So, if you were wondering about the things to look out for before jumping on the love train, here is a list of 10 major red flags you ought to be wary of when it comes to your crush’s online presence.

Dating in the social media age is a tiresome task. Despite the several disadvantages the clash of technology and relationships has created, social media does have a few perks. For instance, it is now easy to find your potential lover or crush on social media. And as such, it allows one to act with caution and verify details prior to going on a first date. Most importantly, however, people’s online behaviors allow to root out whether a potential relationship is even viable.


TMI, or too much information, is something you should always look out for when vetting a potential lover. If he constantly overshares cringe-worthy details about his life or embarrassing details about his breakup with his ex, then you need to exit stage left. This is a major red flag in social media behavior that you should look out for. After all, if he behaves this way, you may only imagine how things will go if things don’t go well between you. Indeed, he just might make a Twitter thread about you.

9-Weird Likes & Reposts

It is important to pay attention to the kind of pages, statuses, posts and related content your crush likes. This is mainly to ensure he or she is not liking anything that strongly goes against who you are or what you stand for. We must remember that it goes beyond social media when it comes to liked content. If you find your crush consistently liking se*ist, racist or unpleasant content, then you know it only hints at their deeper values. The latter may bring you to contemplate whether or not you want to continue with them.

8-S*x-driven account

There is nothing wrong with s*x or liking s*x-related content, but when it becomes the main theme of your crush’s page then something is off. If it is early in the game, this acts as a major red flag because it may hint it is all he is interested in. Moreover, would you really want to be with somebody whose social media posts are so fixated on s*x? Following a slew of s*xual or s*x-related accounts (without a good reason) are included here too.

Unless your crush is a s*x therapist who is providing informative tips and research-based advice then you may consider this one as a major red flag.

7-Too many selfies

Selfies are a great way to share and even slightly flaunt our good looks on social media. However, we all have that one friend who is constantly posting photos of themselves. Indeed, their fascination with their looks has tipped over the edge of self-absorption. If your crush is spamming his social media page with shots of himself, you may be dealing with a slight (or complete) narcissist. Of course, it is up to you to determine whether it is a dealbreaker, but the behavior can also quickly become irritating. You may be better off giving your crush the boot before its too late.

6-Constantly online

Social media is a great way to communicate with others and connect with the rest of the world. That said, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. While technology has brought forth several benefits, it can also be detrimental to our productivity and goals.

As such, you may look out for your crush’s social media use. If they are consumed by their phone, checking feeds, replying to lengthy online arguments, then you may grow resentful of their habits. Social media has a way of robbing us of the given moment and its overuse can also lead to future trouble in a relationship.

5-“It’s complicated”

If your crush’s relationship status currently says “it’s complicated,” you may take the former as a warning. Although it is perfectly acceptable to date different people while single, or be part of a polyamorous relationship, a complicated relationship status only hints at a complicated person. Moreover, complication breeds indecision and indecision is a choice which often leads to a broken heart. If your crush is still dealing with a complicated relationship, he or she may be dealing with an ex-partner or toying with your feelings while still playing the field. Evidently, if it is not what you are looking for then you may want to dodge this bullet.


This red flag relates to the TMI and oversharer category. If you find your crush going on constant social media rants, you may want to completely fall back. Constant ranting, especially on social media, hints at an individual who does not have any sort of control over their emotions whatsoever. Moreover, it is a gamble as if things do not work out between you two, you may be the subject of an upcoming rant. That is, of course, if he or she has not aired out your personal business during your relationship. To avoid any future issues, run, run and run!

3-Party animal

We all love to party. Whether you are just beginning to enjoy parties as an 18+ or belong to the category of seasoned partiers who do it occasionally, we can all appreciate a good party. Party animals, which are mostly found in college, also hold a special place in our heart. However, when it comes to dating, the latter can be a huge red flag. If your crush is partying his life away and sharing photos of themselves in less than favorable positions (hint: completely drunk) then you may want to reconsider.

A party animal lifestyle usually hints at a lack of priorities, maturity or seriousness. And depending on what you are looking for, this might serve as a deal breaker.

2-No follow back

Your crush not following you back on social is a major red flag. Not only is it sneaky behavior, but it may lead you to question the motives behind it. More often than not, it cannot be anything good. They may either be in a secret relationship they are not telling you about, or simply ensuring no one knows you exist. Either way, anyone who is unwilling to follow you on their social media accounts can only be up to something suspicious. As such, avoid the heartache and move on.

1-Multiple photos with the same “friend”

Your crush has friends, relatives and more. They lead their own lives, practice their own hobbies and do things outside of you. Undoubtedly, that is expected. However, if a certain person who is not their relative constantly pops up in photos with them, it may be a red flag. While it could be a best friend, it could also be much more. Although this is not an ultimate red flag, you may inquire about this friend at some point. And so just to make sure you are not wasting your time.


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