Surely you’ve ever wondered what to do to make your partner fall at your feet? Do not wait any longer and take a look at these romantic gestures :

  1. Play with your hair while the two are watching TV. It does not have to be difficult, just do it with delicacy and unravel it a little bit so that you put yourself in a total state of relaxation.
  2. Ask for the dessert to take away when they are in a restaurant, so that when they are already at home, they will eat it while watching their favorite television show or movie.

3. Instead of simply asking her where she wants to go to dinner, because, although you know she loves it when you make the effort to choose, she is very demanding when it comes to what she wants, give her three options to which you would like to go (and if you can, include one or two places that you have never been to before). This is the best you can do.

4. If you spend the night in her house (or even if they live together) make the bed while she is in the shower or fixing.

5. When she is on her way home from a big day at work, send her a message “I’m asking for an address from [put your favorite place here] and opening a bottle of wine. I wait for you!”

6. If she is wearing very cute heels for a night out, offer to take a taxi, as she is about to return home so she does not have to go through the traitor stairs of the subway after a long night.

7. If you realize that she has many things on her mind, offer to help her with some of her tasks during the weekend. Even running to the store to buy some basic things for the house, can be a great help.

8. Before a trip (or simply for no reason), buy a small nightgown or pajamas that are both comfortable and cute. We can always wear more beautiful and functional sleepwear, and it’s something we rarely take the time to buy ourselves.

9. Take her face gently when you kiss her, especially if it’s about fast farewells every day.

10. Bring her the things she likes, but that are not necessarily romantic. A bag of Cheetos, a nice shade of nail polish that you liked at the pharmacy, or a weird shirt, can mean a lot more than roses.


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