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Find out what the danger of every man, based on his zodiac sign.


Aries man has a good essence. He really loves you, and will do everything for you. His intentions are commendable, and his strength is capable of a great sacrifice. Although the overall picture is good, some details will make you feel the difference. In everyday life, Aries is very dangerous, because it acts very impulsively and thinks too little about how its words or actions will affect you.

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Taurus is a man who will take care of you as a rare flower. Taurus will introduce himself exemplary with his woman. Next to him you will feel peace of mind, bodily pleasures, and he is an excellent lover. Taurus will do his best to keep you close to him. However, it is worth noting that, even though he treats you like a precious stone, he will not depend on you. He knows when to support you, and sometimes he will defend his point of view with great persistence.

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Gemini is the most cunning of all the signs of the zodiac. Men of this sign have magical power, which is able to deprive a woman of all prohibitions, as soon as they got everything they wanted, the twins to evaporate without thinking. The twin man seeks to associate love with lies and erotic games, leaving behind many victims. If you are connected with Gemini, play with the same weapon!

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The question is not whether cancer is dangerous for you, but how dangerous you are for it! This man appreciates and loves his woman and cares for her like a queen. He will fulfill all your whims, lift you up on a pedestal and will worship. It gives you tremendous power, but what will you do with it? Cancer is very sensitive, if you do not give him enough love, you may find yourself with a broken heart.

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a lion

The man Leo loves himself so much that nothing around him matters. If you are fully involved in a relationship with Leo, you will be surprised, because his priorities really have nothing to do with you. For him, you are just a trophy. Next to you, he feels like a real man, but you and he do not feel like a full-fledged woman.

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The man-maiden thinks he personifies the ideal. The love for him is heartbreaking because you are never good enough for him. A Deva always demands a lot. He criticizes you because he loves and wants to lead you along the right path. But, he does not understand that a woman needs another proof of love, like a caress …

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The love of scales will mislead you, it fluctuates in random order. Men of this sign may surprise you with their changeable kind, moving from romance and tranquility to drama and complete isolation. It is difficult to predict the future with him. The danger lies in the fact that there is no balance in your relationship, you do not know what he feels, and you cannot solve everything pragmatically. Thus, you can succumb to the flow, until you wake up and realize that your relationship with Leo does not lead anywhere.

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Scorpio love can be the most precious gift for you. In his arms you feel secure and loved. He will love you regardless of the obstacles between you. His sacrifice power is absolute! However, the scorpion has a dark side that you cannot ignore. If you offend him, the scorpion will not forget this, he will find a reason to hurt you. The problem is that he perceives an insult stronger and capable of abrupt action.

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The male archer has no bad intentions. He is an honest guy who from the very beginning will tell you that he loves adventures and very quickly gets tired of the company of one woman. You will believe that you are an exception that is not served by the rules. You are convinced that change it and be able to keep the archer next to you. But the chances of success are very small …

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Under this sign, you will find a stable person who is able to make a commitment to his beloved woman and will give you confidence. A Capricorn man is not an individual who can injure you with a reckless gesture. Yet, near him, your life can be monotonous. Next to him you will find a beautiful love, but she is not able to move to new horizons.

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After you have tamed Aquarius, he looks like a prince from a fairy tale: smart, funny, resourceful in bed and a real family man. But, up to this point, there are several steps that need to be taken. Aquarius does not give up so easily. Only a special woman can fulfill his need for freedom. If you know how to please a man in Aquarius, then you are very lucky!

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The man of fish is a true idealist, he has a clear vision of love in his subconscious. The question is, can you rise to his expectations. Even if at first he feels agitated, very soon you may find yourself outside of his thoughts, not knowing what was wrong.

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