Valentine’s Day is that special time when couples come together to celebrate their love. Every February 14, romantic restaurants are booked solid, chocolate stores are packed with last-minute shoppers, roses sell out at flower shops, and it’s impossible to step outside without bumping into a couple gazing into each other’s eyes. For most people, celebrating Valentine’s Day is special and they look forward to receiving gifts and thoughtful affections from their partner, but what about the lonely hearts? We’ve all met the single people who complain that Valentine’s Day is a bogus holiday, but deep down you know they’re just jealous that they have to witness an outpouring of love and they have no one with whom they can spend their special day.

So, according to the zodiac, who is most likely to spend their Valentine’s Day all alone and who is more likely to have someone by their side? While none of us want to spend the most love-filled day of the year alone, some things are just out of our control. Buckle up boys and girls, this Valentine’s Day is going to be a bumpy one! Here are the zodiac signs who are most likely to spend Valentine’s Day all alone, and the signs most likely to have a date:

24-Get Ready For A Night In All Alone. Sorry, Aquarius Men

It’s not that you did anything wrong, Aquarius men, it’s just that things didn’t work out to your advantage this Valentine’s day. Spending February 14th with a hot date just wasn’t in the stars for you. It’d be best if you started planning a party where you and all your single, or at least single for the day, friends can meet up and hang out somewhere you aren’t going to be surrounded by couples gazing intently into each others’ eyes. A nice night in filled with junk food, a few good movies, and a party game or two is all it takes to help keep your mind off Valentine’s Day this year. Have a good time, Aquarius men, and hopefully, you’ll have better luck next year.

23-Libra Ladies Can Try Their Hardest, But They’re Still Spending Valentine’s Day Alone

Sorry girls, but this Valentine’s Day, you’re all out of luck. Sometimes situations don’t exactly turn out how we want them to. Don’t misunderstand though, just because you’re going to be alone on V-Day doesn’t mean you’re going to break up with your significant other. It just means that, for one reason or another, you two won’t be able to spend the special day together. Whether it’s work, school, family commitments or responsibilities, no matter how much planning you do, you won’t get to spend Valentine’s Day together. It’s not necessarily bad, lots of couples have to spend V-Day separated, and it doesn’t mean you can’t get together the day before or the day after, it just means that for that little block of 24 hours, you’re going to be on your own.

22-Aquarius Girls Who Aren’t Already In Relationships Might As Well Plan To Spend The Night Alone

If you were hoping to find a date in time for Valentine’s Day, then you’re going to have to sit down for this news. Aquarius ladies who are currently in relationships will be just fine, but all of you single ladies are out of luck. This year, you’re doomed to spend the day without being struck by Cupid’s arrow. It isn’t your fault, it’s just the way your luck turned this year. But don’t worry, just because you’re going to spend the day without a romantic partner, it doesn’t mean you have to spend the day all by your lonesome! You can grab a few friends and have your own little party. Who needs to be out smooching in public and gazing into each others’ eyes anyway?

21-Cancer Men Will Spend V-Day Alone – Unless They Step Up Their Game

Sorry Cancer men, you’ve let your feelings fall to the wayside and your lady has noticed. If you want her to stick around for Valentine’s Day instead of throwing in the towel, it’s time for you to show her that you really care. The best way to do this is to consider what her values are and what makes her happiest. If she’s a neat freak, clean up after yourself and volunteer to do the dishes. If she wakes up before you, turn up the heat so when she steps into the shower, she won’t be covered in goosebumps. If you haven’t surprised her in a while, it’s time to buy some flowers or chocolates! Even if it’s a bit of a stereotype, she’ll love it, and she’ll definitely be by your side this Valentine’s Day.

20-Sorry Cancer Ladies, Like Cancer Men, You’ll Be All By Your Lonesome This Year Unless You Make A Change

Like your male counterparts, Cancer ladies are in for a quiet Valentine’s Day unless they step out of their comfort zones. Similar to the Cancer men, Cancer women have become comfortable in their relationships and aren’t putting in enough effort to show their men how they really feel. Even if the passion has dimmed, there are still plenty of other ways to show how much you care. If he isn’t a card and present kind of guy, maybe you can try on that new outfit you’ve been waiting to wear, or finally, let him sit behind the wheel of your awesome car. Think about what he’d really appreciate and make sure to wow him before February 14, or you may just find yourself all alone.

19-Not-So-Lucky Leo Ladies Need To Slow Their Roll If They Want A Date This Year

Hey! Leo Ladies! Calm down! You may be passionate and ready to spill all your overflowing love at his feet, but if you come on too strong, he’s going to freak out and run the other way. Balance in any relationship is really important, so if you want to ensure he’ll stick around by Valentine’s Day, reign it in a little. You can still show him you love him, but maybe consider trimming down and telling him you love him only once or twice a day, with plenty of time between. Instead of smothering him with your affections, try offering your affections and pulling back a bit when he starts to look uncomfortable or tired. The worst thing you can do is come on too strong, so relax and play it cool for a little while.

18-Taurus Men Might Be Alone, But They Might Not! How They Begin The Month Will Decide How They Spend Valentine’s Day

Okay, Taurus men. How did you conclude the month of January? If you got a girl by the last day of the month, you’re all set to spend Valentine’s Day with your special someone! If you’re still scrounging around for a date, then we’re sorry to say better luck next year. It isn’t that you aren’t a great guy, or one worth getting to know, it’s just that this year your V-day plans really did rely on whether or not you closed the first month of the year single or involved with someone. Try as you might, the odds of you finding a girl by Valentine’s Day just isn’t feasible. Don’t worry though, there’s always next year! Try a little harder to snag a date and you’ll be just fine.

17-Sagittarius Women Will Have A Date, Only If They Can Control Their Tempers

You’re not really known for being too out of line, but lately, your poor attitude has been wearing your man down! He’s already dealing with your mood swings and when men deal with a woman’s attitude, they tend to run for the hills rather than stick it out for the long run. Obviously, this isn’t always the case, but just to make sure, you’d better be sure that whatever has you angry is worth fighting over. Sometimes when things upset you, it’s easier to scream and throw things, but this year, work on finding a way to talk about it in a calm manner. This will show him you respect him and that you want to get to the bottom of the situation amicably. Be a grown up and put your temper tantrums away for good!

16-A Taurus Girl Has A Date, But Only If She Does This One Little Thing

Good news Taurus girls! You’re guaranteed a date – but of course, there’s a catch! This year, if you want a Valentine by your side, you’ve got to spruce yourself up a little! We know it’s winter and winter clothing isn’t always the most alluring, so when you’re at home snuggling together on the couch, turn up the heat by showing off your greatest assets. That doesn’t mean wearing something skimpy or skin-tight, no, it just means that you should wear something to get his blood boiling! Maybe instead of sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt, you can throw on a pair of yoga pants and a fitted tee. If you don’t feel like getting all dressed up or out of your comfort zone, you can throw in a little extra charm this year and you’ll get him right where you want him!

15-The Capricorn Woman Will Spend Valentine’s Day All Alone If She Doesn’t Stop Stressing

Ladies, here’s the thing about stress; it tires you out and it makes you freak out at the drop of a hat. When you’re stressed, you’re not really the most fun person to hang out with, in fact, when someone is stressing out, their partner doesn’t want to be anywhere near them for fear of falling victim to their lover’s wrath. This year, try to take it easy. Take some time to really get into a nice, calming zone and allow yourself to accept that some things are out of your control. Be easier on yourself, and guaranteed he’ll be easier on you as well. Stop stressing and spend this Valentine’s Day wrapped in the arms of your man and forget everything that’s bothering you – at least until February 15.

14-Virgo Man’s Got A Hot Date, But Only If He Remembers This One Special Thing

Virgo men are great on dates and the ladies know it. That being said, it’s important for the Virgo man to remember that Valentine’s Day is the day America celebrates love and is considered a very special event. It isn’t just a day for men to shower women in chocolates and rose petals, it’s a day where two people come together and share an experience. That experience isn’t just meant for one person, it’s meant for both. Virgo men, don’t hold back and splurge a little! Instead of buying her a giant stuffed bear and a box of chocolates, take her dancing so you can join in the fun! Take her to a romantic movie that piques your interest! Whatever you decide to do, just make sure it’s an event you can both enjoy.

13-Virgo Girl Won’t Be Alone If She Can Manage To Make Extra Time

You’ve got a lot on your to-do list and there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything out of the way! We get it, really, we do, but unless you manage your time a little better, you’re going to spend V-day all alone.Your man doesn’t want to be another item on your list, he wants to be a priority worthy of your time and affections. If you can’t find some time to make him feel loved, then you’ll have bigger issues than finding a Valentine’s Day date. Do yourself a favor and set aside some time to show your man how you feel. Give him a chance to bask in your praise of his patience and understanding, then go for the gold and ask him out on February 14th!

12-The Aries Guy May Not Expect A Date, But Opportunity Will Come Knocking Just In Time

Sometimes the stars align just right and a stormy situation suddenly turns bright! That’s exactly what’s going to happen to Aries men who are currently moping because they think they’re about to spend Valentine’s Day all alone. As fate would have it, there are plenty of lonely girls roaming the city and one of them is going to bump into you! She might be the person checking you out at the grocery store or standing behind you in line at the bank. Regardless of where you run into each other, the key is to take advantage of the moment before it passes you by! Be brave, Aries men, and when you run into a stunning woman who takes your breath away, don’t hesitate! Ask her out! She’ll definitely say yes and suddenly you’ve got a date for Valentine’s Day.

11-Sagittarius Guys Have Nothing To Fear Unless They Make This One Mistake

Sagittarius men have their dates lined up and they’re ready for a love-filled V-day, but don’t get too comfortable guys! There’s still plenty of time to mess it all up! Don’t get cocky just because you’re with someone now. Valentine’s Day is two weeks away and you don’t have time to spare! Do yourself a favor and stay away from making your girl angry! Even if it’s her fault, hell hath no fury like a woman’s wrath! All it takes is one big screw up and your woman will be in someone else’s arms this Valentine’s Day! It isn’t hard to keep in her good graces, just be a gentleman and if anything springs up unexpectedly, handle it with some class. Unless you want to spend V-day all alone, you’d better tread lightly!

10-Pisces Man Has Lady Luck By His Side, As Long As He Doesn’t Forget This One Important Thing!

Flowers. Normally, flowers are seen as romantic, or sometimes out-of-date gestures of appreciation, love, well-wishes, and more. This year, you’re going to be just fine with a Valentine, but to secure her position by your side, spring for a bouquet of flowers a little early this year. All women expect flowers for Valentine’s Day, so it’ll come as a nice surprise to receive flowers in the first week of February, or even just a few days before the big day. It’s a simple gift but it goes a long way with the ladies. Believe us, if you want her in your arms this V-day, buy your girl some flowers and give her the gift of thoughtfulness without saving your romantic gestures for the fourteenth. She’ll love them, and you, for it.

9-Capricorn Men Will Have Their Date, So Long As They Behave Themselves!

Listen here, you Capricorn men! Just because you have a date doesn’t mean she’s going to stick around long enough to receive your roses and chocolates! If you think you can get too handsy too quickly, she’s going to drop you like a hot potato and you’re going to wind up all by your lonesome! Do yourself a favor and set aside the thirsty part of your personality and let your heart and mind take over. The last thing any woman wants is a man who constantly paws all over her. Don’t make her feel uncomfortable, read the mood a little and consider what she’s thinking and expecting. A little chivalry really does go a long way, so behave yourself and you’ll be just fine.

8-The Aires Woman Has A Date, But Only If He’s A Scorpio

For some strange reason, the cosmos have decided all Aries ladies will have successful Valentine’s Day dates only if her date is a Scorpio. How often does that happen? Let me tell you, not very often! If he isn’t a Scorpio, you’re going to wind up without a date this Valentine’s Day! Try as you might, you’re going to be all alone. It isn’t necessarily because you break up though. It could just be a matter of circumstances related to work, school, and other obligatory events. If your man isn’t a Scorpio, you might as well gather your other Aries ladies who aren’t dating Scorpios for a night of wine tastings, a team sport, or even a sleepover. It’s not like your man is going to show up anyway!

7-Gemini Ladies Will Be Surprised This Year

Last Valentine’s Day was a bust, so you’re not expecting anything to happen this year, but Gemini girls, you need to buck up! Just because past V-days were less than exciting, it doesn’t mean the same will happen this year! We’re not saying you’re guaranteed to have a date this Valentine’s Day, but we are saying that you will receive a wonderful surprise on the special day! It might come in the form of a hot guy randomly asking you out, or it could be something related to your current significant other! What, exactly, is going to happen just in time for Valentine’s Day, you ask? Don’t waste your time thinking about it! Just take this opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy the surprise!

6-Libra Men Will Have The Perfect V-Day

Even if you’re not used to things going your way, this Valentine’s Day is going to be the best you’ve ever had! From the moment you wake up until the second you close your eyes to sleep, this Valentine’s Day is going to be perfect! Your date will look her best, your plans will go off without a hitch, and at the end of the night, you’ll get everything your heart desires! It isn’t often the universe grants you an opportunity like this one, so take advantage of it and plan the perfect Valentine’s Day couples events! Anything you choose will go well! In fact, this is the perfect time for those of you who are ready to pop the big question! Good luck and happy Valentine’s Day Libra men!

5-Pisces Girls Will Find True Love This Valentine’s Day

Even if you’ve got a man and you’ve been going back and forth on whether he really could be the one, those feelings will definitely solidify this February fourteenth! For those of you who don’t have men yet, don’t worry! You’re going to find your true love just in time for Valentine’s Day, so you won’t have to spend it all alone! He’s going to be everything you ever dreamed of and more! All you have to do is keep yourself open to possibilities. The perfect man for you isn’t always the most obvious choice, but if a man approaches you this February, especially if he’s an Aries, make sure to really consider being with him. Keep an eye out for your dream man because he’s definitely keeping a lookout for you!

4-Scorpio Ladies Will Have An Amazing V-Day No Matter What

While other signs will need to take precautions this Valentine’s Day, Scorpio ladies get to do what they want, when they want, without fear of negative drawbacks! Your men love you just as you are and you’re not going to spend Valentine’s Day alone this year! In fact, even single Scorpios will find someone to spend their V-day with. Even if the feelings aren’t romantic, Scorpio ladies get to enjoy an amazing, fun, and interesting Valentine’s Day with lots of company – a few lucky ones get to enjoy it with their significant other on a one-on-one date! No worries ladies, there won’t be a single lonely Scorpio this year, so take advantage of your freedom, keep your chin up, and have a very happy Valentine’s Day!

3-Lucky Leo Men Are Guaranteed A Date, Even If They Aren’t Acting Their Best

Sometimes certain signs are granted special exceptions from having to perform at certain levels in society and relationships. Leo guys are definitely one of those signs and Valentine’s Day is the time for them to shine their brightest! Even if you lay on the love a little too thick this year, or pull away a little too far, nothing can come between you and your lady this V-day. Even though you have permission from the cosmos to do and say as you please, don’t forget that the day after Valentine’s isn’t guaranteed, so don’t go overboard with your free pass! Remember to respect your lady and you’ll come out on the other side entirely unscathed. Have a great time this Valentine’s Day you lucky Leos!

2-Scorpio Guys Have A Date With Destiny

Good news Scorpio men! This year you’re guaranteed a date with destiny! Whoever you spend Valentine’s Day with this year is going to rock your world! Actually, she’s going to be so amazing that when the night ends, you aren’t going to want to let her go! If you’d like to know why she’s so great, it’s actually because she’s going to make a huge difference in your life from here on out! There’s no telling whether your destiny is to be blessed or cursed, but one thing is for certain, you’re not going to spend Valentine’s Day alone. Don’t worry too much about the possible future your date might bring, focus on the here and now and make sure to make the most of the day!

1-The Gemini Man Will Share His Day With His Lady… Or Two!

Watch out, ladies! The Gemini guy is all about the women on Valentine’s Day! He’s not only guaranteed to have a smoking hot date who will turn heads no matter where they go, but he’s smoldering on a whole other level! He might have early plans with one girl then have evening plans with another! The thing about it is he’s actually going to get away with seeing both of them in a single day! Why, do you ask, does he get to have his cake and eat it too? It’s all because he’s blessed with the highest probability of spending Valentine’s Day with someone who loves him, and if he’s lucky enough, he actually has a few lovers lined up and they’re more than willing to take things back to his place! But a word of caution, Gemini, don’t ruin your reputation just because you’re in luck this year!


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