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This is a guy who will never put you first because his needs are in the first place. You are just someone he spends time with when he doesn’t know what to do. He will never cherish you like you deserve.

He loves to have s** all the time and sending n*des during the day is a normal thing to him even if you told him not to do it. He likes to show off with his s** skills and he will never give you credits for the effort you make in bed.

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He always acts like he is the most important person in your life even if you didn’t give him that place at all. He likes to make the big decisions without you because he thinks he knows the best. The sad truth is that he doesn’t care about you at all.

All he wants is money, s**, and lots and lots of alcohol. He is a real hedonist and when he gets what he wants, he will just vanish. Real douchebag, right?

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This sign is hard to handle because of their nature. In one moment they will worship you but in another one he won’t give a damn about you. The truth is that he doesn’t love you and he doesn’t care.

All he cares about is himself, so his needs will always be in the first place. And if you are not going to play by his rule he will simply dump you.

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Since this is one of the most emotional signs he will want you to give him your full attention. If he doesn’t get what he wants, he will find someone else and forget you in a blink of an eye.

While in bed, he will want you to call him names that will boost his ego. The truth is that you need to keep up a constant effort if you want to have a happy relationship with him. So, tell me, can you handle this?

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This guy is a real f*ckboy who will seduce other girls even if you are sitting next to him. The problem is that he will totally forget about you when being with other hot chicks.

He loses his common sense when flirting, so there can happen a gentle touch, kiss, and BOOM—he already cheated on you. If that happens, he will somehow find reasons good enough for why he did it and in the end, he will blame you for everything.

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This guy is someone who will win you over but who won’t try to improve relationship at all. He thinks you were lucky because he gave you a chance to be with him and doesn’t understand that it takes a lot more for real love. Leave him while it is time beacuse he won’t give you what you need.

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Libra man doesn’t like to express his feelings so you will never know how he feels about you. Even if you two date for a long time, you will always have to find ways to his heart. He is hard to handle and he gives so little love in return so if I were you, I would think twice if he is the man of my dreams.

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Scorpio is never about real love and all he wants is to get laid. He always dates the hot girls so if you are not what his ideal woman is like, he will never give you a chance. He thinks there is only one life and he should live it to the fullest.

He always tells his friends how many girls he has slept with to boost his ego. What a crazy mother f*cker, right?

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He will talk to you and with another eye, flirt with that hot waitress at the club. Emotions are not his cup of tea and he never makes any deeper bonds with women. He has s**y scenarios about every girl he meets, and he dreams about taking off their pants and starting the action.

He will take advantage of you and never call you back but that is the only way he knows to behave with women.

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This zodiac signs likes to fight a lot and he will never let you win a fight. You will never be able to get love and respect from him  since he doesn’t give it to anyone. Even if he dates you for a long time, he will still think he is the real boss in a relationship and never give you credits for all the good things you did. He will make your life a living hell and he won’t feel any remorse at all.

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This zodiac sign is one of the biggest f*ckboys of all zodiac signs. He will use you for his sick games and he will never let you make big decisions  in a relationship. He is not satisfied with his life so he wants to make you feel lousy about yours.

Many girls are attracted to him because of his interesting stories and his intellect but as soon as he reveals his real face, they all vanish.

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This guy is a f*ckboy who will do all to win you over but as soon as you become his girlfriend, he will start neglecting you. He will make you feel bad about yourself and you will spend many sleepless nights trying to figure out why you are not enough for him. I suggest you  run as fast as you can, because a man like this will never give you love you deserve.

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