You might be a natural flirt who just seems to charm every guy you meet with little effort, or you might be the kind of girl who needs to think for a minute before taking the leap and making the first move. Either way, every woman knows that those first introductions are key when it comes to impressing a guy, and it can be hard to strike that perfect balance between “being yourself” and “showing him that you’re the girl for him. You don’t want to try too hard, but you also don’t want to let your chance to spark his interest in you pass you by! Either one would be a bad move.


So, how on Earth are you supposed to figure out exactly what you need to do in order to impress a guy? Well, there a few clues that can steer you in the right direction. Here’s the thing—a man’s astro sign can give you an idea of exactly what he’s looking for in a woman, and if you know his birthday, you can definitely use that knowledge to your advantage. Here’s the one flirty move that will definitely get his attention, based on his astro sign.


20-Fire Signs: Don’t Bother To Be Subtle


Look, if you want to catch the attention of a guy born under a fire sign, there is simply no time to be subtle.


These guys respond well to a strong cue that you’re definitely interested. And yes, it can be scary to make your feelings so obvious right off the bat, but it’s actually a good idea.

Why? Well, if he responds positively, you will know right away that he’s into you, and you should continue to pursue him. And if he seems like he’s not totally into it? You know that you can move on and won’t waste time.

19-Aries: Grab His Hand When The Moment Is Right


What really catches the attention of an Aries guy? It might seem like a bold move, but it’s guaranteed to work. Reach for his hand when the moment is right.


Even if you make it seem like a lighthearted joke, he’ll instantly be paying close attention to you. Aries guys tend to be very physical, so even just a subtle gesture like that will get him thinking of you.

Now, here’s the real test — don’t let your hand linger for too long. Pull away, and then see how he reacts. If he reaches for your hand again, he’s interested in you.

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18-Leo: Make Extended Eye Contact


Leo men won’t even notice a subtle gesture. But they won’t respond to a physical gesture with the same intensity as an Aries guy, either. So what do you have to do in order to get the attention of a Leo man?

It’s actually quite simple — when you’re having s conversation with him, hold his eye contact for longer than you normally would. You don’t have to stare or make it awkward —give it just enough time for him to really connect with you.

For him, this is all you need to do in order to stand out from the crowd.

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17-Sagittarius: Kiss Him On The Cheek


When it comes to impressing a Sagittarius guy, you’ve got to be willing to be a little more bold than usual! You can’t afford to hold back or play it cool, because they aways have plenty of women fighting for their affection. What’s the best way to show him that you just might be the girl for him? Just go for it and kiss him on the cheek. Not randomly — wait for when the moment is right, and then lean in. He’ll probably be shocked that you were so forward, but that’s exactly the reaction you want from a Sagittarius guy.

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16-Fire Signs: Don’t Be Afraid To Be Bold


Moral of the story? When you want to make a good first impression on any guy born under a fire sign, you have to be willing to do a little something that will make you stand out. You have to go a little further than you would under other circumstances.

And most importantly, you have to be brave — you have to be open to taking a risk and putting your feelings out there in a way that might make you feel vulnerable.

But if he rejects you, you won’t waste a moment feeling conflicted over a guy who isn’t into you.

15-Earth Signs: Keep It Cool

So, if you want to flirt with a fire sign guy, you have to be pretty bold, but if you want to make a good first impression on a guy born under an earth sign, you’re going to have to stick with a different tactic altogether. In fact, you want to keep things cool and calm. This is because earth sign guys really like to take things slow for the most part, and it definitely takes them some time to figure out how they’re really feeling. They don’t want to feel any pressure to rush into dating after you meet.

14-Taurus: Give Him The Perfect Compliment


Taurus men tend to have small circles of friends and keep their lives pretty simple overall. They aren’t flashy, they don’t try to change themselves to make themselves stand out, and they don’t really feel like they need validation from other people to feel good.

Because of this, they often fly under the radar and keep things really low maintenance. And that’s why the perfect compliment will totally catch the attention of a Taurus guy.

You’ve just got to say the right thing at the right time, and he will be so flattered that you noticed something special about him.

13-Virgo: Just Give Him Your Number


Here’s the thing about Virgo men that often frustrates the women who fall for him—they never seem to want to make the first move! It’s very common for Virgo guys to hold back on their own feelings. That’s why they often end up with women who are more outgoing and extroverted than they are — they simply get too intimidated to make the first move. So if you want to catch the eye of a Virgo guy, give him your number. Don’t make it about going on a date. Just casually work it into a natural point in the conversation.

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12-Capricorn: Be The One To Ask Him To Hang Out


Capricorn guys aren’t too keen on making the first move, either, but that doesn’t mean you have to do something flashy or over the top to get him to notice you.

You just have to play your cards right and understand what he’s looking for in a woman.

Be the first to ask him to hang out in the future, but make it for a chill reason. Don’t ask him out to dinner, just see if he’d like to get coffee sometime or study together. He normally isn’t too social, so he’ll be happy for an excuse to go out.

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11-Earth Signs: Just Be Yourself


At the end of the day, making a good first impression on a guy born under an earth sign is all about just being yourself. You don’t have to push yourself to act like someone you’re not, or try to hide who you really are.

Just relax and remember that these guys are so chill and laid back, they aren’t looking for a girl who is always trying to be the center of attention.

They want a girl who understand what they’re really all about in life. And if you fit the bill, he will definitely take notice of you.

10-Air Signs: Show Off Your Good Side


Want to impress an air sign and get him thinking about you? Show off a little bit. Let him see your best side. Maybe that means dressing up a little more than you usually would. Maybe it means joking around and being more outgoing. Maybe it means showing a sincere interest in a few of his hobbies that you don’t know too much about, not because you’re trying to copy him, but because you want to show him that you care about what he has to say. Play the game right, and he will be yours in next to no time.

9-Gemini: Make A Witty Joke

Gemini guys always have a great sense of humor. Any Gemini guy will want to be with a woman who can go back and forth with him and even top his clever jokes.

So if you want to let him know that you’re into him, and you really want him to pursue you, you’ve got to show him that you can totally keep up with his sense of humor.

Just relax and start cracking some good jokes. If you can make him laugh, then you’re making good progress. Be bold enough to poke fun at him — he’ll find it so funny!

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8-Libra: Put Your Number In His Phone

Libra guys like it when a girl makes it obvious that she’s into him.

Sometimes, a Libra guy will be the one to make the first move, but if a girl decides to go ahead and do it, he will undoubtedly be impressed.

So, what’s the right move to make to leave him thinking about you? Put your number right in his phone. Don’t be shy, just be direct about it. Let him know that you clearly want him to call you or text you. Give him that window to get in touch with you to make future plans.

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7-Aquarius: Compliment Something He’s Wearing


Little known fact about Aquarius guys: they actually put a lot of thought into what they’re wearing. They tend to have a creative side, and they like to show it off through their wardrobes.

Now, as you may know, it’s a lot more likely for a woman to get a compliment on her clothes than a man. So if you want to show an Aquarius guy that you notice the effort he’s putting in, give him a compliment on something he’s wearing.

It’s always nice to know that the time you invest in looking good is worth it and noticed.

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6-Air Signs: The Little Things Will Impress Him

Yes, it pays to be a little more bold and forward than usual when you’re trying to make a good first impression on a guy born under an air sign. However, here’s another important truth about flirting with these signs: the little things can go a long way when it comes to flirting.

You don’t have to be hanging all over him all night. You just have to drop a few hints that let him know how you’re feeling.

These guys will definitely get the message, and before you know it, he’ll be texting you to hang out this weekend.

5-Water Signs: Appeal To His Emotional Side


Want to really impress a water sign? You’re in luck — you won’t actually have to put in as much work as you might think.

Sure, these guys can be introverted and quiet compared to other signs, but that doesn’t mean they’re guarded and closed off.

They just usually won’t be the ones to introduce themselves or make the first move. They do get a bit hesitant. But if you put yourself out there and strike up a conversation with a water sign guy, he’ll be so flattered, and it won’t take much to get him thinking about you in a romantic way.

4-Cancer: Buy Him A Coffee

There are a few different love languages, and every person will respond differently to different gestures. Some people need words of affirmation, some people just want to spend quality time with their partners, some people value help from their loved ones, some need physical affection, and others love getting gifts. Now, where do Cancer guys fall on this spectrum? They love to give and receive gifts. Getting a Cancer guy something small while you two are hanging out with him, like buying him a coffee, will definitely strike him as a very kind gesture, and you’ll leave a great first impression.

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3-Scorpio: Surprise Him With a Hug


Remember those love languages we just went over? Cancer men might love getting little gifts, but what Scorpio men really need is physical affection. They’re very emotional, and during a trying time, they would rather get a sincere hug than words of comfort.

But even if he’s in a great mood, he will still totally appreciate it if you throw your arms around him and just surprise him with a hug.

Don’t be shy about it — Scorpio men are the type to develop feelings after you indicate that you’re already interested, so this will make him take notice of you.

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2-Pisces: Throw Your Arm Around His Shoulders-


Is there a Pisces guy who you’re super into? Are you walking somewhere with him or sitting next to him somewhere cozy? Either lean into him and rest your head on his shoulder, or casually throw your arm around his shoulders.

He’ll be impressed that you’re willing to be a little bold and that you don’t hold back your affection for him.

Pisces men are often thought of as the hopeless romantics of all the signs, so if you choose to make a move, luck is on your side, and he will probably get some butterflies the next time he thinks of you.

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1-Water Signs: Don’t Stress, He’s A Total Romantic

Look, here’s the main thing to remember when it comes to water signs — when it comes to impressing him, flirting casually, or making a more obvious move, you really don’t have to stress. Even if it turns out that he doesn’t have a thing for you, he’ll be the one to let you down easy.

And he will also be honest with you — if he doesn’t want to date you, he won’t play games and lead you on.

You can’t go wrong when you flirt with a water sign. They’re such romantics that it’s always fun no matter what happens.


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