationship because sometimes significant others can feel like it’s one-sided when their partner gets to call all the shots.

Taurus women have to realize that there is more than one way to do things and that getting their significant others input can help make a relationship even more solid. Usually, when a Taurus woman learns to let her partner run the show every now and then, great things can be accomplished!

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21-Taurus Men: Can Be Possessive

Taurus men are devoted and patient creatures and they are very responsible. So it comes as no surprise that they are also very possessive of their significant other. They need to realize that their partner is not a piece of property that can be branded and claimed like a piece of furniture. Even if they don’t show this side of themselves, it can still get stuck inside their heads. They might put their arm around their partner in public and pull them in closer without even realizing it at times. Especially when their other half is getting a bit of attention. They like people to know that their significant other is theirs, which can sometimes make their S.O. feel a bit uneasy. If they learn to let go of this behavior, things would go according to plan more often. They should let their devotion outshine their possessiveness and not the other way around.

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20-Gemini Women: Can’t Make Up Their Mind

Gemini women are quite curious but very affectionate. The curious part of them feeds into their one mistake that they keep making in relationships, which is the fact that they are very indecisive and have trouble making up their minds. Even things like going out on a date and trying to figure out what to order can become a complicated process for them. This can certainly annoy their partner a bit. In order for someone to be with a Gemini woman, they must be very patient.

Their indecisiveness starts from the time they wake up until it’s time for them to go to bed.

This can strain a relationship quite a bit because they are always looking toward their partner to help them choose, or at times even make the decisions for them. If they can learn to let go of this, things would be a breeze because their affectionate side would make them so easy to learn to love.

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19-Gemini Men: Sometimes Seem Nervous

Gemini men are gentle and learn how to do things rather quickly, but they let their nervous side get the best of them every now and then. Even if they don’t appear nervous on the outside, they are quivering on the inside which can make it hard for them to be the one to make a move. If they are with another person and they happen to be shy or nervous themselves, the relationships don’t tend to last as long as they could. It’s hard to show people what they are really made of since they may back away from certain opportunities since they get so nervous. If they would try to take a few deep breaths and then dive into new experiences, they would make a fabulous partner for anyone to be with.

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18-Cancer Women: Their Insecurities Run Deep

Women who fall under the zodiac sign Cancer are very sympathetic and emotional–in a good way! But their insecurities can run deep. They hold on to every negative thing that anyone has ever said to them and let the positive stuff slip on by. But because of their insecurities, they have learned how to be sympathetic to how others feel since they have been hurt themselves.

This can make it hard for people to be in relationships with them because when they are told that they are beautiful, they just lower their eyes to the ground and smile.

Sometimes their insecurities are so strong, they often find it hard to love themselves to the fullest. In turn, that can make the people who love them have to work twice as hard. They need to realize their true beauty, inside and out, so that it makes their significant other not have to work as hard.

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17-Cancer Men: Tend To Be Suspicious

Men who fall under the cancer zodiac sign are loyal, but very persuasive. They can talk almost anyone into doing anything they want–especially the person that they are in a relationship with. The one mistake that they almost always tend to make when they are in a relationship is that they are very suspicious individuals. This trait can really push their loved ones away because they tend to think people are doing things that they shouldn’t be doing. This major mistake can work both ways for them as well, they can seem suspicious and well as think others are suspicious. If they want healthy and happy relationships, they are going to really have to ease up or let go of the suspicion altogether. It can be hard to be in a relationship with a man under this sign, especially when they start thinking their significant other is always up to something.

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16-Leo Women: Sometimes Everything Has To Be About Them

Leo women are very passionate when it comes to the things and people that they love. They are warm-hearted and sometimes way too generous. The one mistake that Leo women tend to make is that they love to be the center of attention, and they tend to want everything to be about them. If their partner is telling them a story, they will flip it around to be about them or they will cut in and start talking about something they went through that was similar.

They love to steal the show, which can make it hard on their relationships.

Even though they are very generous, they don’t like to share the limelight. If their significant other is sick, they will imply that their partner can’t be as bad as they were a month, or even three months ago. They have to learn to let their partner shine every once in a while as well.

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15-Leo Men: Can Be Lazy

Leo men are hilarious to be around and they can make anyone laugh. They can always turn another person’s frown upside down. They are cheerful and very creative. They make people want to know more about them which is why they always seem to get dates. However, once they get that first date and things start to bloom into an actual relationship, they can become extremely lazy. When things are rough between them and their significant other, they tend to want their S.O. to put in all the work to bring things back around. Not to mention, have you ever lived with a Leo? They can be quite messy! They sometimes feel like they got through the hard part, and once someone falls for them all the hard work is done and over with. This really isn’t fair to the person that they are in a relationship with. Leo’s need to get over their laziness and actually try to make an effort every now and then in order to have a long-lasting relationship.

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14-Virgo Women: Tend To Worry About The “What If’s”

Virgo women are generally very hardworking and loyal individuals. But they spend too much time worrying about the “what if’s” in life and in their relationships. This can put a lot of stress on their significant others because their S.Os always had to reassure them that everything is going to be okay. The fact that they are hardworking fuels their worrying because they have worked very hard to get where they are in life, and they are always worried about someone or something taking it all away.

They worry about if their partner means what they say or not, if their partner notices the effort they put into the relationship, along with everything else.

Even though they are very loyal, their worrying can become intrusive in a relationship making their partner feel fed up at times. If they want to enjoy life and the person they are with, they are going to have to stop worrying about the “what if’s” because the only thing they can control is their present.

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13-Virgo Men: Run On The Shy Side

Virgo men are very kind and practical but it’s hard for people to get to know them fully because they can be extremely shy. They could be in a relationship for years and still feel that twinge of shyness pulling at them. This can lead to a Virgo’s partner thinking that they are not comfortable with them, and this can cause some strain. When you are dating someone, the person you are with wants to know that you are comfortable being around them. Being kind and shy kind of go hand in hand. Most shy people tend to be very kind, and Virgo men are the perfect example of this. Their shyness can hold them back as well, especially if their partner crosses a boundary with them. They don’t speak up for themselves at times. They do have a few people that they are close to and open up around, but if they want to make relationships work they have to let loose a bit.

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12-Libra Women: Sometimes Carry A Grudge

Libra women are very cooperative, and they don’t mind compromising in a relationship. They are also very social women. But if anyone crosses them, even in the slightest, they will hold a grudge forever! This sometimes makes them very difficult to be in a relationship with because if by some chance their partner would ever make a mistake, they would never hear the end of it. Then, in those cases, the Libra’s cooperation would go right out the window.

Some people forgive but never forget, some forgive and forget, but Libra women will never forgive and they most definitely will never forget!

If they want relationships to work, they have to realize that we are only human and humans do make mistakes. Carrying grudges around can make people so miserable. If you’re a Libra woman, learn to forgive a little just as others learn to forgive you!

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11-Libra Men: Tries To Avoid Confrontation

Libra men are fair-minded and gracious. They like to see things as being equal. However, they tend to try to avoid confrontation. Which in some ways, can be a good thing. But in relationships, things tend to come up sometimes and a little disagreement is bound to happen every now and then. Sometimes relationships need those heated arguments in order to sort through things. Their partners may see it as their Libra man doesn’t care because they won’t fight for want they want or believe in. They need to learn that there is always a time and a place for a little confrontation and that it can actually sometimes be beneficial. What if they lived with their significant other and their S.O. wanted to move out of town, but the Libra man wants to stay where he is because of his friends and family? If he doesn’t fight for what he wants and believes in he will end up in another state and very miserable.

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10-Scorpio Women: Are Usually Secretive Beings

Scorpio women are very resourceful and can always make do with what they are given. They are also very passionate toward their partner. Their downfall and biggest mistake that they tend to make in relationships is that they are very secretive. They may seem like they are cheating because they’ll hide their phones or keep their conversations hush hush, even when they are being 100 percent faithful. This can really damage their relationships.

They also don’t like putting their business out there.

Since they are so resourceful, it’s easy for them to be secretive. Their significant other will usually despise them because of this. Usually, people do not like being with someone who always acts like they have something to hide. If Libra women don’t get rid of this hurtful trait, they may never have the relationship that they crave.

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9-Scorpio Men: Can Get Jealous Way Too Easily

Scorpio men are very brave, and they can make the best of friends. However, they keep making the same mistake time and time again in their relationships and that is that they tend to get way too jealous, way too easily. They may even take it to the level that if someone is looking at their partner that they may lose their temper. If they don’t show the jealousy on the outside, it is definitely festering on the inside. Since they are so brave, they have no problem making it known that their significant other is taken… by them. This can cause a major problem in a relationship because they sometimes don’t even want their partner to have friends of the opposite gender (or same gender if that is their preference). If they ever want to be in a solid, healthy relationship, they are going to have to let some of that jealousy go.

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8-Sagittarius Women: Sometimes Speak Their Mind… Too Much

Sagittarius women can have a great sense of humor which can make them easy to get along with, but they have a major issue when it comes to speaking their mind. Typically, you would think speaking your mind is an amazing quality to have, right? Except that these women don’t know when to stop talking. Even if they are wrong, they will chew you out and act like they are right anyway.

They have no boundaries and often tend to say hurtful things that they will regret later.

But because of their pride, they will never admit when they are wrong. This is not a good quality to have in any relationship. If they don’t know when to bite their tongue, their partner may become fed up with their reckless speaking. If a Sagittarius woman ever wants to keep a relationship, she is going to have to learn and realize when enough is enough.

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7-Sagittarius Men: Can Promise More Than They Can Deliver

Sagittarius men are very generous individuals. They would give you the shirt off of their back to help keep you warm. But they tend to make promises that they can’t fulfill. They promise their partner wonderful things, but can’t follow through for whatever reason. They’ll promise someone the moon when they can’t even get to space. This one mistake that they keep making over and over again can cause problems in a relationship because their significant other buys into these promises, but ends up feeling hurt in the end because their Sagittarius man can never come through, leaving a lot of broken promises. They need to learn to not offer more than they can actually give. For them, they want to do all of the things they promise because of their generosity, but they have no means of doing so. They need to learn to do things from more of a realistic standpoint if they don’t want to continue to let their partner down.

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6-Capricorn Women: Can Be Unforgiving

Capricorn women are very disciplined in everything they do. They are the ones to set goals and reach them every time. But in their relationships, they don’t usually forgive very easily which can make it hard for their partners. They expect others to be as disciplined as them. But not everyone can be like a Capricorn woman.

If their partner says they will do something of importance but does not get it done, it will be almost impossible for a Capricorn to forgive them.

They will act fine on the outside, some of the time, but start to resent their partner on the inside. It is not a pleasant place for them to be. They need to learn to forgive people sometimes in order for them to have peace on the inside and a good sturdy relationship.

5-Capricorn Men: Sometimes Act Like Such Know-It-Alls

Capricorn men are very responsible individuals. When something has to get done, you can always count on them. But oh man, do they think they know everything about everything. They are such know-it-alls and it drives everyone around them insane, especially their significant others. They don’t like to admit when they are wrong, or that they don’t know the answer to something. At times, they will even make up an answer rather than admit that they don’t know. They love trivia games, but usually, no one likes to play with them. They can get into such heated arguments with their partner about who is right and who is wrong. Of course, to them, they are always right. If they want a good relationship and to also seem a tad less annoying, they are eventually going to have to admit that they don’t know the answers to all of life’s questions.

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4-Aquarius Women: Are Sometimes Uncompromising

Aquarius women are very original and don’t like to run with a crowd. They are also very progressive and tend to get things done. They also advance in almost everything that they try to do. Their one downfall is that they are uncompromising. So, being in a relationship with these ladies can be quite difficult at times. They know what they want to do in life, and they will set out to do it.

But it has to be done their way and no one else’s.

You need to be able to compromise in order to make relationships everlasting. An Aquarius woman may ponder long and hard about why they can’t make their relationships last, and this is why. They could be with someone for a very long time, but because they aren’t willing to make a compromise, ever, things are bound to fall apart. They need to learn that a relationship is two people, and both people have valid ways of doing things or valid wants. Their way is not the only way.

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3-Aquarius Men: Tend To Run From Emotional Expression

Aquarius men are independent by nature. They usually don’t mind being single, but they also like to be in relationships. That is, until their significant other starts to hound on them to show that they care about them or even to show that they love them. Aquarius men run from any form of emotional expression. They may even get unnerved when their partner becomes too emotional. People usually don’t like being in relationships if they can’t even tell if their partner even really truly likes or loves them. If these guys want to be with a female, they have to realize that most females thrive off of emotions and want all that cute and cuddly stuff. All the stuff that these men don’t really like to show. If they want a good relationship, they are going to have to learn that emotions really are okay and that they won’t lose their independence by showing their partner how they feel.

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2-Pisces Women: Are Overly Trusting

Pisces women have amazing intuitive skills. They can sense when something is right. Unfortunately, for them, they sometimes ignore their gut feelings and will become overly trusting of another person. They can meet someone, and give them trust right away. Because of this, they tend to get hurt a lot more than most people. Trust in a relationship is mandatory if you want to to have a solid foundation.

But there is such a thing as being too trusting which can be harmful–more to themselves than others usually.

Their significant other can come home with their hair all disheveled and lipstick on their collar, and even if their gut is throwing up red flags all over the place, they’re overly trusting nature tends to override those natural instincts. This makes them very vulnerable. So, unlike the other signs, Pisces women need to learn to listen to their gut instincts first in order for them to have a healthy relationship. Plus, if they get played as a fool too many times they may end up trusting no one, which also is not good for a relationship.

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1–Pisces Men: Tend To Be Weary And Fearful

Pisces men are very compassionate and wise, but they sometimes tend to ruin perfectly good relationships because they become so fearful and fear the worst case scenario with everything. If their significant other is late coming home and hasn’t notified them, they will start to fear the worst and think that maybe his partner was in an accident or that they are leaving them. In reality, their partner was just stuck in traffic. Being so fearful can really put a damper on a relationship because the person these men are with may start to feel bogged down by all of their partner’s worries. Actually, these fears are a step up from worries and drain a Pisces of all his energy leaving him to feel fatigued. As long as his partner is right in front of him, he is okay. When they separate for an afternoon, their thoughts will turn to the worst. They just need to learn to ease up before their fears ruin everything.


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