Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac has different characteristics in terms of personality, which must be reflected in some way in the home. Certain colors, textures and settings will lead to a more comfortable and harmonious life, if we know how to combine them according to our astrological profile. Keep reading and you will discover the ideal decoration for your sign.

The fire signs 

Aries:The dominant element of each sign will strongly mark the needs in terms of decoration. In the case of Aries, one of the signs of fire, all those colors and shades of greater intensity are welcome, such as red or orange. In addition to bringing joy and creativity with these tones, you should bear in mind that Aries representatives do not like overloaded environments. On the contrary, you should look for simple and minimalist spaces, with a modern touch and incorporating accessories such as magazines or books, which especially call your attention.

Leo:in general terms they are considered lovers of luxury, therefore the space in which they live must have that inclination. In other words, something of the spirit of royalty must dominate the environment of the leonine or leonine. Elegance, glamor and colors like gold have to be the center of the aesthetic proposal. Something concrete that can not be missing is an accessory that remembers the fire, being a fireplace an excellent alternative. In addition, it will bring the romanticism and passion that also characterize the sign. Another option to take especially into account are the wide armchairs and places dedicated to recreation and entertainment.

Sagittarius:We know that everything exotic and related to travel is especially attractive for people born under the sign of Sagittarius. Consequently, you will have to consider the furniture, accessories and accessories with motifs that remind you of cultures foreign to your own (Indian, Oriental or Afro decoration, for example). As for the walls, for Sagittarius neutral colors such as beige or white are the most convenient alternative. A detail in bronze will be fantastic, as it can be an accessory with animal shape that has that tonality.

The air signs 

Gemini:can not miss the windows in the apartment or the house of someone born under the sign of Gemini. The contact with the air is vital, as well as a certain amplitude in the environments and the availability of especially comfortable furniture, which allow to relax with tranquility. Shades such as blue, blue or white will be perfect for these environments, and always consider that spaces should not be overloaded.

Libra:the house of the representatives of Libra must faithfully mark the importance they give to social ties, family and home. The accessories with photos of the loved ones can not be absent, but always within an elegant aesthetic and that responds to their ideal of beauty. Artistic pieces or complements in bronze are a convenient option in this case. At the same time, it is necessary to make the environments open and clear.

Aquarius: taking into account the aerial vision that characterizes this sign, the perfect environment for Aquarius will always be located in apartments at a high altitude and with a great view of the environment. As for style, vintage combined with some modern accessories can be an attractive option. You can integrate for example old trunks with furniture of contemporary trend, among other possibilities. Do not lose sight of the ecological furniture, which can attract especially Aquarian and Aquarian.

The earth signs 

Taurus:the influence of the planet Venus gives bullfighting and bullfighting a special taste for comfortable environments, with furniture of large dimensions and carpeted floors. There should be a touch of nature in the environments, for example through pots, vases or even a bonsai. As for the tonalities, pastel colors should be favored on the walls and accessories. A spacious and tastefully decorated room will be vital for this sign.

Virgo:Being a sign that respects order and classification very much, the decoration must be structured based on the concept of sobriety. The ideal colors for the home of the natives of this sign are dark green, brown and gray. These shades can be integrated both in furniture and accessories and in the walls. White also attracts them. Representatives of Virgo will feel better in functional departments where everything is handy than in houses too large.

Capricorn:in this case they are people who often privilege issues of status and social image, therefore their environments must have a touch of refinement and a certain classic style. They are perfect stone ornaments, handicrafts and hand-carved objects. The safety of the marble in the floors will be a plus of value for Capricorns. Taking into account their application to work, they must have an office in their home and place their titles, diplomas or medals in it.

Water signs 

Cancer:your home must contain them and protect them. In this way, accessories should not be missing with family memories, as well as a certain aesthetic recharged with quantity and diversity of accessories and details. Strong tones such as red, blue or purple are perfect for this sign, but placing more peaceful colors in the bedroom, such as the sky blue. A trunk to store objects from the past will be an ideal touch for the native nostalgic of this sign.

Scorpio:the electric scorpios are carried away with wonders with all avant-garde tendencies. Also, you should not fail to include elegant details and dim lighting. For furniture, the best will be steel as the predominant material, while the black, red and red tones will be especially attractive. You can not miss at home a comfortable sofa or large cushions, of course.

Pisces:the Piscians close our report, and we must say that being a clearly emotional sign you can not leave aside the romantic photos or that evoke the family past. The pieces with marine air are also central, such as stones, shells or snails placed as accessories in different environments. With regard to colors, the range of blue in its different variants has to dominate the furniture and accessories. An interesting detail may be the inclusion of sculptures or paintings.


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