Your relationship became routine and you think everything went down … we give you some tips to save your relationship.

Express your feelings. 
It is not about reproaching him as if he were the villain of history, but about telling himself how much they love each other.

Watch your mistakes. 
It usually happens that, when we are already in the middle of the crisis, we only focus on the faults. Now it’s your turn to look inward, accept what you’ve been wrong about and find a way to change those attitudes that have done so much damage.

Ask for forgiveness. 
It is the most expensive because, once you observed your mistakes, you must accept them in front of the other.

Forget expectations. 
Stop waiting for your partner to do or act in a certain way. Learn to flow with what happens. When we have an idea of ​​how we want things to be and it does not happen as we expected, we get frustrated and even hurt the other with reproaches. Everyone lives the situations in a different way, do not forget it.

Have control of your actions. 
If your boyfriend gets angry and screams so loud that he listens to China, he does not react the same. Give him his space and let him calm down. They will have time to talk.

Hugs and kisses to everything that gives. 
It is a cannon, but we are prone to physically withdraw when we are angry or sad. It is a natural defense mechanism; however, it is proven that one of the best therapies to fix problems is through physical contact.

Break with the routine. 
When we have a good relationship time, we repeat activities and get bored. Go out and finish with that.

Remember your best moments. 
Remembering funny anecdotes together will make them laugh. See photos or listen to songs they have shared. This will make them feel those emotions that made them rise to the clouds.

Invent something new. 
An activity that is new to both will unite them more. Whatever they share and make them have fun together.


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